Marriage Records Lanark County, Ontario, Canada– Names Names Names

Marriage Records Lanark County, Ontario, Canada– Names Names Names

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I found this on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine where old websites either go to die or saved. Since we do not want this to disappear– I have documented it. from May 31,2009– stock photo–


For these entries the following format is followed – registration #, county, groom’s name,age, occupation, his birth place, his residence, his parents’ names; bride’s name, age, her birthplace, her residence, her parents’ names; witnesses, date & place of marriage.

#006775-73 (Lanark Co): Joseph LEE, 23, painter, Montague, Smiths Falls, s/o Joseph LEE & Ann CAMPBELL, married Sarah Jane HUTTON, 23, Kitley, Smiths Falls, d/o Johnson HUTTON & Sophrina OLMSTEAD, witnesses were James McC-? of Oxford Mills & Hannah WATCHBURY? of Smiths Falls, July 22, 1873 at Smiths Falls.

#006776-73 (Lanark Co): James C. GUTHRIE, no age, shoemaker, Ireland, Smiths Falls, no parents given, married Catherine MORRISON of Montague (no age or parents given), witnesses were Samuel illegible of Smiths Falls & Hannah MORRISON of Montague, May 17, 1873 at Smiths Falls (R.C.).

#006777-73 (Lanark Co): William MILLS, no age, store clerk, Ireland, Renfrew, s/o William MILLS & Eliza WAN?, married Ophelia AIRTH, widow, no age, Ontario, Renfrew, d/o Aaron WRIGHT & Fanny STEVENS, witnesses were Donald & Robert STEWART of Renfrew, July 9, 1873 at Smiths Falls.

#05773-74 (Lanark Co): William S. SLATER, 23, sawyer, Bristol Quebec, Almonte, s/o William SLATER & Isabella GILMOUR, married Hanna LUNEY, 21, Almonte, same, d/o Norman LUNEY & Mary WALKER, witnesses were Robert & Jessie GILMOUR of Ramsay, 30 Sept 1874 at Carleton Place.

#005593-81 (Lanark Co): Francis ALLAN, 38, saw miller, North Burgess, Perth, s/o John & Ann, married Emily Ann WILSON, 18, Arnprior, Perth, d/o James & Jane. witnesses were Alexander KEPPLER of Perth & Margaret ALLAN of Bathurst, 13 Dec., 1881 at town of Perth.

#005604-81 (Lanark Co): Walter J. ATKINSON, 30, moulder, Vaughan twp., Smiths Falls, s/o Joshua & Jane, married Mary Jane HAYHT, 23, Montague, Smiths Falls, d/o Samuel D. HAYHT & Mary Jane TYNDAL, witnesses were G.R. BEAL & Adda HAYHT, both of Smiths Falls, March 16, 1881 at Smiths Falls.

#005596-81 (Lanark Co): John BYRNE, 28, miner, North Burgess, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Margaret MccDONALD, 21, Palmerston, same, d/o John & Alice, witness was Rosa C. STEPHENSON of Perth, 16 June 1881 at town of Perth.

#005595-81 (Lanark Co): Robert GREY, 25, railway employee, Ramsay, same, s/o John & Mary, married Harriet GREENLY, 21, Bathurst, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witness was William J. McCULL of Ramsay, 30 March, 1881 at town of Perth.

#005184-78 (Lanark Co): Robert HARVEY, 28, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o John & Mary, married Ann McARTHUR, 24, Bristol Quebec, Ramsay Ont., d/o Archibald & Jane, witnesses were James GOODWIN of Fitzroy & Adeline McARTHUR of Ramsay, 30 Oct., 1878 at Ramsay.

#005602-81 (Lanark Co): Isaac LOMAX, 26, Kitley, same, s/o William LOMAX & Sarah SAUNDERS, married Catherine CODE, 22, Kitley, same, d/o Thomas CODE & Eliza MARTIN, witnesses were Henry CODE & Rebecca LOMAX, both of Kitley, 5 Jan., 1881 at Smiths Falls.

#005605-81 (Lanark Co): John Cameron McDIARMID, 23, station master, Canada, Head twp., s/o James McDIARMID & Mary CAMERON, married Anna Bella McDONALD, 21, Canada, Smiths Falls, d/o William John McDONALD & Isabella RICHEY, witnesses were Hugh McDIARMID & illegible RICHEY, both of Smiths Falls, 22 March 1881 at Smiths Falls.

#005183-78 (Lanark Co): John MICK, 26, carpenter, Stafford, same, s/o John & Ann STAFFORD, married Margaret McEWEN, 28, South Easthope, Ramsay, d/o Duncan & Catherine, witnesses were AdamMILLER of Pakenham & Mary Ann McEWEN of Fitzroy.

#005182-78 (Lanark Co): John WEIR, 26, farmer, Ireland, Ramsay, s/o James & Eleanor, married Ann STEEN, 19, Ramsay, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witnesses were Robert STEEN & Mary WEIR, both of Ramsay, 11 Oct., 1878 at Ramsay.

#005598-81 (Lanark Co): Richard DUFFIELD, 30, yeoman, South Elmsley, same, s/o John & Susan, married Adelia Maria CLINE, 22, Bastard, South Elmsley, d/o Joseph & Anna, witness was Joseph MARKS of Perth, 29 August 1881 at town of Perth.

#005594-81 (Lanark Co): William KEAYS, 19, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Angelina CHURCHILL, 20, Bathurst, same, d/o Thomas & Angelina, witness was John CHURCHILL of Bathurst, 30 March 1881 at town of Perth.

#005607-81 (Lanark Co): William LEWIS, 40, widower, laborer, Montague, North Gower, s/o William & Catherine, married Mary MYNE, 36, Ireland, Smiths Falls, d/o Michael & Margart, witnesses were James ATKINSON & George LEWIS, both of Smiths Falls, April 21, 1881 at Smiths Falls.

#005603-81 (Lanark Co): William Alfred NEWSOME, 32, lock master, Ottawa, Kilmarnick?, s/o George NEWSOME & Ann OSBORNE, married Charlotte PHILLIPS, 26, Wolford,same, d/o John PHILLIPS & Catherine JORDAN, witnesses were George NEWSOME of Brockville & Maria PHILLIPS of Wolford, Jan. 5, 1881 at Wolford.

#005606-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas SEYMOUR, 32, yeoman, Kitley, same, s/o Henry SEYMOUR & Ann MONTGOMERY, married Eliza EVANS, 28, Kitley, same, d/o James EVANS & Catherine IRETORS?, witnesses were James FERGUSON & Harriet EVANS, both of Kitley, 23 March 1881 at Smiths Falls.

#005597-81 (Lanark Co): David S. SMITH, 29, classical teacher, Aberdeen Scotland, Perth Ont., s/o James & Mary Ann, married Mary Elizabeth STEPHENSON, 21, Perth, same, d/o R.L. & Rosa C., witnesses were Henry D. SHAW & A.J. MATTHESON, both of Perth, 17 August, 1881 at town of Perth.

#005710-82 (Lanark Co): Patrick RYAN, 25, Huntley twp., same, s/o John RYAN & Mary GLEESON, married Honora Mary KENEDY, 25, Huntley twp., same, d/o Hugh KENEDY & Honora O’GRADY, Apr 19, 1882 at Almonte.

#006254-88 (Lanark Co): Thomas MANSON, 23, farmer, Lanark twp., same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Rachel SOMERVILLE, 18, Lanark twp., same, d/o John & Kate, witnesses were Andrew MANSON & Bella SOMERVILLE, both of Lanark twp., Oct. 17, 1888 at Lanark village.

#006253-88 (Lanark Co): William McILQUHAM?, 28, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o Walter & Elizabeth, married Jennie Watson FAIR, 24, Dalhousie, Lanark, d/o James & Elizabeth, witness was Peter Alexander McLAREN of Drummond, Oct. 5, 1888 at Lanark village.

#006255-88 (Lanark Co): William PULLAR, 25, locomotive engineer, Belleville, Rat Portage, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Elizabeth A. DRYSDALE, 26, Lanark, same, d/o James & Christine, witnesses were Robert DRYSDALE of Drummond & John A. McKERRACHER of Lanark, Oct. 30, 1888 at Lanark.

