Tavern Licenses of Lanark County — names names names

Tavern Licenses of Lanark County — names names names

Brockville 1907

In the Ontario Sessional Papers of 32 Victoria 1868-69 (31) there is a report on the “Return of the Number of Tavern Licenses issued in each County, City, Town, or Incorporated Village, in detail. Also, the name of the party to whom issued, and the name of the Issuer for each County, with the amount received from such Licenses to date.” The report is dated January 6, 1869. Below you will find the name of the license holder and the cost of the license but not the running total,

NORTH LANARK – John Menzies, Issuer

Township of Almonte
John K. Cole 5.00
Henry Stafford 5.00
Samuel Davies 5.00
James Barrie 5.00
Patrick Reily 5.00
Township of Clayton
Thomas Coulter 5.00
John Glemmill 5.00
Township of Ramsay
David Snedden 5.00
Township of Appleton
Geo. Colvin 5.00
Township of Pakenham
John McManagle 5.00
William Dickson 5.00
Samuel D. Chatterton 5.00
Watson’s Corners
Jane Scott 5.00
James Nicoll 5.00
Township of Dalhousie
William Lock 5.00
Duncan McIntosh 5.00
Robert Gardner 5.00
Village of Lanark
Patrick Bowes 5.00
Alexander Kelly 5.00
Mrs. Joseph Lamont 5.00
Geo. Aitkmer 5.00

Innisville (1).jpg

The Old Innisville Hotel


LANARK, SOUTH – Chas. Rice, Issuer

Town of Perth
W. Hicks 10.00
W.C. Lewis 10.00
R. Williams 10.00
D. McIntosh 10.00
M. Balderson 10.00
R.A. Gordon 10.00
J. Connell 10.00
P. McDermot 10.00
Geo. Barrie 10.00
A. McLaren 10.00
A. Yates 10.00
Fairbairn & O’Neil 10.00
Village of Smith’s Falls
A.J. Killborn 5.00
J. Hourigan 5.00
M. Armstrong 5.00
M. Carrol 5.00
T. Tweedy 5.00
Township of Bathurst
W. Smith 5.00
M. Leighton 5.00
S. Watson 5.00
A. Bain 5.00
R. Murphy 5.00
A. McDonald 5.00
Township of Beckwith
D. McFarlane 5.00
W. Kelly 5.00
R. Metcalfe 5.00
N. Lavalee 5.00
T. Clarke 5.00
W. Moore 5.00
W. Burrows 5.00
Township of Sherbrooke
R. Morrow 5.00
J. Morrow 5.00
Township of N. Elmsley
J. McCormack 5.00
A.F. Weeks 5.00
Township of Drummond
R. Crawford 5.00
C. Hollinger 5.00
E. O’Connor


Former Dennis Kane hotel (1832) at 48 Drummond St. E. Perth from Historic Perth-Kenn Chaplin



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