The Names of the Exempt of Lanark County- WW1

The Names of the Exempt of Lanark County- WW1


Canadian War Museum Photo

I cried and felt my heart turn over when I read this list..Exempted until they cease to be employed as farmers or textile workers producing war items. But to have to go to a tribunal to plead your case:(  May we never have another war again.

War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children.

JIMMY CARTER, Nobel Lecture, December 10, 2002

From the Exemption Tribunal

Lanark Village—Exemptions Refused:

Thomas Majaury, Lanark

Carl Thompson, Lanark Township

John Molyneaux, Lanark, RR#4

John R. Ashby, Fallbrook

George M. Sommerville, Middleville

David G. Sommerville, Middleville

John J. Walters, Lanark, RR#1

Melville L. Woods, Lanark

John Rankin, Hopetown

Lanark Village—Temporary Exemptions—Exempted until they cease to be employed as farmers:

Joseph H. Moulton, Lanark

Archie W. Taylor, Middleville

Wesley R. Playfair, Drummond

Wilbert E. Skillington(?), Lanark

George A. Molyneaux

Norman F. Darou, Fallbrook

William H. Poultnery, Drummond

  1. McLaren, Drummond

Robert J. Ashby, Fallbrook

Harold McLean Blair, Drummond

James Vincent Doyle, Lanark Township

John Ross Skiffington

John Earle Manson, Middleville

Wilfred J. Barr, RR#2, Lanark

William Fair, Watson’s Corners

Joseph Lloyd Erwin, Fallbrook

Joseph V. Badour, Ferguson’s Falls

Robert Carl Cameron, Fallbrook

George Ray Taylor, RR#4, Lanark

Wilfred McLaren, Drummond

Archibald Davidson, Drummond

Edward T. Shiffington, Dalhousie

  1. Scott, Watson’s Corner

Gilbert F. Closs, RR#3, Lanark

James T. Hickey, Lanark

Thomas J. Carberry, RR#1, Lanark

Robert Legary, Lanark


photo-Canadian War Museum

James S. Somerville, Middleville exempted until he ceased to be employed as a cheesemaker

Arthur Ferguson, Lanark, exempted until he ceases to be employed as a textile spinner, producing war material

Exemptions and the following reasons:

George B. Jamieson, Lanark, E

  1. James Yuill, Hopetown, E

Michael James O’Donnell, Lanark, blind

Fred J. Darou, Lanark, C3

William R. Foster, E

Arthur M. Blackburn, Middleville, B2

Russell E. Borrowman, Lanark, C1

Lloyd R. Bolton, Innisville, E

William J. Foster, Lanark, E

William Cross, Lanark, E

William H. McFarlane, Lanrk, E

James C. Dodds, Middleville, C1

Rutherford McIlquham, Drummond, C3

Matthew McCardy, Lanark, B2

Ralph Affleck, Lanark township, E

Hugh Stead(?), Lanark, B2

Charles Stewart, Lanark township, C1

Robert Stewart, Lanark township, C1

Lawrence H. Flemming, Fallbrook, C3

John Legard, Lanark, B2

Robert W. Graham, Lanark, E

John W. McQuatt, Lanark, #4, C1

William G. Sommerville, Middleville, illness and infirmity

Robert J. Burns, Lanark, not within set(?)

Alfred Luteman, B2

Ralph Affleck, Lanark township, B2

Charlie Affleck, Lanark township, B2

Daniel C. James, Lanark township, C1

Thomas J. Stewart, Lanark township, E

Terence J. Gray, Ferguson’s Falls, B2

Exemption Tribunal McDonald’s Corners:

Exemptions Refused:

David L. Gemmell, McDonald’s Corners

John W. DeQuitteville, Manion

James T. Love, Elphin

John A. McLellan, McDonald’s Corners

Daniel Ferguson, Elphin

Jas. Machan, Watson’s Corners

Exemptions Granted:

Dr. Haggard

James McCulloch(?)

Nelson Fair

Earle E. Gemmell

Vincent Hall

Albert E. McDonald

James Harper

Robert J. Ferguson

(below group all of McDonald’s Corners)

Paul Griffin

Russell Fair

Howard McInnis

James Legary

James D. McBain(?)(or M. Bain?)

Albert E. Closs

James G. Dungau(?) or Dungan(?)

James D. Sergeant

Febian Garreau

Fred Jackson

Allan J. Watt

Arthur J. Wilson

James Warrington

Wilfred J. Closs

Benjamin F. Avery

(below group all of Watson’s Corners):

Charlie Park

Melville R. Jackson

Allie M. Craig

Morton Storie

Thomas J. Easton

Donald R. McInnes

Robert Raymond Paul

Pollack McDougall

Arthur J. Crosbie

William L. Conroy

Alfred J. Horn

Clayton Storie

Stanley Jackson—My father Stanley Jackson (Watson’s Corners) is on the list for “granted an exemption” but did enlist in Nov 1917. He spoke of returning from training in Ottawa so he could help on the farm on weekends and return to training on Monday-Alice Gilchrist

Calvin L. Caldwell

Albert L. Horn

Andrew G. Fair

Thomas D. Scott

  1. Russell McDougall

Walter R. Forbes

(below listed all of Elphin):

Russell Ferguson

Gladson Linton

Roy Ferguson (or Ray)