#006256-88 (Lanark Co): James BAIRD, 25, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o John & not given, married Sophia Jane JOHNSON, 24, Dalhousie, same, d/o Thomas & Janet, witness was Andrew BAIRD of Dalhousie, Nov. 28, 1888 at Lanark.

#006252-88 (Lanark Co): Thomas MOLYNEAUX, 54, widower, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o John & Mary, married Rebecca HUGHES, 34, Palmerston, same, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were Mrs. William CRAIG of Lanark village & D.M. ROBERTSON of Perth, July 3, 1888 at Lanark village.

#006028-86 (Lanark Co): William LEES, 64, widower, M.P.P., Bathurst twp., Fallbrook, s/o William & Barbara, married Elizabeth Harriet CURTIS, 51, widow, Walsall Staffordshire England, Perth, d/o John & Elizabeth SMITH, witnesses were John ELKINGTON of Om– & Robert GEMMELL of Perth, Sept. 9, 1886 at Perth.

#006300-86 (Lanark Co): William A. McLENAGHAN, age not given, carpenter, Perth, same, s/o William & Mary, married Annie BROOKES, age not given, Leeds Yorkshire England, Perth, d/o Charles & Sarah, witness was Peter QUIN (or Quire) of Perth, Oct. 23, 1886 at Perth.

#006033-86 (Lanark Co): Richard STACEY, 23, laborer, Newfoundland, Perth, s/o Henry& Margaret, married Aurelia Jane WILLS, 16, Newfoundland, Perth, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witness was George T. STACEY of Perth, Nov. 3, 1886 at Perth.

#006034-86 (Lanark Co): Hughey KIPPEN, 22, laborer, Newfoundland, Perth, s/o James & Hannah, married Emma Jane COLLINS, 20, Newfoundland, Perth, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witnesses were Charles COLLINS & Mary Jane KIPPEN, both of Perth, Nov. 17, 1886 at Perth.

#006035-86 (Lanark Co): Richard MAY, 54, widower, stone mason, s/o John & Mary, married Lavinia Lillie DAVIS, 32, Detroit USA, Franktown, d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were Robert & Ann DAVIS of Franktown, Nov. 29, 1886 at Perth.

#006029-86 (Lanark Co): John C. McGRAINE, 29, traveller, Oswego NY, Brockville, s/o Charles & Julia, married Janette H. REID, 25, Pembroke, Perth, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witnesses were John Joseph OXLEY & Robert STORY, both of Perth, Sept. 15, 1886 at Perth.

#006031-86 (Lanark Co): Enoch WHALLY, 26, blacksmith, Staffordshire England, Maberly village, s/o John & not given, married Agnes McDONALD, 25, Chorley Lancashire England, Gananoque, d/o John & Catherine, witness was Joseph MARKS of Perth, Nov. 3, 1886 at Perth.

#006032-86 (Lanark Co): David WILSON, 23, blacksmith, Almonte, same, s/o Hugh & Mary, married Lizzie CHURCHILL, 23, Portland – Leeds Co., Perth, d/o William & Melissa, witness was Albert LANG of Almonte, Nov. 2, 1886 at Perth.

vol. 29 pg. 487 (Lanark Co): Samuel CAMERON, 29, yeoman, Dalhousie, Lavant, s/o Robert & Harriett, married Christina AVERY, 23, Dalhousie, same, d/o Benjamin & Christina, witnesses were Benjamin AVERY of Dalhousie & Charlotte CAMERON of Lavant, 4 April 1873 at Bathurst twp

vol. 29, pg. 482 (Lanark Co): Richard CAMERON, 25, farmer, Dalhousie, Lanark, s/o Robert CAMERON & Harriet BOLTON, married Mary Ann AVERY, 19, Dalhousie, same, d/o Benjamin AVERY & Christine CAMERON, witness was Samuel CAMERON of Lavant, March 18, 1873 at Lanark village.

Vol. 29 pg. 431 (Lanark Co): John McDONALD, 27, laborer, Ontario, Lanark, s/o James & not given, married Sarah CAMERON, 24, Ontario, Lanark, d/o Robert CAMERON & Isabella BURN, witnesses were John McLEAN & Mary CAMERON, both of Lanark, Oct. 28, 1873 at Smiths Falls.

Vol. 29, pg. 457 (Lanark Co): Andrew MOODIE, 23, farmer, North Burgess, same, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Isabella HARPER, 20, North Burgess, same, d/o Henry & Isabella, witnesses were Margaret JOHNSTON & Henry HARPER, both of N. Burgess, 5 June 1870 at Perth.

#010122-1900 (Lanark Co): Robert J. PAUL, 23, Farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o James H. PAUL & Jane GIBSON, married Sarah PAUL, 21, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o James B. PAUL & Annie McMULLEN, witnesses John FAIR & Lizzie Paul, both of Dalhousie, 25 December 1900, Dalhousie.

#010123-1901 (Lanark Co): William L. WHITE, 20, Farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o John WHITE & Jane KELSO, married Minnie G. McCULLOCH, 20 d/o Robert McCULLOCH & Mary CURRY?, witnesses Mabel CURRY? of Lanark Village & Alexander McCULLOCH of Dalhousie, 22 January 1901, Dalhousie.

#010124-1901 (Lanard Co): Robert Albert WILSON, 26, Farmer, N. Sherbrooke, N. Sherbrooke, s/o George WILSON & Catherine McCommodie?, married Emily BALFOUR, 24, N.Sherbrooke, N. Sherbrooke, d/o Robert BALFOUR & Agnes LOCKHART, witnesses James BALFOUR & Mary WILSON both of N.Sherbrooke 29 January 1901, N.Sherbrooke, by Rev. James Bonnie, by Lic.

#010125-1901 (Lanark Co): James GEDDES, 23, Farmer, N. Sherbrooke, N. Sherbrooke, s/o Ebenezer GEDDES & Katie FERGUSON, married Margaret DUNCAN, 24, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o James DUNCAN & Janet TURNBULL, witnesses Maggie A. DUNCAN of Dalhousie & John A GEDDES of N.Sherbrooke, 6 February 1902, Dalhousie.

#010126-1901 (Lanark Co): William J. WRATHALL, 26, Blacksmith, Bathurst, Dalhousie, s/o Lupton WRATHALL & Barbara GILERST, married Mary A. PAUL, 21, Dalhousie, Dalshosie, d/o James PAUL & Annie McMULLEN, witnesses George WRATHALL of Harpers Corners & Lizzie PAUL of Dalhousie, 6 February 1901 Dalhousie.

#010127-1901 (Lanark Co): James McKINLEY, 23, Cheesemaker, Hopetown, Lanark Twp., Hopetown, Lanark Twp., s/o William McKINLEY & Jessie BURRIS, married Agnes M. BARR, 21, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o William BARR & Ellen PARK, witnesses Jean McKINLEY of Hopetown & Robert B PAUL of Dalhousie 30 January 1901, Dalhousie.

#101028-1901 (Lanark Co): William DUNCAN, 28, Farmer, Dalhousie, Riston, Man., s/o James DUNCAN & Janet TURNBULL, married Margaret M. BROWNLEE, 25, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o William BROWNLEE & Annie FISHER, witnesses W. Fisher BROWNLEE & Jessie BONNER? both of Dalhousie, 8 March 1901, Dalhousie.

#101029-1901 (Lanark Co): Austin R. LESLIE, 34, Farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o George LESLIE & Christina McNEILL, married Ida Jane FAIR, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Andrew FAIR & Marion BAILEY, witnesses Margaret E. FAIR of Dalhousie & Elmer G. LESLIE of Carleton Place, 12 March 1901, Dalhousie.

#101030-1901 (Lanark Co): Robert PRETTY, 26, Farmer, Lanark Twp., Lanark Twp., s/o Thomas PRETTY & Mary MacKAY, married Agnes PARK, 22, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Stephen PARK & Ellen FERGUSON, witnesses William A. McKAY of Lanark Twp., & Jennie M. PARK of Dalhousie, 20 March 1901, at Dalhousie.

