Justice of the Peace 1864- Who Do You Know?



             *MR. JUSTICE JOHN WILSON-The Last Duel-Photo from Perth Remembered


Perth Courier, March 25, 1864

We lay before our readers a following list of magistrates recently applied for.  The addition thus made to the justices of the peace already accounted for renders the whole a formidable body:

Almonte:  John Scott, James Wylie, James Patterson, Matthew Anderson

Clayton:  James Coulter

Ramsay:  William Baird, John McCarton, John Houston

Pakenham:  James Ellis, William Snedden, Samuel Dickson, William McVicar, John Brown and David Ogilvie

Darling:  James Watt, Peter Guthrie, John Rintoul (or Ristoul)

Levant:  Archibald Browning, John Robertson

Beckwith:  John Stewart, 2nd Concession, James Conn, John Stewart, Ashton, John McEwan, 8th Concession, Adam Poole, John McKerracher, Thomas Alcock, Samuel Kerfoot, Dugall Ferguson, Ewen McEwen, John McEachon, Alexander Stewart, 8th concession

Perth:  George Dunnell (or Dunnett), John Hart, Jr., W.J. Morris, James Bell, Charles Rice, Robert Gemmill, Joseph M.O. Cromwell, Warren Botsford, Hugh Ryan, Alexander Kippen, Samuel Bothwell, John McPartland, Jr., William Fraser, William O’Brien, Thomas McCaffery, Jr., William McLeod, R. Matheson, Jr.

Bathurst:  John W. Adams, Robert Cummings, Edward Tovey, John Moderwell, William Doran, Neil McLaren, Michael Hogan, Alexander Dodds, John Manion, John G. Campbell

  1. Sherbrooke: John Mitchell, John Richey, John Carly (or Corly), John McGregor

North Burgess:  Michael Stanley, William Allan, William Drennan, Michael Kennedy

North Elmsley:  John Spalding, Thomas Nichol, Ebeneezer Bell, Abel Wright, Hamilton N. Sherwood, James Manion

Montague:  Peter Shield, John Livingston, James B. Andrews, David Loucks, John Shields, George McGrath, Robert Young, Joseph McCreary, John Wilson, James Wallace

Appleton:  Robert Teskey, Andrew Wilson, John Baird

Middleville:  Archibald Campbell, William Croft, James Rankin, Daniel Wilson

Hopetown:  Andrew Baird

Lanark Township:  J.W. Anderson, John McKay, James Mathie, William Aitkin, Alexander Stewart, Robert Robertson, Patrick Quinn, John Gillies, William Scott

Dalhousie:  Andrew McInnes, James Reed, Hugh McLean, William Purdon, John Donald, George Blair, Richard Sheridan, William Gibson, Allan Ferguson

Lanark Village:  William Robertson, Alexander G. Hall, Alexander Caldwell, James Mair, Jacob Gallanger, Adam Craig, Boyd Caldwell

  1. Sherbrooke: James Smith, Dugall McDougall

Pakenham Village:  Andrew Dickson, William Dickson, James S. Dunnett, Robert Brown, Daniel Hilliard, John Moir, John McG. Chambers, Richard Drescoll, Kennes (??—not Dennis) Branwick

Carleton Place—James Poole, Robert Grey

Drummond—John Ralston, James McIlquham, Jr., Robert Haley, Hugh McIntyre, William McGarry, John McKinnon, Jr., Robert Robertson, Angus McDonald, Peter McTavish

Smith’s Falls:  German M. Cossitt, Jason Gould, James Shields, Alexander Clarke, Daniel Tierney, James C. Foster




*An early pioneer lawyer, judge and politician of London, Ontario, John Wilson was born in Scotland, February 5, 1807, coming first to Perth, Ontario with his family about 1823. In his youth he fought a duel, killing a fellow law student but was acquitted on the charge of murder. After being called to the bar in 1835 he joined a law practice at Niagara and later set up his own practice in London. A reputedly active, robust and popular man who spoke his mind, he served in the militia in 1838, was Warden for the London District from 1842 to 1844 and became Solicitor for the City of London. He was later elected to the Provincial Legislature and achieved Queen’s Counsel in 1856. By 1863 he became a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas. Although he moved to Toronto, he kept his home in Westminster Township and died there on June 3, 1869.–Perth Remembered


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