What’s Happening at Christie Lake June 23, 1899



Perth Remembered—The Inn was the original family farm house. It was renovated into a hotel by Tom Marks after retirement, and named after his daughter Arlie. Their official summer residence was the Red Cedar Villa at Christie Lake. Family members probably stayed at the farm house as well.


Perth Courier, June 23, 1899


Christie’s Lake:  Well, Mr. Editor, with your permission I will enter my sanctum and give you a rough account of what is going on at the lake.  R.W. and Joe Marks, May A. BellMrs. R. W. Marks and Master Georgie of Marks’ Brothers Co., #2, are enjoying a three month vacation at the lake.  They are reorganizing their company in September, either at Perth or Ogdensburg, N.Y. and will tour the western states next season, playing the large towns and cities.

Rev. Father O’Brien’s picnic at Elliott on Saturday was well patronized.  They report a good time.  His Reverence must have ordered the day as it was nice.  Mack, Ernie and Joe Marks took in the picnic at Joe Davis’ grove, Oso, given by Rev. Mr. Smith (Anglican), Sharbot Lake. Ho, for a bicycle!! What can compare to a bicycle rum from Perth to Christie’s Lake on a fine day and then cool off with a stroll over the green hills or a stretch under a nice, shady tree; or better still, a pull on the lake.  But oh! What an appetite!

Won’t you relish one of Mrs. Anderson’s wholesome dinners.  Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Marks are enjoying their beautiful cottage, Red Cedar Villa and will give an “at home” in the near future.  Ed Williamson, the genial clerk of the Hicks House and Mrs. Ed Williamson and family have rented Nicholas Andison’s beautiful little cottage on Fern Cliff and are enjoying a two week outing.


Perth Remembered–ARLIEDALE INN, CHRISTIE LAKE–This building was the original family farm house of the famous Marks Brothers of Christie Lake. When one of the brothers, Tom retired from the theatre he returned to Christie Lake and renovated the farm house into a hotel and named it Arliedale Inn, after his daughter Arlie.


The sailing canoe “Marvel” purchased by Joe Marks at Peterboro is a beauty and skims over the lake like a swan.  Messrs. Drummond and Farrell of Perth, called at the upper end of the lake on Sunday.

The Christie’s Lake House is in for a big run this season.  Numerous applications have come in for room and board.   Mr. Anderson, owing to an increase in patronage, is obliged to erect another building with six spacious sleeping apartments.  On the top of this building there will be a deck or look out with a rail on which hammocks will be swung and easy chairs for the comfort of the guests.

Mrs. S. Hart and family, Toronto, have applied for rooms again this season.  Mrs. Mendels, Perth, with friends from Montreal, will be among the guests.  H.M. Shaw, merchant, Perth, has arranged for a party of ten and numerous others are looking for accommodations.  The parties who broke into Mrs. Drummond’s cottage, Ruby Island, and helped themselves to working utensils, etc., should have been thoughtful enough to return them to the cottage and not leave them lying around the island.  Mrs. Drummond would be very much obliged if they would return the hatchet.

Fred Hicks will be a patron of the lake this summer. We hear that Fred is going to build a cottage on his island.  Several of the young ladies drove to the Christie’s Lake House Saturday evening after Father O’Brien’s picnic and enjoyed a nice social hop in Anderson’s dancing hall.

Joe Marks has selected a building lot on the little bay opposite Red Cedar Villa, commanding a splendid view of the lake.  Joe calls I the “Bachelor’s Retreat” and will be erecting a cottage on it shortly.  Fishing is good on the lake at present.

John R. Patterson joined the great majority on Friday, June 9 after a year’s sickness.  The funeral was held here on Sunday, June 11.  His remains were interred in White’s Church cemetery.  Mr. Dickson, Sharbot Lake, performed the last rites.  Well, Mr. Editor, as soon as the corn gets advanced enough to attract the coons we will write you to come out to join us in a good old time coon hunt.  At present we are obliged to forgo the luxury.  June 19, 1899 Rusticus.


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