Names of the Wounded and Dead of Lanark County 1917

Names of the Wounded and Dead of Lanark County 1917



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Perth Courier, November 23, 1917

Perth’s Honor Roll

“We were walking on dead soldiers … I saw poor fellows trying to bandage their wounds… bombs, heavy shells were falling all over them … it is the worst sight that a man ever wants to see.” — Canadian soldier Frank Maheux


1.)        Pte. Ronald Gamble, killed in action.  Much sympathy is felt in town for Mr. and Mrs. James Gamble in the death of their son Ronald Gamble who was on Monday officially reported killed in action between the 3rd and 4th November.  Evidently it was his first time to go in to the trenches as in one of his last letters he said his unit was on the march and that he would write again when he reached the front lines.  In one of his last letters he said “we have been traveling around the country and have seen some lovely scenery.  There is so much dust here as it has done nothing but rain this week and we are over the boot tops in mud where ever we go.  We will likely be meeting our friends across the way in a few days.”  Ronald enlisted with the 240th Battalion on the 10th September, 1916 and left Canada for overseas with this unit on the 25th April, 1917.  He went to France this past September and thus was there but a brief period before he was added to that long list of Canadians who have their last resting place in France.  He was but 18 years of age and a very fine young man. Before enlisting at Perth he was employed in the printing and box making department of the Henry K. Wampole Co.   (transcriber’s note, a letter from this company was not transcribed.)

2.)        Pte. George Leggatt Killed in Action

Mr. and Mrs. James Leggatt of town are mourning the loss of their eldest son George Leggatt, aged 20, who has given his life on the fields of Flanders.  The telegram conveying this sad news was to the effect that he was killed in action between the 3rd and 4th November.  He went overseas with the 240th Battalion in May last and to France with a draft for the 21st Battalion only last September.  He was but a short time in France and it was perhaps his first time in the trenches.  Before enlisting he was employed in the Caldwell Company at Appleton.  The last word received from him was in a letter written to Rev. D’Arcy Clayton which was written on the 1stNovember in France in which he stated he was well.  He leaves to mourn his loss his parents, three brothers, albert and James at home and Gordon at Belleville and four sisters, Bessie, Millie, Francis and Helen at home.

3.)        Pte Bruce Hope Dies of Wounds

Word was received here on Saturday of the death in a hospital in France on the 3rd November of Pte. W. Bruce Hope, only son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hope of Edson, Alberta and formerly of Perth, from wounds received a short time previous.  The deceased was about 20 years of age and went overseas with an Edmonton battalion.  Peter Hope is an uncle of the deceased.

4.)        Pte. Craig Greer Dies While a Prisoner Of War

On Monday, 12th November, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Greer of Maberly were notified by the Record Office at Ottawa of the death of their son Craig while a prisoner of war in Germany.  He was a military policeman in Perth while the battalion was recruiting.  He went to England with the 130th Battalion and to France with a draft of the 76th.  After the Vimy Ridge engagement on the 9th April, he was reported missing and later a prisoner of war.  Shortly afterwards his parents were notified of his removal from Limberg to Dummen at which place he stated they were allowed to write two letters a month and a card every Sunday.  His parents received a letter early in June stating that he was in a run down condition in health and was in need of money.  About the same time a letter to Mrs. (Rev) Coles of Maberly (then deceased) was written saying he was not getting enough to eat.  In his last letter home dated 13th July, he made no mention of his physical condition but wished to be remembered to all and further stated that he knew but one sergeant in the place.  Possessed of a humorous and genial disposition Crag was a favorite with all in his community.  His brother George died in France of pneumonia on the 6th October and another brother James is training at Witley Camp in Surrey, England.

5.)        Lance Corporal George Cordick Dies of Wounds—Mrs. Robert Cordick of town received a telegram Monday conveying the sad information that her son had died of wounds on 8th November in #3 Casualty Clearing Station in France.  They consisted of a gunshot wound in the head and chest.  He was twice wounded.  The first time was in August of 1916 and he was in England following this until May of this year when he returned to France where he has been up to the time of his death.  Before enlisting he had been living in Halleybury(?) for six years and was 26 years of age.  He enlisted with the Canadian Grenadier Guards in April of 1915 going overseas shortly afterwards.  In the last letter received from him dated 31st Oct., he states that he was well.  Those left to mourn his loss are his mother, the five brothers Samuel, Richard, William and Robert at home and James of Saskatchewan and five sisters Myrtle to home, Mrs. Bionee(?) Bionce(?) of Perth, Mrs. R.P. Donnelly of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Mrs. James McParlan and Mrs. S.P. White of Stanleyville.

6.)        Pte. Elmer Boles—In the list of those who have fallen in France this week is the name of Pte. Elmer Boles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boles of Fallbrook and formerly of Maberly.  He enlisted with the 130thBattalion and had been a year in France.  He is survived by his parents and two brothers one in France and one in Winnipeg and three sisters, Mrs. Thomas Ferguson of Manion, Mrs. Benjamin Avery of Fallbrook and Mrs. Ferguson of Vancouver.

