Life in Elgin 1887

E LG I N. — County Leeds, Township South Crosby
Heritage Tour of Elgin
Business Directory 1887

Mail tri-weekly. 

Wesleyan — Dayman, Rev. A. 
Episcopal Methodist — Took, Rev. James. 
Brickmaker — Merriman, Amasa. 
Cabinetmaker — Earl, James. 
Carriagemaker — Halladay, Benjamin. 
General Store : 

Freeman, William. 

Laisbley, H., and insurance agent. 

"Agnes Davenport, Elgin" is written on the back.
Photo by Murray & Son, Brockville.-Photo Charles Dobie collection

Saddlers : 

Kelsey, Salis. 

Pennock, Philemon. 
Shoemaker — Ketchum, Joseph. 
Smithery and Forge : 

Hunter, Eyra. 

Seeds, Samuel. 
Tannery : 

Tombs, Blaine. 

Woolie, J. W. 


Elgin United Church- Photo from Historic

77, Main Street

Village of Elgin, Ontario


Perth Courier, July 23, 1897

The McEathron family were old residents of Perth prior to 1850.  Then they went west and settled in Illinois.  Stephen H. McEathron, one of the younger members then but now well advanced in age, has been a steady subscriber to the Courier ever since leaving and though not knowing it, our readers have quite often read and enjoyed his reminiscences of the times fifty and sixty years ago.  Mr. McEathron has not thought himself too old to “Go West” again and we observe in the Lena (Illinois) Star that he has taken 1,000 acres of the choicest lands in South Dakota and started a ranch there.  The Star further says in regard to his coming and staying in the town of Lena:  “When S.H. McEathron and wife leave this city on Tuesday there will have passed from here two of our pioneer citizens and the last of the pioneer firm of McEathron Brothers.  S.H. came here in 1850 when Lena was a hamlet and now in his old age, accompanied by his good wife, he leaves for the west where he will superintend a cattle ranch of 1,000 acres.  The history of the McEathrons is the history of Lena.  Alexander McEathron, Sr., came here from Canada in 1849 accompanied by his wife and part of his family.  The following year, Stephen, Alexander and Mary Ann started for this country.  The father started to Chicago to meet his children but was taken sick at Elgin.  The children not meeting him in Chicago started for Lena by stage.  At Elgin, Stephen got out to make some purchases and discovered his father sick unto death.  He died in a few hours and his remains were brought here  and buried.  Stephen then 20 years old, returned to Canada and settled up the estate.  Two years later, the three brothers, Stephen, James and Alexander, started in the mercantile business.  They remained in business until 1869.  Soon after Alexander was claimed by consumption and James went to Omaha, Nebraska where he is still in business.  The rest of the family are:  John in Milwaukee and Malcolm and Mary Ann who are sleeping in the city of the dead

Perth Courier, May 26, 1899

After a protracted illness from lung trouble, Michael Dwyer, brother of Dr. A.W.P. Dwyer, died at his farm home near Elgin, Leeds County, 46. His body was buried in the Phillipsville Cemetery.

Perth Courier, October 6, 1876

Graham—Died, in Elgin Village, Smith’s Falls, on the 27th inst., Mrs. Graham, wife of the late Mr. William Graham, in the 65th year of her age.

Perth Courier, November 5, 1897

Dwyre—Died, at Elgin, Leeds County, on Thursday, Oct. 28, Catherine Kelly Dwyre, widow of the late Andrew Dwyre, aged 78 years and 9 months.

Elsewhere in the same paper:

On Thursday of last week Mrs. Andrew Dwyre, mother of Dr. Dwyre of this town, passed away at the venerable age of 78 years.  Deceased was born in County Wexford, Ireland in 1819 and with eight brothers and sisters and her parents, came to Canada in 1823, settling near Elgin in Leeds County.  Her husband died in 1881(?).  Deceased lived on the same farm to where she moved when married, for 60 years.

Perth Courier, July 4, 1919

A very enjoyable event was participated in by a number of the friends of the family of Mr. and Mrs. John Hazlett, Nowboro, when on June 16, they celebrated their Golden Wedding.  They were entertained at the home of their daughter Mrs. Nelson Matice on the banks of the Rideau Lake in a beautiful spot for such a gathering.  John Hazlett and his bride Miss Fannie Johnson were united in marriage on June 16, 1869 at Elgin by rev. David Savage, assisted by Rev. “Duddy?” Howard, both old warriors of the early days.  The union was blessed by two sons and two daughters all of whom live to enjoy the anniversary:  William Hazlett of Rochester, N.Y.; Morton Hazlett, who is in uniform in Uncle Sam’s army; Mrs. Deering of Watertown, N.Y. and her family; and Mrs. Nelson Matice of Newboro.  A gathering of 20 or more friends of the honored couple were present including the bridesmaid of the marriage of fifty years ago.  A splendid dinner was served under the trees amidst oceans of flowers, after which Rev. G.D. Bradford spoke a few words of congratulations to the couple.  John Hazlett is an honored member of the community and has been for many years the efficient librarian for the Methodist Sunday School and still retains his place among the youth of the community.  The couple received many suitable and appropriate gifts for the occasion

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