#101031-1901 (Lanark Co): Thomas SCOTT, 21, Farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o Thomas SCOTT & Isabella PURDOM, married Agnes McPLURSTON??, 23, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o William McPLURSTON?? & Agnes BIMGLEY?? witnesses Charles McPHERSTON?? & Laura Maud SCOTT both of Dalhousie, 24 April 1901, Dalhousie.

#101032-1901 (Lanark Co): Hugh McLEAN, 43, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o James McLEAN & Catherine GURIN married Harriett McVARIN??, 34 N.Sherbrooke, N.Sherbrooke, d/o Neil McVARIN?? & Janette McLEOD, witnesses James G. & Agnes McLEAN of Lanark Village, 15 May 1901 N. Sherbrooke.

#010140-1901 (Lanark Co): James GIBBON, 39, Land Surveyor, Horton, Renfrew, s/o John GIBBON & Jane HOLIDAY, married Jessie McLAUGHLAN, 34, Drummond, Drummond, d/o James McLAUGHLAN & Mary SPALDING, witnesses J.H. HENDERSON of Ottawa & Ethel McLAUGHLAN of Drummond, 6 March 1901, Drummond.

#010141-1901 (Lanark Co): Lyman LEACH, 25, Farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Robert & Ellen LEACH, married Ida GRIFFITHS, 25, d/o Thomas GRIFFITHS & Sarah JANSON? witnesses John LEACH of Montague & Lizzie GRIFFITHS of Drummond, 21 February 1901, Drummond.

#010142-1901 (Lanark Co): John LAUGH, 31, Postal Clerk, Buckingham, Ottawa, s/o Robert LAUGH & Priscilla GEHAN, married Margaret McFARLANE, 27, Drummond, Drummons, d/o George McFARLANE & Margaret McPHEE, witnesses Ferguson BLAIR of Ottawa & Ethel McFARLANE of Drummond, 15 May 1901 Drummond.

#010143-1901 (Lanark Co): Johnston JEFFERY, 27, Farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o James & Martha JEFFERY married Rachel HILLIS, 27, Drummond, Drummond, d/o James HILLIS & Agnes KEYES, witnesses J. William DONALDSON of Pakenham & Mary E. HILLIS of Drummond, 20 June 1901, Drummond.

#010144-1901 (Lanark Co): William H. MOORE, 30, Commercial Traveler, Carleton Place, Rochester, N.Y. s/o Hugh MOORE & Emma FARLAND, married Mary J. RICHARDS, 26, Preston Vale, Preston Vale d/o John RICHARDS & Catherine RATHWELL, witnesses Lewis J. Scott of Ichaca N.Y., & Edith N. RICHARDS of Preston Vale, 6 August 1901, Preston Vale.

#010145-1901 (Lanark Co): John BURROWS, 32. Farmer, Pakenhouse, Pakenhouse, s/o Thomas BURROWS & Sarah STERNE?, married Hanna E. RICE, 32, Drummond, Drummond, d/o Fred RICE & Christy McLAREN witnesses D.F. & Susie RICE of Drummond, 18 September 1901, Drummond.

#010146-1901 (Lanark Co): Myron GREEN, 49, Printer, Pensylvania, New York, s/o Cyrele GREEN & Amanda MORSE, married Elizabeth ALLAN, 38, Drummond, Drummond, d/o James ALLAN & Catherine MONTGOMERY witnesses A.W. & M.L. ALLAN of Balderson, 24 September 1901, Balderson.

#010147-1901 (Lanark Co): Alfred A. IRETON, 31, Farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o William IRETON & Mary J. GRAHAM, married Eliza MONTGOMERY, 23, Drummond, Drummond, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Mary BALENTYNE, witnesses D. MONTGOMERY of Balderson & Mary L. ALLAN of Lanark, 19 November 1901, Lanark.

#006354-87 (Lanark Co): William ROBINSON, 24, carpenter, Leeds Co., Arnprior, s/o William ROBINSON & Jane MORROW, married Janet BOYLE, 23, Lanark, Almonte, d/o James BOYLE & Jane BERTH, witn: James LANG & Miss COPLAND, both of Almonte, 11 Oct 1887 at Almonte.

009080 (Lanark Co): George EDWARDS, 31, Bookkeeper, Morristown, Russell Co. s/o James EDWARDS and Sarah ROE?, married Margaret GOTH, 27, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o William GOTH and Margaret McEWEN?, wit; Charles EDWARDS and Mary GOTH, 4 January 1899, Beckwith.

009081 (Lanark Co); James POWELL, 28, Farmer, Huntley, Huntley, s/o Robert POWELL and Nancy DOMAN? married Mary Jane KELLY, 25, Carleton Place, Ireland, d/o David KELLY and Susan HAMILTON, wit; James DUNLOP and Susan KELLY, 1 February 1899, Carleton Place.

009082 (Lanark Co): James DUNLOP, 24, Moulder, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o Andrew DUNLOP and Mary GILMOUR, married Susan KELLY, 22 Carleton Place, Ireland, d/o David KLLY and Susan HAMILTON, wit; Mr. & Mrs. James POWELL, 1 February 1899, Carleton Place.

009083 (Lanark Co): James GARDINER, Widower, 59, Labourer, Carleton Place, Scotland, s/o William Henry GARDINER and Mary McFARLANE, married Elizabeth MORRISON, Widow, 55, Ottawa, England, d/o Stephen COLIER and Elizabeth AILRY, wit; James MORRISON and R. MAY, 1 February 1899, Carleton Place.

009084 (Lanark Co): John McALLISTER, 26, Moose Jaw, Sask., Ireland, s/o Alex McALLISTER and Jane McCLURE, married Sarah ROBINSON, 25, Carleton Place, Ont., d/o John ROBINSON and Emma NICHOLS, wit: William McALLISTER and Florina NICHOLS, 7 June 1899, Carleton Place.

009085 (Lanark Co): Thomas BATES, 22, Machinist, Parry Sound, Ont., England, s/o Thomas BATES and Mary HAIGH, married Carrybell BRADFORD, 19, Carleton Place, d/o J.H. BRADFORD and ??, wit; A. KEER and Minnin BURGESS, 15 March 1899, Carleton Place.

009086 (Lanark Co): William James GRATTEN, 25, Machinist, Sault Ste Marie, Ireland, s/o William GRATTEN and Mary HILL, married Georgina? G. DOHERTY, 22, School Teacher, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o G. DOHERTY and Sarah BROWN, wit; H. McCALLUM and Lilian DOHERTY, 4 January 1899, Carleton Place.

009087 (Lanark Co): Thomas BRIDGES, Widower, 32, Labourer, Carleton Place, England, s/o John & Maria BRIDGES, married Mary E. GRIFFITH, 20, Carleton Place, Montague Twp., d/o John GRIFFITH and Jane DILABOUGH, wit; William GRIFFITH and Mary FANNING?, 8 June 1899, Carleton Place.

009088 (Lanark Co); Charles STEWART, 22, Carleton Place, Brockville, s/o Joseph STEWART and May LANDON, married Amy SIMPSON, 18, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o Alex SIMPSON and Elizabeth HILL, wit; R. SIMPSON and Annie BOLAND, 16 November 1899, Carleton Place.

009089 (Lanark Co); Thomas Andrew CASWELL, 25, Mechanie, Carleton Place, Clayton, s/o Thomas B. CASWELL and Elizabeth GILLIAN??, married Minnie WHITE, 26, Carleton Place, Montague Twp., d/o A. WHITE and Sarah DONAHUE, wit; William CASWELL and Eva GLOVER, 28 January 1899, Carleton Place.

009090 (Lanark Co): Peter McKARLY??, Widower, 34, Farmer, Brockville, Ont. s/o R. McKARLY?? and Catherine ROBINSON, married Mary Ann SHAIL, 20 Brockville, Ont., d/o Adam SHAIL and Jane KIDD, wit; William IRETON and Margaret SHAIL, 14 June 1899, Carleton Place.

