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Photo–Maberly Sawmill:  —Photo by Harold Stiver

  • Pop. 77. In South Sherbrooke T., Lanark C. on Fall R. and Hwy 7 and C. Rd. 36, 24 km. SW of Perth.
  • The place was named Maberley in 1865 by post office department secretary William LeSueur after Col. Maberly of the general post office in England. In 1976 the spelling was corrected to Maberly.
  • Maberly used to be somewhat of a “Mayberry” in its time.  Once a thriving pioneer village of  sawmills, blacksmith’s shops, a couple of general stores, schools, local churches and a town hall (still in operation), and a local tavern–Maberly -That’s Realtive


Photos by Jennifer Fenwick Irwin

13048223_10154125203461241_56260169229427659_o (1).jpg

Photos by Jennifer Fenwick Irwin


Photos by Jennifer Fenwick Irwin


Photos by Jennifer Fenwick Irwin


Saw mill, grist and shingle mill established by Isaac Currie 1860 on the Fall River. Maberly. Photo: Library of Archives Canada 1870. From Perth Remembered


Interior of the mill at Maberly. Photo: Library of Archives Canada 1870.From Perth Remembered


Interior of the mill at Maberly. Photo: Library of Archives Canada 1870. From Perth Remembered


Photo by  gloria —Creation Date: 4/18/2010


Photo by  gloria —Creation Date: 4/18/2010


Photo by  gloria —Creation Date: 4/18/2010


Photo by Shensicle

Susan Fulford Who knew? My mother’s ancestors came from Sligo Ireland and settled in Maberly in 1831. The story goes that my 3x great grandfather sat down on a rock and cried when he saw the rocky land they had acquired. They were hard workers and made a go of it and thrived. I believe my 2x great grandfather lived to be 96. Their name was Buchanan. My mother who was born in Maberly lived to be 103.

Joann Voyce My grandfather was born behind a Big Rock in Maberly in 1878

Doug B. McCarten Joann Voyce behind a big rock?

Joann Voyce That is what he told my aunt. I assume there was a building behind the rock lol


 Tay Valley Township information

John McGregor (of Perth) Mills

In 1875, the Village of Maberly area, in the South Sherbrooke Ward, had several mills including this one, which was a sawmill and carding mill.

John Morrow Mills (Dube Mill)

Around 1875, located in the Village of Maberly Area in Lot 5, Concession 8, of the South Sherbrooke Ward on the Fall River, this site contained both a sawmill and a grist mill. It was located in the center of Maberly and was later known as Van Alstine Mill, and possibly also the Goldman Mill.

Messrs. Goldman Mill

In 1875, the Village of Maberly in the South Sherbrooke Ward area had several mills including this one, which was a leased saw mill and shingle mill. This mill may have also been known as the “Francis E. Blair Mill” for a period of time.

Perth Courier, Jan. 25, 1889

Maberly:  Mr. Harvey, our old miller has returned from Mass. and does not intend to go back.

Perth Courier, Feb. 8, 1889

Maberly News:  Mrs. Johnny Morrow has got a young son.

Perth Courier, Nov. 9, 1888

Maberly News:  Halloween passed off with a good many comical tricks played on several. One of our citizens sat up all night to watch his place.  While he was doing that, the boys tore down a sign to a building he was taking charge of and hung it upon an elm tree.  —  The Scott Act is very hot now.  Last week John Marrow was summoned to appear in Perth and was honorably discharged.  Henry Morrison also appeared to answer a charge of the same and was fined $50 and costs.  Mr. Morrison took the steamer for the old country.  Some of the Scott Act people hung fire last week and harsh words were used.  One person ordered another person out of his shop and followed him out to the road with a sledge hammer, calling him a nuisance to the town and worse than the Scott Act.  – Mr. Muler of Elphin is in our midst buying cattle.

Perth Courier, Feb. 22, 1889

Maberly News:  Mr. Miller here has been stricken with rheumatism for 21 years and is helpless.

Perth Courier, December 21, 1888

Maberly News:  Mr. Rigney took in and shipped a large quantity of turkeys and other fowl last week.  —  Thomas Strong had a turkey shoot on Thursday.  —  The Reeveship:  for this it is suggested that a change be made and the man most favorably held by most of our citizens is Robert Laidley, who is fully capable of executing the duties of the position in a becoming manner.  He is a gentleman of respect, honorable, with integrity and is a quiet citizen.  With all these qualities why should not the voting public go to the polls in a body and give Mr. Laidley an overwhelming majority.

