It Raineth Every Day in Lanark County–Social Notes–July 30, 1897

It Raineth Every Day in Lanark County–Social Notes–July 30, 1897


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A trio of young men from Almonte attracted by the bright illumination’
in the sky on Tuesday evening, the night the car shops were burned in
Carleton Place, drove over to watch the fire, but when they got there the
fire was all out and the streets deserted. They felt greatly disappointed,
and were going to interview the mayor about it had they not been assured that it was altogether an oversight on the part of the C.P .R. officials in not notifying them in time.


On Tuesday last a severe thunderstorm passed over a portion of Darling
township. Mr. D. Barr was busy in the hay field coiling up hay when the storm came, and two or three minutes after he left the field and at the last coil he put up was struck with lightning and burned.




A number of Almonte’s young men have established a camp on the shore of the Mississippi below “Wylie’s Dam,” where they will spend the hot season. They are said to be great entertainers, and are showing hospitality to numerous visitors from town.


With fine weather on Saturday Almonte will show its sympathy with the plan to give telephone connection with Clayton by sending out a crowd for the “ telephone picnic.” An interesting feature will be a baseball match between the Almonte and Lanark nines.

A few local nimrods made an expedition up the river last week to try their luck among the finnies, and many and lengthy are the stories now told. One party, after being on the river a short while, suddenly remembered that they had no bait. They rowed back and dropped their anchor—a 16-pounder—and proceeded to catch minnows. When they had caught sufficient for their trip the strongest man of the party was put at the oars so that they might catch up with the rest of the crowd. He pulled a good stroke and did not spare himself any, but progress was very slow, and it was not until they reached Gleason’s Bay that they noticed they had forgotten to pull in the anchor!



Word comes that Mr. Thomas Haley’s buildings, near Ferguson’s Falls, were struck by the great storm of Tuesday and consumed. The Hawthorne Factory in Carleton Place was nipped at the roof.


Burglars last Sunday night entered the residence of Mr. J. H. Spencer,  stole $33 from his pant’s pockets in his bedroom, and set fire to his woodshed.



Perth Remembered

Watson’s Corner’s News

The Ladies’ Aid of St. James will hold a social on July 5th.
Miss Ray Scott, of Fallbrook, spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Mr. James Fair is shipping a few loads of sheep and pigs this week.
Miss M. Reid, of McDonald’s Corners, spent Saturday and Sunday at

Rev. J. A. and Mrs. Leitch have gone to Renfrew for a couple of

Miss A. Fife, of McDonald’s Corners, spent a few days with friends in
our village.

Mr. Henry Barrie has gone to Lanark to undergo an operation on one
of his eyes.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Donaldson paid a visit to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Craig on
Saturday last.

The weather is warm though the nights continue cool. Quite a refreshing
shower fell on Thursday forenoon last.

Mrs. J. Borrowman and her sister, Miss A. Dick, of Drummond, paid a
visit to their sister, Mrs. Wm. McChesney, last week.

The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was dispensed in St. James church on
Sabbath last. The church was crowded. Rev. J. A. Leitch preached an
impressive sermon from 1 Peter 4:13.

A baptismal service was held at the home of Mr. Stephen Park on Friday
afternoon last, when Rev. J. A, Leitch baptized 21 children and
adults. Elders Barr and Paul were present, besides a number of the parents
and others, there being between forty and fifty at the service.

A school children’s picnic will be held at Dalhousie Lake on Wednesday
of this week. By the way, the lake is getting to be a popular resort,
and deservedly so. Its beautiful scenery cannot easily be surpassed.
Take a day or more and go to Dalhousie Lake to admire the beauties of
nature and be lifted nearer to nature’s God.



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