Social Note Shenanigans from the Almonte Gazette June 1899

Social Note Shenanigans from the Almonte Gazette June 1899


June 1899--Almonte Gazette

Bird Nesting-Some boys in town are in the habit of robbing and destroying birds’ nests. It shows a cruel and wanton spirit in anyone who is guilty of such an act. What is pleasanter in the early morning than to hear the joyful songs of the birds as they wake from their night’s repose and with glad notes welcome the returning dawn. Besides the pleasure they give they are also useful in destroying worms and insects which are liable to do much damage to products of farm and garden.

To protect them the law provides that a penalty of not more than $20 may be imposed for killing, catching or destroying the nests of any birds but the following: Eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, wild pigeons, black-birds, king-fishers, crows, jays, English sparrow and ravens. Boys will do well to bear this in mind or they may get into trouble.


Last Thursday evening, at the home of Mr. R. W . Travers, manager of the Bank of Montreal, that gentleman’s mother, who had been residing with him, picked up a new self cocking revolver which had recently been purchased, and while examining it accidentally touched the trigger, the ball from the discharged weapon entering her stomach.

The town physicians were at once summoned, and three Ottawa doctors were brought up on a fast special train, every possible effort being made to ward off a fatal termination, but death ensued within twenty four hours. The greatest sympathy is felt for Mr. Travers in connection with the sad affair. The deceased lady was 70 years of age. After a service at the house on Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Canon Low, D.D., the remains were taken to Hamilton for interment beside those of her husband, who died in Paris, France, five years ago. Mr. and Mrs- Travers and the former’s sister, Mrs. Allan, of Brockville, accompanied- the body to Hamilton.



Serious Runaway–While at Dominion Springs last week Mr. Wm. Thoburn was preparing to drive away when his horse bolted and he was struck by one of the shafts and thrown between the horse’s heels and the front wheel of the buggy. In this position he was dragged a short distance, and would have been very seriously hurt had not his coat been torn in such a way that he Was released. As it was he was so injured that he has been unable to walk much since and is still in a delicate condition—for him. Every spoke in the front wheels of his buggy was knocked out.  It was a very close call. Messrs. Thoburn and Jamieson were on a trip to see Mr. Geo. Carss, who, we are glad to learn, is much improved in health.


A t six o’clock on Monday evening those who had gathered at the station here were eyewitnesses of a thrilling occurrence. The two local trains cross here at that hour. Mrs. D, H. Davis was crossing the track to the station platform just as the train from the north was coming in. Keeping her eyes on the train while hurrying across, she stumbled and fell prostrate across the track. Her chin struck the rail next the station platform and she lay there between the rails, stunned, while the train was coming in at a fairly rapid rate.

Mr. Archie Greig was near at hand, and, taking in the situation at a glance, jumped to the rescue. Master Jack Illingworth helped him, and the two by a supreme effort managed to carry Mrs. Davis, half unconscious, on to the platform just in the nick of time, as the engine was but a few feet away when their dangerous task was accomplished. Mr. Greig was pale with excitement after the occurrence. He risked his life to save another, and he was successful, and deserves high praise for his prompt action. Mrs. Davis was quite ill for a time after the accident, and has her arm in a sling as one result of the bruises she  received, but is thankful she escaped; so well.


auldkirkpic1905.jpg Auld Kirk at Almonte, Ontario, Canada, in 1905

Mr. James Wilson says the old ivy clad church that stands in the eighth line cemetery, Ramsay, was the first stone building erected on this side of Brockville. It is now a splendid “ruin,” and is rapidly approaching a condition when the roof may fall in and the walls give way. There is a general feeling that the building should be preserved on account of its local historical associations, and several persons have offered subscriptions toward putting it in a better state of repair. We hope to see steps taken along this line. It would be a pity to see the old building which first sheltered worshippers in these parts—away back in the thirties— crumble to pieces when it could with little expense be preserved as a reminder.


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