A Bewitched Bed in Odessa

A Bewitched Bed in Odessa

November 1 1897

A rather queer occurrence is reported from Odessa, twelve miles from Kingston. In the house of William H. Smith, fifth concession, Ernestown, there is a bed which on Sunday morning commenced to move about in a singular way, throwing off the bed clothes and turning over on the floor.

As soon as the things were replaced the occurrence was repeated and still continued. A bible was placed upon the bed, but after a few upheavals the bed failed to dislodge it, and did not tumble over that time. Mr. Smith slept on the bed Sunday night, being shifted to and fro but not thrown out. When he arose in the morning the bed again wriggled and tumbled over. A correspondent interviewed Mr. Smith and vouches for’ the truth of the occurrence, regarding which no explanation can be given. 

Author’s Note– After reading some of the classifieds from the Upper Canada Herald, I would assume it might be the ghosts of wives gone bye..:)


June 13 1834

British Whig

A CHILD FOUND – A child about ten years of age, the son of a  Mr. Walker, residing in the 4thconcession of Ernestown, strayed away from his home in the woods surrounding his father’s dwelling was absent 48 hours.  Yesterday the whole neighborhood to a man turned out, and forming regular divisions, had the satisfaction of finding him and restoring him to the arms of his parents.
Nov 7 1834

British Whig

NOTICE – Six Pence Reward

RUNAWAY from the subscriber, Sarah Crage, this is to forbid any person or persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will not pay any debts of her contracting.

Any person, who will return her, shall have the above reward, but no charges paid


Bath, 3rd Nov 1834

Aug 15 1834

British Whig


WHEREAS my wife, Polly Harrison, having left me without any just cause, this is to forbid any person or persons harbouring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting.


Wilton, Aug 11 1834

Mar 19 1835

British Whig

Notice –

WHEREAS my Wife Jane, having left my bed and board without any just provocation;  this is to forbid any person or persons trusting or harbouring her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date


Ernestown March 8th 1835

May 6 1829

Upper Canada Herald

The undersigned, having obtained his Licence to keep a House of Entertainment in the Village of Bath, through his friends, to whom he feels grateful, for their recommendation; he pledges himself to give general satisfaction and will faithfully demean himself as an Innkeeper.

Jacob VanCleak

Bath, May 1st, 1828

All persons are hereby forbid trusting Abigail, my wife, on my account, as she has been delirious for several years past, and has certainly forsaken my bed and board, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date

DAVID PURDY  Ernest Town July 19 1819 Upper Canada Herald




Ernestown railroad station was built for the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada. Its cornerstone was laid in 1855

Ernestown station sits on the north side of two sets of still-active tracks, just west of Lennox and Addington County Road #4, near a little sideroad called Link Road.

It has been suggested that political factors were the reason the Ernestown station was preferred over more populated areas like Bath to the east. Unlike Bath, there was no real community in Ernestown.

After the station was built, a community developed. At the same time, Bath, without a station, declined. Today, with the station abandoned, there are only residences left near the station and no real community.



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  1. This is the shocker that always amazed me: Kingston Gazette June 30 1818 p 3.
    “Whereas, I have sold my wife, Elizabeth Miller, formerly known as Betsy Macrimmon, to Henry Gilbert in presence of witnesses, for the sum of five dollars, and I will not pay any debt of her contracting after this date”. Augustus Miller, Kingston.


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