Before Rooney’s Pool House There Was..



Mr. Shipman’s last residence, built in 1837, became the Almonte House Hotel.


January 6, 1911 Almonte Gazette

download.jpg   A team, of horses belonging to Mr. John Steele, Ramsay, were left standing on Union street last Saturday evening. For some reason they became frightened and ran away, no person being about at the time. The animals were not recovered until Sunday morning when they were found in a snow bank near the town park in the north end of the town, having been there all night. Luckily the horses suffered no bad effects from their outing.


downloadMr. G. S. Rosamond has twenty-live horses at his stables at the Almonte House.  Every animal is a magnificent specimen of horse flesh and they have been the cynosure of all eyes for the past fortnight

download Owing to the icy condition of the streets, a number of horses found the footing insecure. Tuesday evening one animal entertained quite a crowd near the post office, while vainly attempting to get on its feet

downloadMr. G. S. Rosamond has added a pacing mare to his stable. The animal, which arrived here Sunday from New Brunswick, has an excellent track record, and can travel a mile in a little over the two-minute mark.




Commercial Building owned by R.H. Pounder, containing Almonte House Hotel



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Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

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