009091 (Lanark Co); Frank FOSTER, 22 Carleton Place, Ont., s/o William FOSTER and Orillia OPLIANT??, married Alice LONSDALE, 22 Carleton Place, London, Eng, d/o Albert LONSDALE and Mabel LaVALEY, wit; Richard HARRINE ana Harriet BRANT, 27 June 1899, Carleton Place.

009092 (Lanark Co); Thomas E. HODKINS, 40, Port Master, (or Post Master), Que, Can. s/o Thomas HODKINS and Mary BIRCH??, married Eureline F. WILSON, 26, School Teacher, Carleton Place, d/o Robert WILSON and Frances ALEXANDER, wit; Goerge & Livinia SURINAM???, 28 June 1899, Carleton Place. (Hard to Read).

(Lanark Co): Alexander GORDON, 27, Arnprior, Ont, Lanark Village, s/o Robert & Abigail GORDON, married Zelda A. WARREN, 27, Ramsay Twp., Ont., d/o J. WARREN and Elizabeth LOWE, wit Mr. & Mrs. N.R. GILES, 28 June 1899, Almonte, Ont.

(Lanark Co): George Henry DEAVER, 28, Railway Employee, Montreal, Lanark, England, s/o Robert DEAVER and (not given), married Susan DEVLIN, 23, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, Ont., d/o James Alfred DEVLIN and Eliza Jane EDWARDS, wit; A. CAIRNS and Eva JAMIESON, 17 June 1899, Almonte, Ont.

(Lanark Co): Abraham JOYCE, Widower, 34, Merchant, Fernie, B.C., Renfrew Co., s/o Thomas JOYCE and Frances ADAMS, married Kate Adeline CHURCH, 21, Almonte, Pakenham, d/o A.W. CHURCH and Alice FORSYTHE, wit; L. BOURNS? and M.A. CHURCH, 20 June 1899, Almonte, Ont.

010173-1907 (Lanark Co): Robert Grant AFFLICK, 29 Barrister, Lanark, Winnipeg, Man., s/o William ALLFICK and Not given, married Annie Maria SCOTT, 29, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Robert SCOTT and Agnes MYLES, witn; Elliott SCOTT of Smith Falls and Jean AFFLICK of Middleville, 4 September 1901, Pakenham.

010174-1907 (Lanark Co): (Can’t read?) MILLAR, widower, 45, Farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Christopher MILLAR and Eliza COMBE, married Jessie McDOWELL, 42, Widow, Scotland, Pakenham, d/o David CAMPBELL and Jessie HENDRY, witn; John & Annie McDOWELL of Pakenham, 2 January 1907, Pakenham.

010175-1907 (Lanark Co): Robert GARDINER, ?, Farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Charles GARDINER and Alice EBBS, married Mary Ellen DOWDALL, ?, Beckwith, Pakenham, d/o John DOWDALL and Margaret SEDGERWOOD, wits: J. EBBS and Ellen Lowe, 27 February 1907, Pakenham.

010176-1907 (Lanark Co): John SCOTT, 27, Cheesemaker, Beckwith, Dalhousie, s/o John SCOTT and Mary McNICHOL, married Rebecca Jane DOUGLAS, 22, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o John DOUGLAS and Rebecca STANLEY??, wit; Alexander SCOTT of Watsons Corners and Susan DOUGLAS of Cedar Hill, 27 March 1907, Pakenham.

010177-1907 (Lanark Co): William REYNOLDS, ?, Farmer & Mechanid, Pakenham, Renfrew, s/o James REYNOLDS and Louise BROWN, married Mary Ellen DUNLOP, ?, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Charles DUNLOP and Ann HOUSTON, wit: S. MAYNE and R. KEARNEY, 25 April 1907, Pakenham.

010178-1907 (Lanark Co): William MOORE, Widower, 30, Labourer, ?, Arnprior, s/o David MOORE and Mary LEMMILL?, married Susan E. DOUGLAS, 23, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o John DOUGLAS and Rebecca STANLEY, wit; William E, DOUGLAS and Katie SHAW, 24 April 1907, Pakenham.

010179-1907 (Lanark Co); Thomas D. JACKSON, 23, Cheesemaker, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Thomas JACKSON and Flora CLARK, married Ellen STANLEY, 24, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Edward STANLEY and Susan WHALEN, wit; Joseph H. EBBS and Susan? STANLEY, 24 April 1907, Pakenham.

010180-1907 (Lanark Co): Thomas H. SADLER, 28, Farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Thomas SADLER and Elizabeth NEEDHAM, married Annie KEATING, 24, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Robert KEATING and Margaret COWAN, wit; George S. SADLER and Lila STEEN, 12 June 1907, Pakenham.

010181-1907 (Lanark Co); James McPHAIL, ?, Farmer, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o Allan McPHAIL and Rebecca METCALFE, married Elizabeth HUNT, ?, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Robert HUNT and Ann JOHNSTON, wit; William HUNT and E. McPHAIL, 25 June 1907, Pakenham.

010209-1901 (Lanark Co): Samuel George McNABB, 26, Tailor, Carleton Place, Perth, s/o David McNABB and Ann NOLAN, married Aggie ROWAT, 21, Perth, Perth, d/o William ROWAT and Sarah GLENN, wit; Maggie ROBINSON and H.D. McPHERSON, 15 May 1901, Perth.

010210-1901 (Lanark Co): William George STRONG, Widower, 41, Traveller, Gorrie, Ont., Perth, s/o James STRONG and Catherine CARSON, married Harriet MOTHERWELL, 40, Widow, d/o Michael HOLMES and Margaret FORSYTH, wit; Mary Isabel HOPE and J.A. STEWART, 5 August 1901, Perth.

010211-1899 (Lanark Co): John BRADY, 23, Farmer, Ont, Bathurst, s/o Patrick BRADY and Mary HOGAN, married Clara Theresa DION, 22, Ont, Perth, d/o Richard and ? DION. wit; Patrick YOUNG and Mary HOGAN 18 September 1899, Perth. (R.C. by Banns).

010212-1899 (Lanark Co): Thomas McGOWAN, 28, Farmer, Ont, Bathurst, s/o Philip McGOWAN and Mary BUCHANAN, married Mary LACEY, 27, Ont, Perth, d/o Jeremiah LACEY and Maria McCANN. wit; Patrick LERMOND and Sarah McCABE, 25 September 1899, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010213-1899 (Lanark Co): Thomas LOYD, 28, Mechanic, England, Havelock, s/o John George LOYD and Mary C. BROWN, married Agnes MAJOR, 26, Ont, Perth, d/o Emannel MAJOR and Edna BERTHICINE? wit; Thomas DRAQUE and Chtistie CAMERON, 10 October 1899, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010214-1899 (Lanark Co): Gustive YACK, 31, Mechanic, Ont., Berlin, Ont, s/o Edward YACK and Margaret GROBE?, married Catherine Matilda NORMAN, 27, Ont. Bathurst, d/o Peter NORMAN nad Mary MANION, wit; Angus McGILVARY and Emily NORMAN, 6 November 1899, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010215-1899 (Lanark Co): Alphoneus Theodore BYRNE, 27, Mechanic, Ont. Perth, s/o Owen BYRNE and Margaret GILL, married Ida Alma DIXON, 24, d/o Samuel DIXON and Harriet BUKER, wit; Edward HUDSON and Mary STEWART, 1 December 1899, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010216-1900 (Lanark Co): Patrick HICKEY, 35, Farmer, Ont, Bedford, Ont. s/o Patrick HICKEY and Ellen HULK, married Mary Theresa KEHOE, 22, Ont. Drummond, d/o John KEHOE and Rose Ann LEE, wit; John KEHOE and Ellen Rose LEE, 7 May 1900, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010217-1900 (Lanark Co): John FRAZER, 28, Brass Foundry, Ont., Perth, s/o Archibald FRAZER and Catherine MURPHY, married Mary LEONARD, 27, Ont, Bathurst, d/o Partick LEONARD and Margaret McGOWAN, wit; James HOGAN and Margaret LEONARD, 4 June 1900, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010218-1900 (Lanark Co): Eugene YOUNG, 28, Machinist, Ont. Lanark, s/o David YOUNG and Zoe BERCHINNE?, married Hester JACKMAN, 31, Ont, Perth, d/o Peter JACKMAN and Eliza KEHOE, wit; Patrick JACHMAN and Ida YOUNG, 4 June 1900, Perth.

