Arthur Burgess Closes Carleton Place C.P.R. Restaurant



ARTHUR BURGESS SOLD RESTAURANTS– Owned Ten C. P. R. Restaurants but Will Now Look After Other Interests

January 1920-Almonte Gazette

Mr. G. Arthur Burgess, according to the Carleton Place Herald, has sold his restaurants and will devote his time to other interests. Since his boyhood Mr. Burgess has been associated with the C.P.R. restaurants, beginning first with the Canada Central, his brothers: John, Robert and Cecil, being alternately the lessees.


13932921_10154370638432086_1197264381487784655_n (1).jpg

1901-Carleton Place Train Station– Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum actually has two photographs taken during the Royal Visit.

He succeeded them and extended the system until he owned and controlled ten different restaurants at many divisional points. He has disposed of his furnishings and equipment and goodwill to the company, the  compensation being arranged by mutual agreement.



Newspaper —Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum — 


The new train station was built in Carleton Place in 1921. Did he know that change was coming and decided to close the C.P.R. restaurant before things changed?  Or, had he already decided that he was going to run for *mayor again and win in 1922? According to long time resident Marjorie Whyte, the station burned down. She remembered the horse drawn fire engines rushing to the fire.

I guess we will never know as one could never ever figure out what his next move was– and *he listened to no one.


 *Arthur Burgess was Mayor of Carleton Place in 1903 and in 1922.

December 10-1920-Mr. G. Arthur Burgess has installed a bit of celestial architecture in his Thompson Block— a window brought across from the church in Almonte which he recently purchased.— Central Canadian

Perth Courier, Feb. 1, 1889

Golden Wedding—On Tuesday a large company of friends assembled at Mr. and Mrs. James Halliday of this town to celebrate their golden wedding.  On the 29th day of January, 1839 Mr. Halliday was united in marriage to Miss Jessie Allan, daughter of the late Francis Allan and sister of James Allan of this town, all then lived on the Scotch Line.  All their children we believe are yet living and number eight.  Of these, seven attended the golden wedding celebration, namely William, James and Matthew, all of Cheasley, Ontario; Mrs. Arthur Burgess; Mrs. Somerville, Carleton Place; Mrs. Donlan and Miss Jennie Halliday of Perth. Mrs. Halliday’s mother, Mrs. Fraser, an aged lady of 91 years, was there and had one of her great-grandchildren, forming at either end four generations.  A number of presents and keepsakes to commemorate the day and event were handed to the golden wedded pair and a pleasant time was spent until the 51st year had taken place of the 50th


*George Arthur Burgess, mayor of Carleton Place in 1903 and 1921, and at times a stormy petrel in municipal affairs, installed a small hydro electric plant at Arklan in 1909 and for about a year supplied a part of the town’s power for electric lighting purposes, leasing his installations in 1912 to the town’s other supplier of electric power.


13692583_10154134474771886_5994409125990508417_n (1).jpg

Newspaper —Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum 

img (5).jpg

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal, 18 May 1940, SatPage 14

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