From Chocolate to Lofts- Memories of Patterkrisp Candy?


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Photo- Almonte Gazette April 8 1940

It began with this ad I found in the Almonte Gazette for The Superior Restaurant advertising Patterkrisp candy which I had never heard of before.





Historicist: Butterfly With Chocolate Wings–Click here for many more Patterson Candy Co. ads–BY


The Patterson Candy Co. Limited was a Canadian company established in 1888 that sold a range of candy, and they were advertised as a manufacturer of high-grade chocolate and candy.  But it was their crispy crunchy triangles coated with rich dark chocolate-called Patterkrisps that was their top seller. The chocolate factory was located at the corner of Queen Street and Massey Street in Toronto.




As competition increased, companies attempted to come out with new chocolate candy bars to stay ahead of the competition. The Patterson Chocolate Company of Toronto at one time had such bars as COO-COO-Noodle, the Wildfire chocolate bar, the Patricia chocolate bar – rich cream centre and walnuts. Circa 1930, there was a cookbook produced that advertised and recommended recipes for their “Moonlight Mellos” marshmallow product.

What happened to the company? Once home to the Patterson Chocolate Factory, the building was repurposed in 2005. *The Chocolate Co Lofts are now a popular Queen West conversion in Toronto.

So who has tried Patterkrisps or has a story about them? Let me know in the comment section so I can add to the story.




An employee was surrounded by sample jars of candy made by Paterson and Son Ltd.–Brantford Expositor





Clipped from The Brandon Sun02 Oct 1974, WedPage 3




Clipped from The Ottawa Journal07 Dec 1950, ThuPage 15





Clipped from The Winnipeg Tribune08 Nov 1928, ThuPage 10





*The Chocolate Co Lofts are a popular Queen West conversion. Once home to the Patterson Chocolate Factory, it was repurposed in 2005. Click here to read more..




In Toronto, The Patterson Candy Co. Limited was established in 1888, and the Cowan Co in 1890. Confectionery production greatly increased in Canada in the early 1900s with the establishment of several major producers, including William Neilson Ltd in Toronto in 1908, Willard’s Chocolates Ltd, Toronto, 1914, and Fry-Cadbury Ltd, Montréal, 1920. Walter M. Lowney Co of Montréal and Walter Baker Co of Canada, Toronto, also became established during this period. In these formative years the industry was concentrated in Eastern Canada, a situation that prevails today, although in Western Canada a number of smaller manufacturers emerged during this period and new companies are still appearing.


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Culinary Landmarks: A Bibliography of Canadian Cookbooks, 1825-1949

By Elizabeth Driver


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recipe from Chronically Vintage


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