010219-1900 (Lanark Co): Martin O’CONNOR, Widower, 68, Labourer, Ireland, Perth, s/o (Not Given), married Anne O’BRIEN, Widow, 71, Quebec, Perth, d/o (Not Given), wit; Mr. and Mrs. Michael SULLIVAN 11 July 1900, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010220-1901 (Lanark Co): Francis Hugh McGOWAN, 26, Farmer, Ont, Bathurst, s/o John McGOWAN and Mary A. CONSITT?, married Mary DOYLE, 24, Ont, Drummond, d/o Andrew DOYLE and Mary DOWLING, wit; Not Shown, 17 October 1900, Perth. (R.C. Banns).

010221-1901 (Lanark Co): James Irvine HICKS, Widower, 31, Labourer, s/o Robert HICKS and Mary McNEIL married Alice Maud ALLAN, 25, Kingston, Drummond, d/o John and Lucy ALLAN, wit; Mabel Clark SMITH and Allie LOVE, 20 August 1901, Perth.

0102222-1901 (Lanark Co): William George STEELE, 26, Labourer, Perth, Perth, s/o George STEELE and Johanna BUNTING, married Alice Ada WINCEY, 26, England, Perth, d/o Charles WINCEY and Louisa POOLE, wit; John and Jennie STEELE, 23 October 1901, Perth.

Vol 29 Pg 427 (Lanark Co): Rev. James McFARLANE, 26, Minister of Gospel, Scotland, Simcoe, Ont, s/o James E. and Mary McFARLANE, married Caroline Maria McNIECE, 23, Drummond, Drummond, d/o James and Margaret McNIECE, wit; William H. SPARLING of Appleton, 25 September 1873, Drummond.

Vol 29 Pg 427 (Lanark Co): Wesley MOORE, 25, Farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o William and Margaret MOORE, married Elizabeth DIAMOND, 19, Elmsley, Drummond, d/o Thomas and Sarah DIAMOND, wit: James Stanley of Beckwith and Mary J. James of Drummond, 10 December 1873, Drummond.

Vol 29 Pg 427 (Lanark Co): Thomas Welland SCOTT, 30, Ont., North Burgess, s/o William and Ann SCOTT, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 25, Drummond, Drummond, d/o Robert and Mary ROBERTSON, wit; D.A. STEWART, 14 September 1873, Drummond.

Vol 29 Pg 428 (Lanark Co): James ADAMS, 35, Merchant, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James ADAMS and Margaret WISHART, married Jemima McDERMOTT, 25, Smiths Falls, Montague, d/o Robert McDERMOTT and Margaret MILLESCRAFT, wit; John MILLESCRAFT and Ann ROSE, 17 July 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 428 (Lanark Co): James GILROY, 31, Butcher, Elizabethtown, Smith Falls, s/o Edward GILROY and Phoebe DAVIS, married Adeline CASWELL, 31, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o James CASWELL and Harriet YOUNG, wit; Stewart M?? and Maria CASWELL, 1 July 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 428 (Lanark Co): James Oscar CHURCH, 21, Blacksmith, Ont, Smiths Falls, s/o James CHURCH and Priscilla BARBER, married Elizabeth CLUIT? 16, Ont, Smiths Falls, d/o William CLUIT and Mary BROWN (deceased), wit; John M. LOCKWOOD and Thomas ANISLIE, 19 July 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 484 (Lanark Co): Matthew DRUMMOND, 27, Kitley, Ramsay, s/o James DRUMMOND and Eleanor MILLER, married Margaret McARTHUR, 27, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o Peter McARTHUR, and Ann ANDERSON, wit; William DRUMMOND and Peter McARTHUR, 24 April 1873, Beckwith.

Vol 29 Pg 484 (Lanark Co): Thomas HAWKINS, 23, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth HAWKINS married Sarah Ann MAY, 20 Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o William & Alice MAY, wit; John A. MORPHIE and Jane CHURCHILL, 25 June 1873, Franktown.

Vol 29 Pg 485 (Lanark Co): Robert E. THOMPSON, widower, 48, Farmer, Ireland, Bathurst, s/o William & Mary A. THOMPSON, married Elizabeth FOSTER, 23, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o James & Sarah FOSTER, wit; David & Matilda ENNIS, 12 August 1872, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 485 (Lanark Co); Andrew WILSON, 28, Wheel Wright, Sherbrooke, Dalhousie, s/o David & Ellen WILSON, married Charlotte Emily PLAYFAIR, 27, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o John & Elizabeth PLAYFAIR, wit; George PLAYFAIR and Robert JAMIESON, 15 October 1872, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 485 (Lanark Co): William McNAUGHTON, 27, Farmer, Bathurst, Bathurst, s/o Naughton & Mary McNAUGHTON, married Eliza BALDERSON, 21, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o John & Elizabeth BALDERSON, wit; William STEDMAN and George KEYES, 13 November 1872, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 486 (Lanark Co): Thomas MORRIS, 25, Farmer, S. Sherbrooke, S. Sherbrooke, s/o William & Elizabeth MORRIS, married Mary RICHEY, 21, Bathurst, S.Sherbrooke, d/o John & Jane RICHEY, wit; Joseph MORRIS and Jane RICHEY, 20 November 1872, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 486 (Lanark Co): James COWIE, 24, Pump Maker, Perth, Almonte, s/o Robert COWIE and Henrietta Jane ANDREW, married Charlotte McKENACHER, 22, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o John & Mary Ann McKENACHER, wit; Joseph & Margaret RODGERS, 27 March 1873, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 486 (Lanark Co): John MILLIKEN, 31, Farmer, S.Sherbrooke, S.Sherbrooke, s/o Thomas & Mary MILLIKEN, married Elizabeth ASHLEY, 21, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o William & Elizabeth ASHLEY, wit; Joseph MILLIKEN and Susan ASHLEY, 22 January 1873, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 487 (Lanark Co): Samuel CAMERON, 29, Dalhousie, Lavant, s/o Robert & Harriet CAMERON, married Christina AVERY, 23, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Benjamin & Christina AVERY, wit; Benjamin AVERY and Charlotte CAMERON, 4 April 1873, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 487 (Lanark Co): George HAMMOND, 24, Carriage Maker, Dalhousie, Perth, s/o William HAMMOND and Margaret MAGHTY?, married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 17, Lanark, Bathurst, d/o Samuel GRAHAM and Ellen BENNETT, wit; Peter BERWICK and Ellen WATSON, 30 April 1873, Bathurst.

Vol 29 Pg 487 (Lanark Co): George CUTHBERTSON, 22, Farmer, Bathurst, Bathurst, s/o Alexander & Margaret CUTHBERTSON, married Ansey Amelita McLean GESHLY, 17, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o George & Christina GESHLY, wit; Alexander CUTHBERTSON and Dawn GESHLY, 16 May 1873, Dalhousie.

Vol 29 Pg 482 (Lanark Co): Peter McMANNES, 22, Farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Alexander McMANNES and Janet HEADRICK, married Margaret STRANG, 20, Scotland, Lanark, d/o John STRANG, and Janet MORRISON, wit; K. CHARLES and Catherine ROBERTSON, 5 April 1873, Lanark Village.

Vol 29 Pg 482 (Lanark Co): Robert CAMERON, 25, Farmer, Dalhousie, Lanark, s/o Robert CAMERON and Harriet BOLTON, married Mary Ann AVERY, 19, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Benjamin AVERY & Christina CAMERON, 18 March 1873, Lanark Village.

Vol 29 Pg 482 (Lanark Co): Richard BOND, 22, Tinsmith, Carleton Place, Lanark, s/o Joseph BOND and Henrietta LAKE, married Margaret McINNES, 19, Lanark Village, Lanark Village, d/o Alexander McINNES and Margaret MAXWELL, 18 April 1873, Lanark Village.

