The Old Side Door of the Mississippi Hotel

The Old Side Door of the Mississippi Hotel

The clipping says the Mississippi Hotel in 1974 but which door was this? Anyone have photographs of the building from this era showing more of the building? 

Ted Hurdis- That’s the main entrance. I thought I recognized it. My wife confirmed it for me and she said *Star Sadler had a little office to the right side
From the collection of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. Jennifer Fenwick Irwin posted it
Linda Seccaspina– Wow, what a dump
Mary Anne Harrison Linda it wasn’t any better on the inside either. 😜
Llew Lloyd– I’m guessing the whole place was renovated in 1969 or 70 . I believe you have a picture from one of the 1969 parades with the building in the background. You should be able to see whether or not the ” improved ” entrance was there .
Tammy Marion  – This brings back a memory for me. In the summer of 1978 a guy/man asked me if I could watch his German Shepherd dog for 1 hour while he went in the Mississippi hotel. The front entrance of the hotel looked just as it does in this photo – and that is the door he went in. It was evening – near dusk. I said sure I would because I was ( and still am) a huge Shepherd lover and I didn’t want him to be alone outside.I asked the guy to make sure he was back out in 1 hour as I need to go home. He said ” I sure will”.
Three hours later he still never came back out. I couldn’t just leave the dog loose and alone and I couldn’t go inside to find this guy because I wasn’t of age and my best friend’s Mom worked there at the time and knew that. A friend came along and I asked her if she could watch the dog because I really need to get home. She did and I left. I don’t know whatever became of that dog or the guy or how much longer my friend stayed with the dog.
Bruce “Star” Sadler 3 c1 Robert (Bob) Bruce (Star) Sadler  1947-2008               b                      ; d Carleton Place  (Gazette 11/18/08)
17990967_10154836763856886_4455920130351212322_n (1).jpg
Brian Carter in front of the Mississippi Hotel – 1980’s– You can see the tar marks where they took down the additions still front and side.
Jennifer Fenwick Irwin asked where the sign was– I don’t think we will ever know.. Here are the folks that made it


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  24 Aug 1961, Thu,  Page 18


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