Robert J. Balfour

James McVean

  1. Haddon Wilson

Alexander Love

Adam Geddes

David Nosbot

William E. Geddes

John W. McVean

(below all of Manion):

Guy Leonard

Thomas J. Mahon

Ralph M. Miller

(below both of Fallbrook):

James E. Cameron

  1. Mervyn Cameron

Roy Fournier, Snow Road

John Scott, Dalhousie Lake

Henry B. Chaplin and Howard Roberts, under age, not within the act


William B. Donald, McDonald’s Corners, case transferred to Lanark

Fred L. McInnes, McDonald’s Corners

Melville G. Rodgers, Watson’s Corners

Lawrence V. Close, McDonald’s Corners, ordered to be medically examined

Howard McDougall, Elphin

John E. Millar, Elphin

Walter N. Griffin, Manion

James Park, Watson’s Corners, ordered to be medically examined

Tribunal Lavant Station:

Exemptions Refused:

Willie Burns, Marble Bluff

Gilbert White, Poland

Samuel Sproule, Lavant Station

Robert H. Percy, Lavant

Exemptions Granted:

(below all of Caldwell’s Mills):

Thomas Ferguson

William Moffat

Alive Ferguson

Archibald Gray

Albert Duncan

R.M. Desjardine

Donald Cameron

Robert Deachman

Earl Closs, Flower Station

William E. Allan

John F. Richardson

Alexander Virgin, Lavant Station

Edward Kelly(?), Lavant Station

John Majaury, Lavant Station

Charles Virgin, White

(below all of Poland):

Hugh W. McKenzie

D.A. McIntosh

Clement J. Paul

William J. White

Milton Paul

Herbert R. Hart

William J. Lorimer

William O. Percy

Mellville Reid, Lavant

John H. Reid, Lavant

Harold Robertson, Lavant

John Burns, Marble Bluff

William G. Craig, Brightside

W.W. McDougall, Brightside

Melville Larocque, Brightside

Louis Ranger, Green Mountain

Victor R. Currie, Lammermore

Decisions Deferred:

William Prosky, Folger Station

Milner Reid, Lavant

Robert Stewart

James W. Hart, Poland

A.W. Jacob

John Thomas, Lavant

  1. A. Roach, Wilbur

Perth Exemption Tribunal

The Perth Exemption Tribunal has concluded its duties on all scheduled names to come before it.  The final list in addition to those published heretofore is as follows:


Laurence Consitt

Daniel Horan

Dawson Kerr

Lawrence Cavers

George J. Bennett

James C. Publow

Ernest V. Cooper

John E. McLaren

Basil Walsh

Joseph Mahon

John J. MacMillan

Michael J. Conway

Gilbert R. Phillips

Orville Publow

Richard Warren Shaw

Robert Publow

Thomas Truelove

From Two to Ten Months Exemptions:

Mowat Cullen

William E. Stewart

William E. McGregor

James E. Doyle

Wilbert R. Tysick

William J. Noonan

Edmund J. Tovey

James Malcolm Barrie

Thomas E. Moore

John McShane

Leslie A. Stewart

Earl Doyle

Leo F. Thompson

George W. Armstrong

Simon L. Manion

George A. Gallipeau

Michael P. McParlan

Linus L. Leaver

Albert McViety

William Smith

Frank Conway

William Drennan

James Stewart

George E. Tovey

Allowed While Specially Employed:

Nelson I. Meredith

William E. McGregor

George Matthews

Andrew Ray McLean

B,C,D,E Categories:

Michael Collins, E

Russell E. Morris, E

John L. Emerson, C1

Peter Herbert Cuthbertson, B2

Creighton Orser, E

Fred Free, E

Thomas F. Wilson, C1

Edward Furlong, E

John J. Manion, B2

Allan MacMartin, C3

Ambrose Conlon, B2

John Lloyd Noonan, B2

Melville Allan, E

Clark McLaren, E

Scott Andrew Mather, B2

John D. Hogan, E

Harold J. Coutts, E

Roy E. Keays, B2

Herb Noonan, C3

David M. Hart, B2

William p. Lee, E

Robert C. Young, E

William J. Nixon, C3

Robert William Tysick, E

Edward Ferguson, B2

Harry Joseph McCann, B2

Edward E. Waddell, E

Herman Buchanan, B3

Michael Manion, E

Neil McGlade, E

John R. Spaulding, B2

Lorne M. Quigley, E

William H. Rankin, B2

James Ross Watson, B2

Fred Hanna, B2

Walter C. Cameron, B2

Roy Cavanaugh, C1

Oswald R. Mengies, E

Arthur Finlay, E

James Arthur Steele, C3

James W. Hone, C1

Ira Churchill, B2

John Bernard Hanlon, C1

William R. Hogan, C3

John Lawrence Horan, E

Harold Ferguson, C3

Clifford Wilson, E

Wilfred Publow, E

William James Dickson, E

Anthony Rupert Mackler, E

Elle Karnkowsky, E

James M. Noonan, B2

Ira Ferguson, E

Joseph Simon Collins, E

Percy Fenwick, E

Archibald McLaren, E

William Burke, E

Michael O’Neil, D

Lloyd Walker, E

William C. Cheaters(?), E

Thomas T. Tovey, E



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  1. My father Stanley Jackson (Watson’s Corners) is on the list for “granted an exemption” but did enlist in Nov 1917. He spoke of returning from training in Ottawa so he could help on the farm on weekends and return to training on Monday.

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