Vol 29 Pg 482 (Lanark Co): James MILLS, 22, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o William & Mary Ann MILLS, married Mary Jane PURDY, 17, Goulbourn, Goulbourn, d/o James & Elizabeth PURDY, wit; William MOORE and Lyzie SPENCE, 8 October 1873, Prospect, Beckwith.

Vol 29 Pg 483 (Lanark Co): John CONLIN, 21, Montague, Montague, s/o John & Margaret CONLIN, married Susannah FLEMMING, 18, d/o James & Mary FLEMMING, wit; Henry LEWIS and Mary Ann CARLING, 18 December 1873, Franktown.

Vol 29 Pg 483 (Lanark Co): John SCOTT, 28, Lanark, Montague, s/o Richard & Ruth SCOTT, married Catherine PRESCOTT, 22, Montague, Montague, d/o Lewis & Mary PRESCOTT, wit; William PRESCOT and Jane WYNN, 31 December 1873, Franktown.

Vol 29 Pg 457 (Lanark Co): Andrew MOODIE, 23, Farmer, North Burgess, North Burgess, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth MOODIE, married Isabella HARPER, 20, North Burgess, North Burgess, d/o Henry & Isabella HARPER, 5 June 1870, Perth.

Vol 29 Pg 457 (Lanark Co): David THOMPSON, 25, Sawyer, N. Burgess, N. Burgess, s/o William John & Margaret THOMPSON, married Hannah CLOSE, 23, Lanark, Pakenham, d/o Morris & Jane CLOSE, wit; Andrew THOMPSON and Elizabeth FORTH?, 14 June 1873, Perth.

Vol 29 Pg 457 (Lanark Co): Benjamin LEGGETT, 23, Farmer, S. Crosby, S. Crosby, s/o William LEGGETT and Elizabeth SLY, married Matilda CAMERON, 20, S.Crosby, S.Crosby, d/o John CAMERON and Elizabeth GRAHAM, wit. Robert & Harriet STOREY, 19 June 1873, Perth.

Vol 29 Pg 458 (Lanark Co): William CODE, 25, Labourer, Drummond, Carleton Place, s/o John CODE and Maretta CEELEY, married Elizabeth STEWART, 25, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o James & Isabella STEWART wit; Thomas CODE and Elizabeth STEWART, 3 April 1873, Beckwith.

Vol 29 Pg 458 (Lanark Co): William HUDSON, 24, Labourer, England, Pakenham, s/o George HUDSON and Mary HERDICK, married Mary AID?, 27, Ramsay, Carleton Place, d/o William AID? and Ann GILMOUR, wit; Nathaniel Burgess and Elizabeth NICHOLSON, 7 April 1873, Carleton Place.

Vol 29 Pg 458 (Lanark Co): David CRAM, 25, Clerk, Beckwith, Carleton Place, s/o David CRAM and Ann NICHOLSON, married Elizabeth HOUSTON, 23, Almonte, Carleton Place, d/o Edward HOUSTON and Nancy CALLUM, wit; James CAVERS and Elizabeth Ann CRAM, 3 July 1873, Carleton Place.

Vol 29 Pg 431 (Lanark Co): John McDONALD, 27, Labourer, Ont. Lanark, s/o James McDONALD and ?? married Sarah CAMERON, 24, Ont. Lanark, d/o Robert CAMERON and Isabella BAIN, wit; John McLEAN and Mary CAMERON, 28 October 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 431 (Lanark Co): William James GRAHAM, 25, Farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Hugh GRAHAM and Jane ROBB, married Margaret Jane GARDINER, 23, Bastard, Kitley, d/o James GARDINER and Mary Ann POLK?, wit; Edward KENNEDY and Alice GARDINER, 6 November 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 431 (Lanark Co): James Henry KERWIN, 28 Carder, England, Smiths Falls, s/o Edward KERWIN and Grace CHARLESWORTH, married Margaret CHALMERS, 19, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Henry D. CHALMERS and Margaret CONDIE?, wit; Robert WHITE and Jemima CHALMERS, 31 July 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 432 (Lanark Co): Richard RICHARDS, Widower, 35, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Edward RICHARDS and Mary TACKABERRY, married Caroline GARLAND, 32 Wolford, Wolford, d/o Thomas GARLAND and Eliza EMPEY, wit; William & Emma SHERDAY, 6 August 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 432 (Lanark Co): Sutton FREZELLE, 32, Farmer, Drummond, Drummond, s/o Sutton FREZELLE and Anne DUFFIELD, married Margaret GOVEY, 26, Bathurst, Drummond, d/o James GOVEY and Mary HOGAN, wit; George POOLE and Margaret MANIER, 26 November 1873, Smiths Falls.

Vol 29 Pg 432 (Lanark Co): William FOSTER, Widower, 35, Cabinet Maker, Ireland, Monctoy? s/o Isaac FOSTER and Margaret ROACH, married Nancy Jane LOUCKS, 35, Ont. Smiths Falls, d/o John LOUCKS and Hannah HARDIE, wit; James SHIELDS and William KERTZ?, 20 November 1873, Smiths Falls.

(Lanark Co); William Charles SMITH, 21, Labourer, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o Edward SMITH and Annie LANCE, married Ellen STODDARD, 20, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o John STODDARD and Jane CROZIER, wit; Alexander DEVLIN and Rose DUTRIZAC, 21 June 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Frederick Alexander STEWART, 21, Machinist, Carleton Place, Brockville, s/o Joseph STEWART and Mary LANDON, married Annie ROBINSON, 23, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o John ROBINSON and Elizabeth CORLEY, wit; Florence ROBINSON and Mrs. EARLE, 27 July 1899, Almonte, Ont.

(Lanark Co): John Patrick RALEIGH, 29, Dentist, Winnipeg, Man., Almonte, s/o Patrick RALEIGH and Margaret O’REILY, married Josephine NAGLE, 32, Milliner, Almonte, Ramsey Twp., d/o James NAGLE and Mary Ann CAVANAGH, wit; Eugene O’REILY and Mary NAGLE, 2 August 1899, Almonte, Ont.

(Lanark Co): John Samuel JOHNSTON, 37, Farmer, Ramsey Twp., Pakenham Twp., s/o Samuel JOHNSTON and Anna McWHINEY, married Annie G. CAMPBELL, 37, Ramsey Twp., Lanark Twp., d/o Andrew CAMPBELL and Martha FORGIE, wit; Andrew CAMPBELL and Ella JOHNSTON, 23 August 1899, Almonte, Ont.

