Comments About The Pine Room — Highway 15

Comments About The Pine Room — Highway 15


Ted Hurdis –-Pretty sure this was at the corner of Hwy #15 and the 10th line. There’s a chip wagon there now.

ls (2).jpg

Photo of the present building where The Pine Room once was.. Photo-The Crispy Spud

Andrea McCoy Yes it was right where the chip wagon is. I believe it burnt down– I worked there my first paying job–There was the dining room with the stucco walls. Then a more casual eating area with a counter and stools and tables and then the store.
I cannot remember the cooks name….nice guy. Worked there with Bud, June and their daughter Leslie. There is a son too. I am sure there are a few of us with stories to tell.

Janice Tennant Campbell— Hwy 15 and 10th Line was Brook’s Store when I was younger.

Lorelei Brunton Worked there as cook summer 1980.

Maureen Myhers My aunt and uncle Bud and June Savage along with their son Paddy and daughter Les owned it and I also worked there, great place to eat,drink and socialize. Maureen McGrath

Janice Tennant Campbell Linda Seccaspina it was a grocery / variety store then as far as I remember. I’ll have to ask Mom Bob Brooks owned it. We used to stop there or at Shackleton’s at Blacks Corners on the way to the Cottage.

Debbie Roy I remember that place. My Aunt Helen and Uncle Howard owned it and ran it as a grocery store during the 1970’s. But I can’t remember who bought it from them


Tammy Marion  – This is a picture I took in the kitchen of the Pine Room some time between 1976 and 1980..My brother had just started working there as a cook ( in the plaid shirt ). He loved to cook.. I can’t remember the man’s name on the right and I don’t know who the girl is in the background. Other’s may know..

Ted Hurdis  Farook Assada ran it.

Tracy Diane Cindy Dakers Regimbald you used to work there!

Ann Stearns Rawson There was also an oil delivery service there but later torn down. At one point someone named Savage ran the restaurant.

Sandra Rattray It was Bob Brooks gas station and grocery store

Wendy Healey Went there for dinner Prom Night one year

Donna Mcfarlane Jim Murray had the first store there .. He moved a cabin from the 11th line there and opened a wee store late 40s i think cant remember the ones who owned it in 54 but I remember they were held up

Mike Dakers Before it was a restaurant, it was Bob Brooks BA gas and service and our local store and hangout. I worked there at nights and weekends pumping gas and cutting grass. With a push mower O might add. It took 2-3 days to cut lol. Think i made .50 cents and an abundance of glass bottle coke and chocolate bars. Bob was also the first fire chief of Beckwith fire co. And my father Duncan was Deputy Chief. That was in the mid sixties for me. And after that, it was turned into the pine room restaurant, owner was a man named Bud Savage, and later on his son took over. I might add also, my sister worked as a server there also. We did just live right across the road. Good memories.

Paul Todd Gloria’s Father and I frequent the Pine Room at lunch time when we built at the corner of 15 & 10th line

Linda Gallipeau-Johnston OMG Yes – as teenagers we used to go to that station and I remember being in the Pine Room too. There’s 2 things that weren’t even on my radar!

Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown Jeff Dezell we went there for our Grade 8 graduation!

Sylvia Giles–Use to go into the dining room for dinner with my Mom and Dad!!

Patti Ann Giles-When we lived on Doe Rd. 1975, I used to bike there with my 2 year old son to get him a popsicle. Owners were great people.

Jeremy Stinson It had stucco walls in the 60s/70s style with the tops of barrels with xxx on them. Ate there when I was a kid. Shanna Willis, there is an infamous story about your mother working there. The story involved swinging doors to the kitchen.

44588060_648285678902262_1579341727657885696_n (1).jpg

44461443_309642669627968_8065953521100390400_n (1).jpg

44559117_1759139717545233_2005988020607516672_n (1).jpg

Photos Donna McFarlane

Donna McFarlane–The Pine Room– here is a couple shots of the interior at a hockey banquet.. the one after fire was taken about 2 weeks after. It was added on to so many times I remember when Jim Murray moved one of the cabins from what was then the 11th line but is now near junction of 7 and 15..It was very small then-John and I had left the annual fire dept dance a bit early to go down east.. there was a lot of static on his pager as we were on Queensway but without cell phones..did not realize it was a call.. That was the night of the annual dance that someone torched the pine room.


Fire at the Pine Room- Photo donna Mcfarlane

Hi Linda. Hope all is well with you and down at your end. I just wanted to mention to you that one of the old owners of the old Pine Room Tavern ( where the now Crispy Spud chip truck sits on 15 highway} recently passed away..Lanny Steele. He is in that picture I posted/sent to you way ack of my brother Gord working in the kitchen there and Lanny is in it as well. Just thought I’d let you know since you have written and posted about that place before….

Thanks to Tammy Marion

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte

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