Business Directory of Carleton Place 1866 and 1867- Any name you recognize?

Building the Findlay Plant-Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

From Fuller’s Directory for 1866 and 1867--CARLETON PLACE. 

A village situated in the Township of Beckwith, and County 
of Lanark. It is built on both banks of the Mississippi River, 
the scenery of which in the neighbourhood of this place is very 
fine. Carleton Place is the centre of a good agricultural district 
of country, and has a considerable trade in grain and flour ; it 
also possesses first-class water privileges. It is distant from 
Perth, the County Town, 21 miles, and from Brockville, 46 
miles. Population about 700. 

Beck, Mary, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, Bell st 
Bell, Robert, J. P. 

Bourke, Edward, cooper 



CARLETON PLACE HERALD, James Poole, editor and pro- 
prietor. Circulation, 2000 copies. Published every 
Wednesday morning, at the office, Bridge st, at $1.00 
per annum, in advance. 

Carleton Place Union Grammar and Common School, Bridge st, 
Harrison Mewburn, principal ; Samuel G, Cram, teacher, 
Senior department, Common School ; David McPherson, 
teacher, Junior department 
Clarke, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Bell st 
Cram, Samuel G., school teacher 

CRAMPTON, ROBERT, dealer in dry goods, groceries, pro- 
visions, boots, shoes, hardware, &c., Bridge st

Dunlop, James, carpenter 

FINDLAY, DAVID, manufacturer of all kinds of agricultural 
implements, coolers, stoves, High st. Castings of every 
description made to order on the shortest notice 
Flegg, William, baggage master, B. & O. railway 

Galvin, Patrick, tailor, Bell st 

Gilhuly, Richard, blacksmith and horse shoer, William st 
Gillis & McLaren, [John Gillis and Peter McLaren] saw mill 
proprietors, Bell st 

Gillis, John, [Gillis & McLaren] residence, township of Lanark 

Graham, John, waggon maker, Bridge st 

Gray, William, painter, William st 

Greig, James, flour and grist mill proprietor 

Halcroft, Lawrence, Rev., Baptist 
Hogg, John, cabinet maker 
Hurd, W. H., M.D., Bell st 

KELLY, WILLIAM, proprietor British hotel, Bridge st. cor. 
High. The travelling public will find this a good house 
to stop at, as it is centrally situated, and every attention is 
paid to the comfort of its guests. 

Kilpatrick, James, cooper, High st 

KITTS, JOHN B., saddler and harness maker, Bell st — 

Knox, William, general dealer, Bell st 

LAVALLEE, NAPOLEON, proprietor Carleton House, Bridge 

Lawford, Agnes, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, Bridge st 
Lesley, Jacob, cabinet maker, High st 

Lowe, George, station agent, B. & O. Railway; agent,. Canadian 
Express company 

ROBERT Lilliput  


Keeps constantly on hand, at the very lowest prices, a choice assort- 
ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, China and Glassware, 
Boots and Shoes, Ready-Made Clothing,  
 The highest cash price paid for Raw Furs, Wool, Grain, Butter, &c. 

Satinet?? Cannot find any record and it is not Matthews as he was only born in 1868  

Upholsterer and Undertaker, 

Furniture on hand, or made to order in any style, at low rates. Coffins 
furnished on the shortest notice. 


Harness maker 


Saddles and Harness of every description made to order, on the short- 
est notice, at the lowest prices, and in first-class style. 



96 College STREET; 

Masson, James, Rev., Wesleyan Metliodist 
McAllTHUR, ARCHIBALD, -dealer in dry goods, clothing, 
groceries, provisions, crockery, earthenware, boots, shoes, 
&c., Bridge st 

McLaren, Peter, [Gillis & McLaren] residence, township of 


McNeeley, Brice, tanner and currier, Bell st 

McNeeley, Nathaniel, blacksmith and horse shoer, Bridge st 

McPherson, David, school teacher 

McPherson, George, Sr., bailiff 3rd division court, Lanark and 

McPherson, George, Jr., waggon maker, Bell st 
McVean, J., M.D., C.M., Bell st 
Metcalf, Robert, proprietor Metcalf’s hotel, Bridge st 
Mewburn, Harrison, principal, Carleton .Place Union Grammar 
and Common School 

Moore, William II., boot and shoe maker, Bridge st 
Morris, E. Rev., Church of England 

Neelin & Edwards, general merchants, Bridge st 

PATTERSON, WILLIAM, cabinet and chair maker, upholster- 
er and undertaker — See Advertisement 
Pattie, William, carpenter, William st 
Peden, William, retired, William st 

PITTAR D, JOSEPH, wagon maker, High st. Wagons and 
other vehicles built to order in first-class style. Repairs 
of all kinds done on the shortest notice, at the most 
reasonable rates 

POOLE, JAMES, editor and proprietor, “ Carleton Place 
Herald,” and clerk, 3rd division court, Lanark and Ren- 
frew, Bridge st 

Preston, James A., Rev., Church of England 
Sinclair, Colin, tailor. Bridge st 

Struthers, Patrick, grocer, postmaster, and reeve of the township 
of Beckwith, Bell st, cor. Bridge 
Sumner, John 

Taylor, William, tinsmith, Bridge st 
Tooley, Michael, butcher, and tavern keeper, Bell st 
TUCKER, PATRICK, boot and shoe maker, Bridge st. Every 
description of work done in the above in the best and cheap- 
est manner 

Wilson, William, M.D., Bell st 

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  1. Robert Metcalf was married to my grandfather’s aunt Alice Hawkins. They are buried at St.James Anglican Cemetery, Carleton Place.

    Robert Ont CE 27 Innkeeper
    Alice Ont CE 33
    Henry Ont CE 9
    John Ont CE 5
    Mary Ont CE 3
    Margaret Ont CE 1


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