Family Photos of Arthur Williard Toop & James Henry Martin

Family Photos of Arthur Williard Toop & James Henry Martin


Photo from Amanda Armstrong-From the photo collection of Margaret Martin

Thanks to Leanne Templeton this was found online.. click

Root and Toop family  Erin Township, ca. 1890 – 1939.

John Henry Root was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Root. John attended S. S. #9 Erin Township beginning in 1859. On 11 July 1894, John married Martha Ellen Reed (3 April 1871 – 31 October 1922) who was the daughter of Nathaniel and Nancy Reed. John Henry had a brother named David Oscar Root (1872-1937) who was married to Gertrude Eloise Nicholasina Watson (1879-1945). David and Gertrude has five children together; Ernest Robert Watson Root (10 October 1902 – 26 October 1979), David Nicholas Root (05 November 1905 – 30 March 1989), John Henry Haines Root (17 October 1908 – 17 November 1991), Ebenezer Hames Haines Root (28 September 1910 – 07 June 2001), and Gertrude Martha Elizabeth Root (15 August 1921 – 1921). John Henry Haines Root attended Awrey School, S.S. #9 Erin Twp., and Hillsburgh Baptist Church. He was elected M.P.P. in 1951, representing Wellington-Dufferin; he retired in 1975; he served on the Ontario Water Resources Commission and Hearing Boards. He married Lillie Matilda Toop (30 July 1906 – 5 October 1997) in Almonte, Ontario on 20 July 1932. John and Lillie met while she was teaching in Wellington County.

Lillie was a schoolteacher from 1928-1932. She was born in Almonte, Lanark County to Walter Augustus (Gus) Toop and Margaret A. Lawford. She attended S. S. #6 Ramsay Township in Lanark County, beginning in 1913. She started her teaching career on Manitoulin Island in 1928 until 1931. She then moved to Wellington County where she was the principal of the two roomed Hillsburgh Public School, and also taught senior students from 1931-1932.

John and Lillie lived in Erin Township on concession 3, lot 20. They had six children; John Bennett Root (24 May 1933 – 19 February 2016), Ada Lillie Marie Root (27 June 1934 – 4 September 1936), Evelyn Margaret Eloise Root (18 July 1938 – 23 May 2017), George David Walter Root (15 August 1939 – ), Robert Orville Winston Root (11 November 1943 – ), and Alfred Clayton Henry Root (25 August 1948 – )

Margaret Martin with “Irene’s Kids”— The original Art’s Variety on Townline Road, then known as Wayside Inn when owned by my Great-Grandparent’s Arthur & Della Toop (owners from 1939-1948). Photo was taken in the early-mid 1940’s. My Grandmother Margaret Martin (nee Toop) standing with friends in the back row on the left.  From-When You Needed “Variety” You Went to Art’s or the Wayside Inn 1940s — Photos

The Mystery Ruins of Carleton Place- Photos by Adam Dowdall

unnamed (1)

ph 50479: Black and white photo of the Toop family standing outside their family home in Almonte, Ontario, ca 1914. Gus Toop is in the centre of the photo; his wife, Margaret Toop, is beside him on the right, and his daughter Lillie Matilda Toop is on his left. The other five siblings in the photo are not identified–click

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