“The Doug Gilmour Car”- Believe it or Not Carleton Place?

“The Doug Gilmour Car”- Believe it or Not Carleton Place?




My son who owns Motorhouse on Highway 7 has collected things since he was a child. In fact we were always worried he would start another collection if we gave him two of something. He had signed hockey photos and pucks, and even a prize reply letter from famed children’s book author Robert Munsch. To this day I still don’t know what happened to that letter. After Schuyleur found out Munsch had a cocaine problem he immediately flew down to the bottom of Sky’s admiration food chain.

Sky brought in a Corvette to his lot awhile ago that had a story– a real big story that it once belonged to Doug Gilmour of the Toronto Maple Leafs. A few of us (like his Mother) didn’t want to doubt him– but behind closed doors whispers were abound. A lot of whispers–in fact we compared the “John Voight” car that George had on Seinfeld to this whole story. Each time we saw the Corvette Steve and I would quote Seinfeld.

JERRY: You bought a car because it belonged to Jon Voight?

GEORGE (defensive): No, no…

JERRY: I think yes, yes. You like the idea of telling people you’re driving Jon Voight’s car.

GEORGE: Alright, maybe I do. So what.




It’s not that we didn’t love the car, we just thought the story was far fetched. We kept asking my son if he had  found a chewed up pencil that belonged to Doug Gilmour in the glove compartment. Sky would always  ask us why would he make up something like that? Of all the names he could pick, why settle on Doug Gilmour? Joking I asked him to check out if it wasn’t owned by Doug Gilmour of  Perth. Or better yet,  do a car search and we’ll see whether or not you’re selling the real Doug Gilmour’s car!

This week we noticed that the car was gone and Steve asked me to ask my son what happened to it. The car had been sold, so I now have to eat crow and no more John Voight jokes. The car had indeed belonged to Doug Gilmore from the Toronto Maples Leafs and he had leased it from Roy Foss in Thornhill, Ontario when it was new. The original colour of the car was blue but later painted black. This was the very car Doug drove when the Maple Leafs made their run to the Conference Final 1992-1993.

So who bought the John Voight Doug Gilmour car? Well none other than Carleton Place Canadians ‘man of the hour’  and head coach of Team Canada East in 2015–Jason Clarke. So Schuyleur, as George Constanza once said,“It’s not a lie if you believe it!” and boy you not only believed it, but your defence came in for the win. Maybe we should all be siting in the penalty box right now. 🙂

Everybody’s talking at me
I don’t hear a word they’re saying
Only the echoes of my mind…..


Motorhouse Mitsubishi
10446 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-5550






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