Ye Olde Tea and Concert 1888 in Perth- LCGS Annual Potluck




Perth Courier, Nov. 23, 1888

Ye Olde Time Tea and Concert—This unique entertainment long looked for by tender youth and those of riper age, came off as announced in the “Great Hall” of the town on the evening of Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, 13th inst.  It was got up by the members of St. Andrew’s Church Mission Band, their objective was to add to their ordinary funds so as to raise $150, the sum required to support one missionary for one season in the Rocky Mountain District of British Columbia.  This amount for this purpose, with the Mission Band, had been guaranteed the Presbytery.


The hall was packed to the door and it was estimated that 500 people had been in the building partaking of the old fashioned cakes, pumpkin pies, etc., and listening to the old time songs and recitations.  A good share of the space in the hall was taken up by 6 tables for the evening meal which lasted from 6:00 until about 8:00, the hostesses and the waiters being kept as active as the little busy bees attending to the relays of guests who thronged the hall and filled the tables as their turn came.  It is no light task feeding 500 people but there was no scarcity of food or drink and when the time came for the concert everybody was ready for it.


Not only had the meal been unique in itself but the costumes of the young ladies were equally so.  Their hair was powdered and their dresses got up to conform with the styles a century ago and many were distinctive in cut and material that would not have been strange to our great grand dames had they been there in the flesh to behold the living panorama of the long ago.  The scene altogether was very pleasing and the large gathering of guests were vastly pleased with the treats passed before their eyes or palate.  The concert at 8:00 comprised songs, glees, etc which were the favorites of the “Olde Folk” in the “Year One” and were sung by the young ladies in powdered hair and 1799 dresses to which was added in the case of one young lady, Miss E. Meighen, a regular “poke” hat and six gentlemen in white whigs and knee breaches.


LCGS Annual Potluck

A very old spinning wheel graced the stage and was operated by Miss Dobbie when singing the old favorite song “Auld Robin Gray”.  Miss Edie Drummond in grandma’s specs and cap, hair white as snow, sang “John Anderson, My Jo” and Miss Lizzie Walker rendered “Miss Barbara Ailan”.  Wee Alick Issett, frae glasen, gave three of four songs and recitations in the broad Scotch and was immensely popular with the audience and various ladies and gents contributed songs and duets, choruses, etc. till about half past 9:00.  Mr. H. Taylor’s “Scots Wlan Han” and “Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep”, bringing out his fine bass voice in its richest style was greatly appreciated by the audience.  Mr. W. J. Pink, mayor, presided and did his part well.  The gross proceeds were about $168 of which the mission band will clear about $130.


Claudia Smith– Author of Barns and Snowdrifts and Sleighbells


Perth Courier, Jan. 4, 1889

Municipal Matters

Mr. Pink retires from the Mayor’s Chair at the close of the present term with the reputation of having served the town to real advantage and having presided over its affairs during his two years stay with no mean share of fitness.  His administration has been characterized with a great deal of common sense and business capacity and as far as a single person could manage it, the town has been the better for his occupancy of the civic chair. There is no doubt a very large number of our very best citizens wished him to stand for a third term and witness as mayor the completion of the Canal extension begun during his term but after some hesitancy himself and unwillingness to launch into a contest which might evoke some bitterness he thought it better to retire and so the town loses for the present the advantage which his shrewdness and solid abilities lent it.  Henry Taylor, another retiring member of the civic board, will be an additional loss to the public administration of the town.  He has shown himself to be level headed and an efficient Councilor and had the best interests of the town in view, therefore ratepayers will look upon his retirement with surprise and regret.  Another good Councilor is lost in the refusal of John McCann to serve longer on the municipal board.  He was always a wide awake and zealous advocate of his ward’s interests and there were times when that section of the town in recent years needed a sturdy advocate.  We are glad that two of our ex-mayors, William Meighen and F.A. Hall have been elected to serve on the Council “on the floor of the House” this year.  Both gentlemen were wise and efficient Councilors in times past and they are none the worse for their lapse for a time into private life.


Mr. George Pink, manager of John Elliott and Son Agricultural Implement Manufacturing Co., London, was in town New Year’s Day staying with his brother W. J. Pink, mayor.

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