7.)        Pte. James Wilson—photo accompanies article—The telegram wires are constantly carrying messages of sorrow these days and no more regretful message was received in Perth this week than that arriving on Wednesday stating that Pte. James Clyde Wilson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson, had fallen in action in France.  He enlisted in November of 1915 with the 130th Battalion going overseas this year.  He fell on the 7th November and had been one yaer in France, attaining his 20th birthday in July last.  In the last letter from Clyde received by Mrs. Wilson, he was expecting to take part in a big advance; this was received on Wednesday.  Clyde attended the public schools here and was attending the Perth Collegiate Institute when he enlisted.  He was in the headquarters office of the battalion while recruiting was going on.  He was a manly young fellow whose death is deeply regretted by all.  Three brothers, Herb, Tom and Creighton, are overseas.


1.)        By telegram relatives in Canada were informed of the wounding of Pte. Fred Lappin of the Princess Patricias.  He was admitted to the 1st Western General Hospital in Liverpool on the 4th November with a gunshot wound in the collarbone.  He was slightly wounded before in the hand.

2.)        Mr. John McKay of town received a telegram on Tuesday with the information that his son Corp. John Allen McKay of the medical service had been admitted to the #149 Field Ambulance on the 10th November with a gunshot wound in the shoulder.

3.)        Peter Kantlakon(?) of Perth received notice on Friday from the Record Office in Ottawa that his brother Pte. James Kantlakon(?) of Smith’s Falls is officially reported admitted to the 6th Field Ambulance Depot on the 6th November with a gunshot wound in the hand.

4.)        Peter Stafford of Lanark received word that his son Pte. Harry Stafford, infantry, had been admitted to the #6 Field Ambulance Depot on the 6th November with a gunshot wound in the thigh and legs.

5.)        Mrs. Arthur Turner of Appleton received word a week ago of the wounding of her brother Lance Corporal William Service who was shot through the hand.  This is the third time the young man has been wounded.  He enlisted with the 8th Montreal Rifles in Ottawa in January of 1915 and spent two years in France.

6.)        James Palmer of Perth received word that Pte. Arnold Warner, infantry, was admitted to the #1 Field Ambulance Depot on the 6th November with gunshot wounds in the left shoulder, leg and back.  He went overseas with the 130th Battalion Band making his home before he enlisted with Mrs. James Palmer.

7.)        News was received by Mr. A.F. Craig of Brightside on Monday that his nephew Corp. C.C. Craig had been wounded though not seriously.  His is a son of Alfred Craig, formerly of Watson’s Corners but now of Wetaskiwin(?), Alberta.

8.)        George C. Fredenburg of Westport was officially notified that his son Sgt. Wilfred Fredenburg had been wounded by gunshot in the side and left arm on the 7th November.

9.)        A telegram was received by George Shire of the Delta station that Pte. Harold Shire had been admitted to the 1st Eastern General Hospital at Cambridge on the 14th November as dangerously ill.

10.)      Lt. William Hope was wounded and gassed—photo accompanies notation

Lt. William Hope, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hope of town was this week reported wounded and gassed but exact particulars have not been received although cabled for.

District Casualties:

1.)        Mrs. Ella Halford of Balfour, Manitoba who is at present visiting with Mrs. A. Lashley of Watson’s Corners was informed on Tuesday that her eldest son Pte. John Thomas Halford, infantry, had been killed in action between the 26th and 28th October.

2.)        On October 30th, Pte. Arthur Templeton of the Princess Patricias, youngest son of Robert and Mary Templeton of Belleville had been killed in action in Flanders, aged 23.

District Wounded:

1.)        Pte. Robert E. Gilbert of Appleton

2.)        Pte. G.E. Malone of Almonte

3.)        Pte. H. Keill, Sharbot Lake

4.)        Pte. Herbert Patterson, Christie’s Lake

5.)        Pte. S.A. Minnsfield, Smith’s Falls

6.)        Pte. A. L. McNab, Merrickville

7.)        Pte. E. L. Boulton, Smith’s Falls

8.)        Pte. F. Moorhouse, Renfrew

9.)        Pte. R.S. Shields, Smith’s Falls

10.)      Pte. W. Wilson, Cobden

11.)      Pte. Herbert Davidson, Beachburg

12.)      Pte. S.(?) L. Perry, Franktown

13.)      Pte. W. P. Meagher, Smith’s Falls

14.)      Capt. Demming T. McCann of Westport

15.)      Pte. A.T. Burgess of Pakenham

16.)      Pte. C.L. Watt of Merrickville

17.)      Pte. Charles Hogan of Merrickville

Died of Wounds:

1.)        Pte. H. McVeigh, Sharbot Lake

2.)        Pte. E. B. Galbraith, Yorker (Yarker?), Ontario

3.)        Pte. E. W. Gemmell, Galbraith, Ontario


1.)        Pte. Edgar W. Burgess, Pakenham

2.)        Pte. John Hill, Carleton Place

3.)        Pte. Alexander McNaughton, Cobden

4.)        Pte. W. P. Banks, Smith’s Falls

5.)        Pte. Allan Thrasher, Forrester’s Falls

6.)        Pte. Russell Riddell, Clarendon

7.)        Lance Corp. R.E. McPherson, Oso Station

8.)        Pte. William Eroy(?), Almonte

Further Casualties:

