More Notes about the Mysterious Arklan Farm


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Arklan Farm from Public Archives

Along with Dr. Howard and a few other personalities in Carleton Place- Arklan Farm is on my bucket list of finding out interesting tidbits. Here is some more things I found today.



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Ottawa Journal June 1 1889

Through the years George Burgess had bought bits of pieces of land until he accumulated over 200 acres and began what he called: “an industrial or model farm of his own called Arklan”. In June of 1889  Mr. Burgess was noted in the Ottawa Journal for his stock of Jersey Cows and every October he would have an auction for jersey cattle and the folks would come for miles.

On Arklan Island he had  a sawmill where he cut all the lumber for building and fencing. Burgess also had a stable with some thirty head of cattle of very choice stock. He was also a horse enthusiast and along with Carleton Place’s very own Dr. Preston had an interest in  the “colt stake” and Arklan was also home to Dr. Preston’s trotters and thoroughbreds.  It was said there was no finer group of horse flesh than right in Carleton Place. He  told the journal he was surrounding his farm with wire fence and planting both maple and elm trees.



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October 1900- Note: Arklan Farm is only ten minutes walk from town.:) Ottawa Journal




Ottawa Journal January 1910


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In 1912 he tried to sell Arklan Farm with J. T. Devlin as the auctioneer.

“The sale at Arklan on Monday gave astonishment to Mr. Burgess—it exceeded his calculations, the crowd was the biggest at any sale in years– tramp tramp a tramp, the farmers are marching all morning. At noon the multitude was served refreshments bearing the genuine Burgess signet, which is the seal of supremacy. Mr. Devlin rang up his voice at 10 am and did not stop until 5 pm.

The Arklan Farm nor the Doherty farm did not get a bidder, but the Hillside domain went over to Mr. C. F. Burgess. All the minor stuff advertised was sold at good prices, a vast quantity of machinery, harness, wagons, etc., cattle, and so on— with a sense of relief going wave like over the soul of the owner as he saw the encumbrances moving off in glad hands. Burgess still had enough equipment to make the Arklan and Doherty farms earn their living in good shape”.  April 12 1912



Almonte Gazette 1921

In 1921 Mr. G. Arthur Burgess announced a big sale of stock and implements at Arklan Farm on the 5th October.




April 29 1927 –Almonte Gazette

Several piles of lumber caught fire at the Arklan Saw Mill, about a half mile from Carleton Place. The origin is unknown and it had gained considerable headway before it was noticed.  The local fire brigade was called and with the water supply on Arklan the fire was soon under control- Mr. E.M. Baker Proprietor of the Arklan Mill is covered by insurance.

A very interesting wedding took place on Monday evening at 8.30 at the Arklan Farm, when Miss Sadie Foster MacDougall, only , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John MacDougall, was united in the bonds of holy matrimony to Mr. Frederick Nelson MeNeely, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex S, MeNeely, of the 7 th Line, Beckwith--ALMONTE, ONTARIO, FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 1924 –Almonte Gazette


Arklan refers to the vicinity immediately east of Carleton Place, ON and includes an island. This island was formerly utilized as a water power site and was first called Bailey’s Mills, then Bredin’s Mills and later Arklan Mills.

Land in this area was purchased by A. C. Burgess and his brother, G. A. Burgess (who was the mayor of Carleton Place in 1903 and 1921). The name Arklan was given to this property by G. A.

G. A. Burgess also started a dairy around this time but since there was already a Lanark Dairy in existence, Mr. Burgess called his enterprise – Arklan Dairy (the last three letters of LANARK placed at the front!). This little twist of fate solved Mr. Burgess’ problem back then and at the same time created a much sought after milk bottle for modern day collectors.

Dairy bottles especially ones with colourful silk screening on them continue to be popular with collectors although their container cousins: earthen stoneware and redware today rule the roost in terms of highly sought after objects.

Thanks to DM for bringing this example of a very interesting piece of Ottawa Valley history to our recent Club meeting.


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