The Invincible Margaret Baird of Lanark



Photo from the lost Canadian and Gazette files from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Karen Stead Ennis This is Margaret Baird who lived on Herron Mills Road and also had a house in Lanark village. She donated the land for the Lanark Museum and the Baird Trail.  Margaret made her clothes from flour and sugar bags. She and her sister Nettie ate “organic” when every one else was pouring chemicals on their gardens.

Diane Duncan said: Margaret and Nettie were really 1st cousins 2X removed. I never knew them. Thank so much for gathering this info.

Karen Stead Ennis–They spent time on their acreage digging weeds till they were so bent over you couldn’t see who was driving the truck. My grandfather Harry Stead was the first one there when Nettie died in the porch. They always seemed to be very old but I am sure they weren’t.

Ruth Johnson- Concur. She had a sister Nettie with whom she shared a home. I believe she moved from Toronto to Herron Mills Road in the mid 50s but had roots somewhere in Lanark County. Nettie died in the early to mid 60s and sometime after that Margaret had a house built in Lanark village.

I (and Karen Ennis who commented above) grew up on Herron Mills Road; maiden name Stead. Margaret walked to our farm to buy milk and eggs. A lovely and interesting lady, a bit before her time in many ways.

Rose Parsons She was the Lady that helped raise money for the big arena in Lanark way back when..Always a very nice lady and If memory steers me right She had a sister too.

Roxane Mesman I knew this was Ms Baird right away 🙂 I always spoke to her on my way by going to school or just walking. I knew her when she lived in Lanark.

Judy Arnott Margaret also was one of the organizers of the walk to raise money for the arena. She was in the lead all the way.

Corrine Lalonde Mrs Baird she was the old librarian in Lanark she use to drive her bike out to her farm.

Shirley Kargakos She lived next door to me in Lanark and across the street from our restaurant. She loved my daughter Demetrie when she was a little girl. One Sunday she hid her in her house and they were cutting up newspapers together. She was a good old soul that just wanted some company all was forgiven God Bless her.

Lynne Stead Dillon Wow, what a blast from the past. I was such a young child but I knew that was her.

Lorna Deachman Yes I was going to say she was one of the Baird sisters,I think the other one was called Nettie. Nice ladys!
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The Baird Trail

1024 Herron Mills Road (County Road 8)
20 km north of Perth
Lanark Highlands Township
This is one of 38 Community Forest lands that are managed by Lanark County. In 1837,
a pioneer family settled here. Initially, this land supported basic food crops, livestock and the forest provided lumber, fuel and maple syrup. But the sandy soil was only marginal
for agriculture and the lowlands were often flooded due
to beaver dams.
In 1963, Margaret Baird sold this 36 hectare (89 acre) parcel to the County of Lanark.
A Red Pine plantation was planted on the property as part of a conservation program

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  1. My Mom Christena McCullough bought Margaret’s house in 1985, Mom was still living there when she passed in September, we had a lot of family celebrations at the house.


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