The following additional casualties are of young men from this district:

1.)        #410771, Pte. C.N. Henophy, Cardinal, killed in action

2.)        #639280, Pte. Charles A. Hurlburt, Kemptville, killed in action

3.)        #204240 Pte. Morvin(?) Miskelly(?), Merrickville, killed in action

4.)        #639417 Acting Lance Corporal C. Watts, Cardinal, killed in action

5.)        #639946(?) Pte. F. Barton, Spencerville, wounded

6.)        #650175 Pte. C. Hogan(?), Merrickville, wounded

7.)        #745093 Corporal W. Jones, Prescott, wounded

8.)        #639821 Pte. L. W. Todd, Cardinal, wounded

Mr. and Mrs. Neil McCallum were informed by telegram on Monday of the wounding of their son Fred by gunshot in the face and left arm.  He was admitted to the #3 Australian Casualty Clearing Station on 17thNovember.  No further particulars have been received but it is thought he was assisting with the wounded when injured.  He has been in France upwards of a year and a half going overseas with the 52nd Battalion of Calgary.


Killed in Action:

  1. Pte. Joseph M. Seeley who for several years made his home with John Kerr, town clerk, has been reported killed in action. His parents are residing at Beamsville.  While at Perth he attended the separate school, Perth Collegiate Institute and later the Federal Business College.  From Perth he went to Hamilton and enlisted early in the war with an infantry unit.  After training for some time in England, he was taken ill and spent several months in the hospital.  After coming out of the hospital his unit had been drafted elsewhere; he was drafted to a Highland unit before going to France.  He was 20 years of age and is well known in Perth, a brother Arthur is with the Royal Flying Corps and his eldest brother Charles is also overseas.
  2. Pte. G. A. Tennant, only son of Mrs. F.J. Tennant, Toronto, and nephew of Mrs. J. Lestor, 10th Line Lanark, where he was well known, is reported killed in action.
  3. Stanton Hudson, son of Daniel Hudson of Burritt’s Rapids and formerly of Perth is this week reported killed in action.


  1. Pte. C.C. Forrest, Lombardy, next of kin Miss Jeannie Forrest, Lombardy.
  2. James A. Smith—A telegram came to Perth this week directed to Thomas Lannin of Christie’s Lake, stating that Pte. James A. Smith, infantry, #225404 was admitted to the #9 Field Ambulance on the 17thNovember, with gunshot wounds and a skull fractured.

Presumed To Have Died:

  1. Pte. T. J. Irvine of Perth is reported on Monday’s casualty list.

Killed in Action:

  1. Pte. John English Douglas
  2. Pte. D. Morrow, Renfrew
  3. Pte. T. R. Hendry, Renfrew
  4. Pte. T.W. Lett, Eganville
  5. Pte. C.L. Portes, Renfrew
  6. Cpl. N.R. Mc:Phail, Carleton Place


Pte. Percival Moore, Carleton Place


  1. Pte. D.L. Fitzgerald, Renfrew
  2. Pte. W. J. Harrasin(?), Pembroke

Died of Wounds:

  1. Pte. Herbert Dowdall, Carleton Place

2.)        Pte. J. T. Wilson, Pembroke


  1. Pte. A. Conits, Rideau Ferry
  2. Pte. H. Rouselle, Renfrew
  3. Pte. C. McCreary, Smith’s Falls
  4. Pte. F. L. Cahill, Smith’s Falls
  5. Pte. D. Watkins, Ardoch
  6. Pte. Elijah Thompson, Harlowe
  7. Pte. Christie Halladay, Smith’s Falls
  8. Pte. T. J. Charboneau, Westport
  9. Pte. Cochrane Clayton
  10. Pte. H. M. Main, Renfrew

Pte. Edgar McKarracher in a letter received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McKerracher, Fallbrook, states that he was along with Clyde Wilson of Perth and Elmer Bales of Falls when they fell in action.  Edgar also says that after this battle he and Dr. Scott’s son of Lanark were practically for four days without any food but at last reached a farm house where they obtained food.


Posted: 11 February, 2005-Christine M. Spencer of Northwestern University, Evanston, Il., USA.


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  1. Linda you might want to check out the story behind one of your listings in tis report and that is Craig Greer Yes he was reported missing only to show up at his home unexpectedly in Maberly and there was quite the story behind this man. We have a memorial display on the wall in the Mabely Town Hall . In and around the Village He became know as the man of the walking dead 9as some folks called him) We all though it sure was a miracle and the story goes that his wife absolutely passed out cold when he just walked into the kitchen that day! I grew up with his son Harold and his wife was known to us as Auntie Florence, just a beautiful person!


  2. Linda I believe my Grandfather was wounded but I don’t see him here. His name was Levi Mantle from Smiths Falls. He was wounded November 3, 1917.


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