Perth Courier, March 8, 1889

George Devlin, auctioneer, has the following sales ahead of him:

William Manders, Maberly, Tuesday, March 13, furniture and stock.

William Duffy near Maberly Station, Monday, 1st April, stock and implements and farm

Perth Courier, March 15, 1889

Maberly:  The weather of late has been very soft.  —  The roads are cut off and in a bad state.  —  Mr. Milliken lost a child from inflammation aged 2.  —  Mr. Moore has started the erection of the new bridge.  —  Boys home from the shanty.  —  Carrie Buchanan was married to Joseph Charlton about 50 were present at the wedding.  They go to Perth to reside.  —  On Friday night the vicious black dog belonging to Mr. Acheson the Reeve was called upon to try the realities of a new world.  —  Mr. Harvey has come to Lyndhurst.  —  Mr. William Burke, Oso, has cut his foot badly.  —  Mr. Seeley at Harlow who was cut badly by the circular saw, is coming along nicely.  —  A meeting is held here every two weeks.  —  A shoe maker is needed here.  —  The roads are full of pitch holes.  —

James Roy of Cloyne who was for many years Justice of the Peace and Reeve, died on the 4th aged 78; gravel was the cause, funeral largely attended, about fifty teams followed the remains to the last resting place, was sick only one day.  —  Mr. Campbell’s saw mill is doing a large business.  He is employing 15 teams to haul lumber to Arden.  —  Mr. Morgan is home from the shanty.  —  Mr. Thompson leaves soon for Michigan.  —  Dances are plenty here at present.  —  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fennell are visiting from Roblin.  —  John Pearson late of Manitoba leaves next week accompanied by Mr. Bott for New York.  —  John Vandwater’s residence was burned last Tuesday, house, furniture, potatoes, etc.  —  James Avery lost a cow last week.  —  Mr. Chaney has started a store near Arden.

Perth Courier, March 29, 1889

Maberly News:  Last week Charles Strong was injured by digging stones with a crowbar and a short time after he died.  He was buried on Tuesday.  —  Mary Sargent was married to Mr. McDonald of Robertsville.  —  Word has reached Kingston that Miss Beatty, a graduate of the Women’s Medical College of that city and a resident of Perth for some time, who some time ago went as a missionary to Indore, India, has been obliged through ill health to cease her labors.  Fears are expressed that she will have to return to Canada.

Perth Courier, April 19, 1889

Maberly News:  Mrs. John Morris is very sick.  —  Mr. William Moore has closed his store on account of sickness and is confined to his house with a severe cold.

a week later..

Maberly—Mr. William Moore has re-opened his store as his health has improved.  —  Mrs. Daniel Maxwell has a young son, and Daniel is happy.

Perth Courier, May 24, 1889

.Maberly—William Manders and family, who left here over a month ago to seek their fortune in Montana have returned loaded with wealth and honor in the springtime of their life.

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Mary Claire Salerno was an Orser

My grandparents wake Ford and Evelyn Orser lived in Maberly before moving into Perth late 60s I was a baby in 1966 and have pictures of their house in Maberly.

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About lindaseccaspina

Before she laid her fingers to a keyboard, Linda was a fashion designer, and then owned the eclectic store Flash Cadilac and Savannah Devilles in Ottawa on Rideau Street from 1976-1996. She also did clothing for various media and worked on “You Can’t do that on Television”. After writing for years about things that she cared about or pissed her off on American media she finally found her calling. She is a weekly columnist for the Sherbrooke Record and documents history every single day and has over 6500 blogs about Lanark County and Ottawa and an enormous weekly readership. Linda has published six books and is in her 4th year as a town councillor for Carleton Place. She believes in community and promoting business owners because she believes she can, so she does.

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  1. A most interesting article. My mother was born in Maberly and I spent a lot of summers there as a child on the family farm. Both my grandfather, William Munro and my uncle, Stuart Munro served on council there.


  2. my father bill Gordon has mentioned stuart munros name in the past when i was a young lad growing up in brooke my grand parents lived in maberly back then burns and s ussen Gordon

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  3. My grandparents wake Ford and Evelyn Orser lived in Maberly before moving into Perth late 60s I was a baby in 1966 and have pictures of their house in Maberly.


  4. We have purchased the home in which wake Ford owned at one time and we are renovating it. Would love to see any original pictures of it as it used to be called the doll house because it was so beautiful. Thanks to anyone who may have pics


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