(Lanark Co): Maxim LAROQUE, 25, Farmer, Darling Twp., Darling Twp., s/o Levine LAROQUE and Mary CLONE/CLOSE/CLORE?? married Mary Julia McKAY, 23, Darling Twp, Darling Twp., d/o Charles McKAY and Catherine RANGER, wit; Manselle DEUYS? and Mary McFARLANE, 26 September 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Wesley Hugh REA, 25, Farmer, Ramsey Twp., Ramsey Twp., s/o Joseph REA and Margaret COKE, married Ida Florence HILBORN, 24, Almonte, Ramsey, d/oJohn HILBORN and Margaret GEROW, wit: John GADDELL and Mrs. John PAUL, 4 October 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): William Hiram STURGEON, 26, Baker, Almonte, Lanark Twp., s/o John STURGEON and Lydia BELLAMY, married Mary Ann FERRIER, 25, Almonte, Almonte, d/o James L. FERRIER and Mary Ann BAILEY, wit; Ross MOULTON and Louise STURGEON, 11 October 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Edward Patrick McCABE, 28, Weaver, Almonte, Bathurst Twp., s/o Michael John McCABE and Catherine MITCHELL, married Catherine May MALONE, 27, Almonte, Brudnell, Ont., d/o Philip MALONE and Catherine KIRVIN, wit: Edward O’HEARE and Annie MALONE, 30 October 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): David WILLIAMS, 34, Butcher, Almonte, Smiths Falls, s/o George WILLIAMS and Sara YATES, married Annie GLOVER, 30, Almonte, Ramsey, d/o John GLOVER and Elizabeth JENKINSON, wit: Alexander REID and Rosa WHITAKER, 1 November 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Edward MOORE, 41, Labourer, Whitney, Ont., Ramsey Twp., s/o William MOORE and Natilda NICHOLSON, married Annie HAINES, 40, Almonte, Scotland, d/o John HAINES and Kate SERLEY?, wit; Mr. & Mrs. David MOYLAN, 9 November 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Cornelus GRACE, 23, Farmer, Ramsey, Ramsey Twp., s/o Michael GRACE and Mary MAHONY, married Martha May ABRAHAM, 22, Almonte, Darling Twp., d/o John ABRAHAM and Elizabeth LALONDE, wit; Francis MAKER and Margaret DUTRYES?, 18 November 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Edward Thomson WILKIE, 40, Land Surveyor, Carleton Place, Ramsey Twp., s/o William WILKIE and Eliza BELL, married Kate SNEDDEN, 36, Almonte, Ramsey, d/o William SNEDDEN and Jessie McCROSTIE, wit; John SNEDDEN of Arnprior, Ont and Agnes SNEDDEN of Almonte, 4 January 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Charles Duncan BRINGLEY, 38, Jeweller, Carp, Ont, not given, s/o Charles BRINGLEY and Agnes PARK, married Elizabeth WOODS, 32 Carleton Place, not given, d/o Anthony WOODS and Eliza SMITH, wit; James SMITH and Mrs. J. WILLIAMS, 11 January 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Thomas WHITE, Widower, 50, Farmer, Huntley Twp, Huntley, s/o William WHITE and Hannah FOREST, married Catherine M. McDONNELL, 40, Almonte, Huntley, d/o Michael McDONNELL and Ann KEENAN, wit; Thomas McDONNELL and Mary Ann CARTER, 17 January 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Patrick HOGAN, 38, Mill Operator, Almonte, Ramsey, s/o Patrick HOGAN and Mary LYNCH, married Ann GRACE, 30, Almonte, Ramsey, d/o Thomas GRACE and Maria SEYMOUR, wit; John HOGAN and Ellen GRACE, 17 January 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Duncan FERGUSON, 24, Brakeman, Carleton Place, not given, s/o George FERGUSON and Elizabeth GOODFELLOW, married Ida BLACK, 19, Carleton Place, not given, d/o William BLACK and Mary Ann McINTYRE, wit; Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Craig, 8 February 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Thomas HAMILTON, 24, Mill Employee, Almonte, Scotland, s/o Hugh HAMILTON and Elizabeth McKAY, married Christine SCOTT, 26, Almonte, Scotland, d/o William SCOTT and Margaret HOPEKIRK, wit; Elizabeth BENNETT and John HANLY, 14 March 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Charles Robert LETTS, 29, Farmer, Calumet Island, Calumet Island, s/o George LETTS and Ann LUMBULL, married Margaret MURRAY, 19, Calumet Island, Que, d/o Robert MURRAY and Katie GRANT, wit; Mrs. & Mrs. G. DUNCAN, 4 March 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Wesley CULLEN, 38, Clerk, Smithe Falls, Ont, Smiths Falls, s/o Richard CULLEN and Margaret CULLEN ?, married Ruth FRANCE, 33 Smiths Falls, England, d/o Willima & Mary Ann FRANCE, wit; John A. JOHNSTON and MEDA FRANCE, 19 April 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Roderick CHISHOLM, 38, Dyer, Almonte, Scotland, s/o Findley CHISHOLM and Rebecca CUMMING, married Jessie CAMERON, 33, Almonte, Almonte, d/o Robert CAMERON and Jessie ANDERSON, wit; W. ANDERSON and Elizabeth CAMERON, 26 April 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); James Duncan MILLER, 25, Printer, Carleton Place, not given, s/o Duncan MILLER and Mary STRUTHERS, married Etta May PEARSON, 25, Carleton Place, not given, d/o John PEARSON and Mary Ann COMPO, wit; A.E. CAIRNS and Katie JAMIESON, 10 April 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co): Arnold Mutcheson IVEY, 23, Merchant, Toronto, not given, s/o John IVEY and Emelia MUTCHESON, married M.E. THOBURN, 22, Almonte, Almonte, d/o William THOBURN and Margaret LYONS, wit; Percy JAMIESON and Myrtle IVEY, 12 April 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Thomas WALSH, 27, Farmer, Ramsay Twp, Ramsay, s/o Michael WALSH and Catherine LOY, married Mary KITTS, 28, Ramsay, Ramsay, d/o Edward KITTS and Mary SULLIVAN, wit; William KITTS and Mary WALSH, 3 May 1899, Almonte.

(Lanark Co); Sylvester LAUZON, 28, Labourer, Ramsay, France, parents not given, married Esther DENY, Widow, 33, Ramsey, Darling, d/o Jaochine MAYOR or MAJOR and Sophia CARDINAL, wit; Thomas LANCH and Catherine HORAN, 10 May 1899, Almonte.

005884 (Lanark Co); Henry MATHER, 27, Farmer, Middleville, Middleville, s/o John & Jane MATHER, married Helen Harvey BAIRD, 27, Lavant Twp, Lavant Twp., d/o Andrew & Margaret BAIRD, wit; Andrew BAIRD and Samuel WILSON, 17 March 1886, Lavant Twp.

005885 (Lanark Co); Stewart McGRAITH, 23, Farmer, Lavant Twp., Darling, s/o Jamed & Esther McGRAITH, married Nellie REID, 20, Lavant, Lavant, d/o Peter & Caroline REID, wit; Elizabeth REID and George McGRAITH 28 April 1886, Lavant Twp.

005886 (Lanark Co); Duncan McQUAT, 23, Farmer, Lavant, Brooklin, New York, s/o Duncan & Cecilia McQUAT married Mary MUNRO, 26, Darling, Darling, d/o Hugh MUNRO and Catherine McKAY, wit; Lizzie REID and Mary GUTHRIE, 30 April 1886, Middleville.

005887 (Lanark Co): Alexander BAYLE, 48, Farmer, Hibbert, Darling Twp., s/o David BAYLE and Isabell HILL married Margaret STEWART, 35, Lavant, Scotland, d/o Charles STEWART and Catherine McINTOSH, wit; Charles STEWART and Jane McGRAITH, 31 March 1886, Lavant Twp.

005888 (Lanark Co); John Herbertson WILSON, Widower, 31, Farmer, Lanark Village, Scotland, s/o John WILSON and Mary BOYD, married Isabella YUILL, 32, Lanark Twp., Lanark Twp., d/o James YUILL and Margaret RANKIN, wit; Thomas CURRIE and Grace YUILL, 19 April 1886, Lavant Twp.

005889 (Lanark Co); Archibald BALLENTINE, 27, Farmer, Lavant, Lavant, s/o Duncan & Margaret BALLENTINE married Bella McINTYNE, 30 Lavant, Lavant, d/o Alexander & J. Eunice McINTYRE, wit; Alfred McINTYRE and Margaret BALLENTINE, 23 June 1886, Lavant Twp.

006351 (Lanark Co); Charles LANCY, 25, Mill Operator, Almonte, Hyntley, s/o Maurice LANCY and Maria WALKER, married Mary Jane BOYCE, 24, Almonte, Bridgenworth, d/o Mathew BOYCE and Margaret STULL, wit; Dennie MALONE and Mary KELLY, 31 August 1887, Almonte.

006352 (Lanark Co): John BENNETT, 21, Spinner, Almonte, Ferguson Fall, s/o Edward & Dorcas BENNETT, married Eliza WILLIS, 20 Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o Richard & Martha WILLIS, wit; George BENNETT and Nellie KILPATRICK, 5 October 1887, Almonte.

006353 (Lanark Co): Thomas HAMILTON, 31 Carpenter, Almonte, Canada, s/o Gavin HAMILTON and Margaret NEILAN, married Margaret THOM, 29, Almonte, Canada, d/o William THOM and C. SINCLAIR, wit; Gavin HAMILTON and William THOM, 27 October 1887, Almonte.

