Ray Paquette’s Memories- McNeely and the Mississippi Hotel and Doughnuts?

Ray Paquette’s Memories- McNeely and the Mississippi Hotel and Doughnuts?



I have posted these on the LCGS Facebook pages and do not want to lose them…

Ray Paquette’s Carleton Place Moment..-In the right corner of the advertisement for Howard McNeely’s Barber Shop, it mentions E. McNeely, Assistant. I wonder if that is Earl McNeely who later or perhaps prior to worked barbering with Howard Little and lived on Munro Street west of Rochester? As well, how many people remember Ned Root’s Shoe Repair beside the driveway for Stanzel’s Taxi?


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Ray Paquette on Wondrous! The Woodcock Bakery

What about the doughnut machine that could be viewed through the front window. It methodically churned out simple, unadorned fresh doughnuts that would melt in your mouth. My personal favourite though were the jam filled pastries. Woodcock’s was the last stop on my paper route and I rarely left the store empty handed!!!


Linda Gallipeau-Johnston– Ned Root – oh yes – not only did we go there for shoe repair but he was just a door away on our street – Bob and Bill Root, the sons – Bob became a Minister and I have one of Bill’s DVD’s(singer).

Dale Costello-– Howard gave me many a haircut, and Ned Root performed magic on my shoes. Who remembers Mae Mulvey, Charlie Jay, Ruby McPherson at the Roxy, Kelly at the Chinese Laundry,Giffins restaurant next to the Roxy, E D Robertsons, Okilmans, Argue Hardware, and many more.

Linda Gallipeau-Johnston- Dale, I remember it all – free silverware on weekend nights at the Roxy – getting candy from Santa with the school – sitting waiting for your turn to go up onto the stage at the Roxy. I also I have a memory of a double deck bus(red) tour when I was about 4 – 1950 or 51? – it loaded at the corner of the town hall but we missed it. No one I know remembers this – Dale?? – anyone??

Allan Wing –George Eades at Eades Hardware, does anyone remember how to remember how to spell GEOGRAPHY . . . George Eades Old Goat Ran A Pig Home Yesterday

Dale Costello Remember going into Allens Shoe sore. If you spent more than $10 for a pair, you were getting expensive footware. And Abe Levine place, sold him lots of old newspapers, with rocks in the bottom to raise the weight. Bad Bad.



April 26 2017– Memories of Ray Paquette
“The Mississippi Hotel was part of my paper route as well. What I remember on entering the lobby of the hotel was the number of stuffed birds and animals that adorned the walls. Frankly, as a 12 year old, I found it a bit “spooky”!”


Blaine Cornell— I also remember the birds being in glass display cabinets. These may be the same displays that ended up in the waterworks building in riverside park. Where are they now?
Linda Gallipeau-Johnston- I so remember how dark it was at the front entrance – probably not so bad for those days – had to have been 50 or 51 – just a little kid but that memory sticks with me.

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