Run Pig Run–Shake it Off! Convictions of 1870





Lanark & District Museum–Photo

Return of Convictions to March, 1870

Selling Liquor Contrary to the Law

Michael Brennan, $20 fine

Assault and Battery:

John S. Coombs, charges brought by William Kyle, fined $4

William Kyle, charges brought by John S. Coombs, fined $4

George Palmer, Jr., charges brought by William Acheson, fined $2

Simon McVettie, charges brought by John Robertson, fined $1

James Smart, charges brought by Margaret Smart, fined $1

Selling Liquor Without a License:

Edward Kennedy, fined $40

Drunk and Disorderly

Bridget Laducier, 21 days in jail



Lanark & District Museum–Photo


Return of Convictions for the Period Ending June 30 1870

Assault and Battery:

  1. Cochland & J. Mahar, charges brought byMichael Morrison, fined $5 each.

James Ward, charges brought by Cornelius Murphy, fined $15

Dennis O’Brien, charges brought by Benjamin Watson, fined $2

John Scott, charges brought by Thomas Morrison, fined $19

William G. Tully, charges brought by John Tully, fined $3

James Hughes, charges brought by Elizabeth Walker, fined $6

John Baryman, charges brought by M. Baryman and Samuel Charles, fined $19.

Peter McEwen, charges brought by Christina McEwen, fined $4

William Cavanaugh, charges brought by William Tweedy, fined $16

June McCaig, charges brought by Mary Copeland, fined $1


Adam Craig, charges brought by John McFarlane, fined twenty cents

Susan Love, and Edwin Love, charges brought by Mary Robinson, fined $1 each

Assault and Battery and P. Haley and Breach of Trespass:

John Hourigan, fined $1


Thomas Elliott, did not pay, fine, twenty days in jail at hard labor

Indecent Language

Thomas Nixon, William Jennings, Donald Campbell, William O’Brien, John Moore, charges brought by Janet McQuattie, fined $1 each.

Assaulting a Child

Mary Robinson, charges brought by Edwin Love, fined $1

Malicious Injury to Property:

Stewart McFarland, charges brought by Robert Elliott, fined $5.25.

Allow Hogs to Run at Large:

A.C. Craig, fined 25 cents


Aaron Derrick, Edward BeemanJames Whalen, charges brought by B. Merrick, fined $2.50 each.

Insulting Language

John Murray, charges brought by Patrick Conlin, fined $1

Obstructing a Road

John Murray, fined $1




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