006354 (Lanark Co): William ROBINSON, 27, Carpenter, Arnprior, Leeds Co., s/o William ROBINSON and Jane MORRISON?, married Janet BOYLE, 23, Almonte, Lanark, d/o James BOYLE and Jane BERTH?, wit; James LANG and Miss. COPELAND, 11 October 1887, Almonte.

006355 (Lanark Co); John CURTIN, Widower, 47, Saddler, Almonte, Limerick, Ireland, s/o Cornelius CURTIN and Margaret CASEY, married Mary McAULIFFE, 37, Almonte, Almonte, d/o John McAULIFFE and Margaret Fitzgerald, wit; Micharl John O’KEEFE and Mary Catherine McAULIFFE, 28 September 1887, Almonte.

006356 (Lanark Co); Patrick FOY, 32, Labourer, Darling, Darling, s/o Andrew FOY and Bridget LEMMEX, married Angele MAYOR, 25, Darling, Darling, d/o Joachin MAYOR and Sophia CARDINAL, wit; Thomas KING and Caroline MAYOR, 26 September 1887, Almonte.

006913-73, (Lanark Co.), BACK, Thomas, 33, Builder, Berwick on Tweed, Scotland, Almonte, s/o George BACK and Ann GILCHRIST, married McCALLUM, Agness, 36, Scotland, Almonte, d/o James McCALLUM and Agness CLARKE,witnesses were Robert HILL of Ottawa and Margaret WILSON of Carleton Place, May 24, 1873, Almonte

006914-73, (Lanark Co.), BLAKE, William Henry, 20, Shoemaker, North Augusta, Ont, Almonte, s/o Harry BLAKE and Lois Anne HALEY, married BARNETT, Eliza, 21, Almonte, Almonte, d/o Moses BARNETT and Sully, witnesses were Alexander HICKS of Almonte and Kate BARNETT of Almonte, May 14, 1873, Almonte

006915-73, (Lanark Co.), JAMES, Edward, 42, Farmer, Canada, Wawanosh, s/o Thomas JAMES and Mary BYRNE, married Letitia CODE, 32, Canada, Almonte, d/o Thomas CODE and Mary JAMES, witnesses were Thomas CODE, Lanark and Maggie HALPENNY, Lanark, June 20, 1873, Almonte

004456-75, (Lanark Co.), MOORE, Hugh, 37, Tailor, Ireland, Carleton Place, s/o Arthur and Elizabeth MOORE, married CODE, Mary, 30, Twp. of Beckwith, Twp. of Beckwith, d/o George and Jane CODE, witnesses were Thomas GLOVER, Carleton Place and Rebecca CHAMBLY, Twp. of Beckwith, April 13, 1875, Twp. of Beckwith

004457-75, (Lanark Co.), GALLOWAY, Edward, 19, Yeoman, Twp. of Wolford, Leeds Co., Twp. of Wolford, Leeds Co., s/o John and Susan GALLOWAY, married STEWART, Sarah, 24, Ireland, Twp. of Montague, d/o Richard and Ann STEWART, witnesses were John MAY, Franktown and Margaret MALONE, Twp. of Montague, May 19, 1875, St. James Church, Franktown

004458-75, (Lanark Co.), CAMERON, Thomas, 23, Almonte, Almonte, s/o Donald CAMERON and Stewart MILLAR, married SCRIMGEOUR, Sarah Elizabeth, 26, Dumfries Twp, Ontario, Almonte, d/o William SCRIMGEOUR and Susan ALDRICH, witnesses were Donald CAMERON, Almonte and William SCRIMGEOUR, Almonte, May 27, 1875, at the Manse of Beckwith

011151-03, (Lanark Co.), NESBETT, George James, 22, Almonte, Canada, Bachelor, Blacksmith, s/o James NESBETT and Elizabeth COMBA, Church of England, married PIERCE, Eva Susan, 19, Franktown, Canada, Spinster, d/o William PIERCE and Jemima MURPHY, witnesses were Edward MONTGOMERY of Carleton Place and Margaret NESBITT of Beckwith, January 21, 1903, St. James Church, Franktown, Church of England, Rev. John S. Warren, License, January 23, 1903

011152-03, (Lanark Co.), KILFOYLE, Andrew Henry, 35, McGregor, Manitoba, Canada, Bachelor, Farmer, s/o Henry KILFOYLE and Sarah KIDD, Methodist, married BURNS, Sarah Lavinia, 32, Beckwith, Canada, Spinster, d/o John BURNS and Ann FERGUSON, witnesses were Herbert SHIRLEY of Smiths Falls and Etta M. BURNS of Drummond, January 28, 1903, Beckwith, Methodist, Rev. Paul Pergan, License, January 29th, 1903.

011153-03, (Lanark Co.), MAINS, John Henry, 24, Goulborne, Canada, Bachelor, Farmer, s/o Thomas MAINS and Eliza MONTGOMERY, Methodist, married HUESTON, Rebecca, 22, Goulburne, Canada, Spinster, d/o Thomas HUESTON and Ellen HANNAH, witnesses were Wm. J. Lightbody and Mrs. Anna M. Pergan, both of Beckwith, January 28, 1903, Methodist Parsonage, Beckwith, Methodist, Rev. Paul Pergan, License, January 29th, 1903

011154-03, (Lanark Co.), SHAW, Thomas Samuel, 28, Pakenham, Canada, Bachelor, Carpenter, s/o David SHAW and Elizabeth COMBA, Methodist,married CODE, Eva Jane, 22, Beckwith, Canada, Spinster, d/o William CODE and Mary STANLEY, witnesses were Minor COMBA of Almonte and Ida CODE of Beckwith, February 18, 1903, Residence of Wm. Code, Beckwith, Church of England, Rev. George Scanthbury, Perth, License, Feb. 18th, 1903.

011155-03, (Lanark Co.), TAYLOR, Charles Francis Ray, 26, Carleton Place, Canada, Bachelor, Merchand, s/o Wm. TAYLOR and Barbara DONALD, Presbyterian, married CRAM, Mary Maud, 27, Beckwith, Canada, Spinster, d/o Samuel G. CRAM and Mary McROSTIE, withesses were M. W. TAYLOR of Carleton Place and ALVA MOE, Sherbroke, June 2, 1903, Residence of S. G. Cram, Beckwith, Presbyterian, Rev. A. A. Scott, Carleton Place, License, June 2nd, 1903

O’NEILL- SALMON In St. Francis de Sales Church, on Tuesday, January 10th, 1899, by Rev. Father Stanton, J.H. O’Neill of Brewers Mills to Miss Agnes Salmon, daughter of the late Thomas Salmon of South Elmsley.

PATTERSOM – NOLAN At the Methodist Parsonage on Saturday, January 7th, 1899, by the Rev. S.G. Bland. William Patterson tp Elizabeth Nolan, both of Smith’s Falls.

#006895-1873 (Lanark Co): John CAMPBELL, 21, yeoman, Ramsay, Fitzroy Ont, s/o James CAMPBELL & Ann SHANNON, married Bridget FARREL, 20, Fitzroy Ont, same, d/o Peter FARREL & Margaret McGUIN; wit Maria M MEYER, New Edenboro, Marian BAKER, Almonte. 16 Oct 1873 at Almonte.

#006896-1873 (Lanark Co): Robert LITTLE, 23, -, Montreal Que, Carleton Place, s/o Robert LITTLE & Jane PARK, married Catharine PATTIE, 23, Carleton Place Ont, d/o David PATTIE & Mary NOWLAN; wit James McNICOL, Catharine McKENZIE, Almonte. 15 Sep 1873 at Almonte.

#006897-1873 (Lanark Co): Gilbert HILL, 22, engineer, Glasgow Scotland, Ashton Ont, s/o John HILL & Jane McFARLANE, married Elizabeth McFARLANE, 20, Ashton Ont, same, d/o JOHN McFARLANE & Martha RILLEY; wit – McFARLANE, Jane SHORE, Ashton. 27 Oct 1873 at Almonte.

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