If You Went Down the Forest Road–Abbott’s Corners



Marker that separates Quebec, Canada and the United States


Did you know that settlers used to make their way in the forest along where the road now leads from Abbott’s Corners to Richford, Vermont as early as 1798?

There really isn’t many early records to show who ‘cleared the first patch’– but Ebeneezer Clark was the first one noted who came up from New York in 1795 and took a small piece of land between Frelighsburg and Abbott’s Corners– which was later owned by Hagan heirs. A few year later he settled on a piece of land owned by Chauncey Abbott, and the rest is history. Mr. Scofield in his day owned as many as 30 dairy cattle and a dairy that rivalled anyone in the county.

Dr. Jonas Abbott came from Bennington, Vermont and settled on his grandson Chauncey’s land and later went to Kingston, Ontario and made a fortune as a druggist. Abbott later returned and retired in the area and Abbott’s Corners was named after Dr. Abbott.

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Here is an Abbott’s Corners Directory — 2 miles from Frelighsburg–http://mapcarta.com/24109322


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    Photo–Greig Morrison 


ABBOTT’S CORNER – From — Missisquoi Genealogy
A small post village, situated in the parish of St. Armand East. It is distant from Bedford, the chef-lieu of the county, 13 miles, Clarenceville 28, Dunham 7, Frelighsburg 2½, Pigeon Hill 8, Philipsburg 15½, Sweetsburg 14½ , St. Johns 42, and Farnham 22½  miles. Population about 100.

Abbott E. B., farmer
Abbott Mrs. Chauncy C., widow
Ano Joseph, laborer
Baptist church, rev. A. L. Arms, pastor (non-resident)
Bridge A. E., farmer
Broe John, blacksmith
Carpenter Mrs. Alice M., widow, postmistress
Carpenter Edwin, farmer
Chadburn George, farmer
Comstock H. S., farmer
Corse A., farmer
District School, No. 5, Miss Bessy P. Sweet, teacher
Dwyer Mrs. P., widow
Goodhue Peter, farmer
Hope Miss Harriet
Jenne Albert, laborer
Macey E. B., carpenter
Macey L. F., farmer
McDermott Michael, farmer
Methodist church (Canada), rev. James E. Richardson, superintendent, Frelighsburg Circuit, resides at Frelighsburg
Post office, Mrs. Alice M. Carpenter, postmistress
Powers Ernest, school teacher
Powers Joseph, shoemaker
Richardson rev. James E., superintendent, Frelighsburg Circuit, Canada Methodist church, resides at Frelighsburg
Rodgers Mrs. A., widow
Scofield Columbus, retired
Scofield Lewis D., farmer
Scotield Mrs. L. D., widow
Scofield P. A., school teacher
Smith H. H., carpenter
Smith M. A., school teacher
Sweet Miss Bessy P., teacher District School No. 5
Tracey Edgar S., carpenter
Tracey Harvey
Tracey Miss Ella, school teacher
Tracey Mrs A., widow
Whitman Mrs. M., widow Rodman
Whitman S. R., J.P., farmer
Woodard Henry, plasterer


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

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