Ghosts Imagined by Minds Soaked by Too Much Whiskey?

Ghosts  Imagined by Minds Soaked by Too Much Whiskey?


Are there ghosts? Well that depends- within the sight of the Peace Tower there is a famous haunted house well designed and well maintained and the family just treats it a as a family retainer and somewhat harmless. But here is a Canadian ghost story that has travelled through the ages.

The McDonalds built their home on a plot of land in Wallaceburg, Ontario desired by a woman known as the old woman in the Long Low Log house. When McDonald refused to sell his land to the woman and her three children, the paranormal activity began. Between 1830 and 1840 bullets would shoot through the home’s windows before dropping harmlessly to the floor, the sound of marching men could be heard in the house, pots and pans would dance in the air and balls of fire would erupt in the house.

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The ghost was exorcised by the local clergy and for good measure a medicine man was summoned also for extra measure. An enterprising Yankee was passing by and he said nailing a horseshoe above the door and for his trouble he was arrested on the spot for witchcraft. That 5 minute ordeal took 6 months to straighten out while our American friend languished in jail. One year later in 1830 things got worse and fires began to break out all over the house- over 50 outbreaks in one day alone. So cooking anything was out of the question but the demon just moved his fires out to the barn. Finally a fire broke in the home that was so bad the family barely escaped with their lives.

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By this time the McDonald family figured they were under the spell of some witch and there are two plausible endings to this story so choose one. Most of the local folks offered different interpretations. Some say it was because of sacred native grave sites tampered with out of anger- and some said people just drank too darn much.

  1. The McDonald’s employed the services of the famous Dr. John Troyer. Apparently the lost souls were getting tired at this point and said one more fire, and then the house would be at peace.

2. However, at the advice of a 15-year-old girl called Jane with supposed mystical powers, McDonald moulded a silver bullet and shot a goose with a black head that had evaded him on his farm. His bullet connected with the goose’s wing and it escaped into nearby reeds.

McDonald then went to the Long Low Log house and found the old woman who wanted to buy his land.  She was sitting on her front porch in her rocking chair with a broken arm! From the time that the bird was shot and the old woman was wounded, no spiritual manifestations were ever heard of at the McDonald farm and peace again fell on the Baldoon….

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