Glen Tay Social 1887 LCGS Potluck




LCGS Potluck

Perth Courier, December 24, 1897


Glen Tay Social

One of the greatest events of some time past and which was in the form of a “social” was held at the little “kirk” on the hill on Tuesday evening, Dec. 21.  The church was crowded to its utmost capacity to listen to the splendid program which was given mostly by the children.  To see such a crowded church in Glen Tay makes one’s heart leap for joy and as some people remarked it brought back very vividly the good old “socials” that used to be held when the woolen factory, the cheese factory, the saw mill, and the grist mill and the tanner were in full operation.  Rev. Mr. Currie of Perth occupied the chair and the choir consisted of some 25 trained children who acquainted themselves splendidly.  The chairman in his happy style made a short and appropriate address after which the choir sang “We Are Marching On”.

Miss Jennie Dodds then recited after which a duet was rendered by two little tots “Jesus Loves Me”.  This duet drew forth loud applause for to see the two little girls one of whom was only three and a half years old, was a real treat.  Master Bertie Menzies recited “Our Christmas”, a solo and chorus followed.  A recitation was given by little Ethel Imeson.  Master W. Collins then followed with a Temperance lecture.  Master Everett Adams recited “Great Men” and the choir sang “Soldier and  Pilgrim.”  Bessie Cuthbertson recited “While I am a Girl”.  Louise Rudsdale, a little tot of three and a half, sang a solo “When He Cometh” which delighted the whole and her sweet little voice being heard to great advantage.


LCGS Potluck


Albert Chaplin recited “Somebody Asked Me”.  Then followed one of the chief features of the program.  Tea, sandwiches, fancy cakes and lots of good things were handed round to the evident enjoyment of all.  After the repast, order was at once restored and James M. Barber recited in great style “Prohibition”, which was exceptionally well rendered, he has a fine voice, well adapted to speaking and if he were to study elocution he would excel as a speaker.  Misses Lean Dodds and Mean Hossie gave a duet “Little Eva” and Laura Jackson recited “The Way That Harrison Does” and a dialogue and chorus followed.  Willie Hossie recited “The Minister’s Wife” which took the audience by storm.  A dialogue was given by Misses Laura Jackson, Jennie Dodds and Maude Wrathall.  The choir sang “God is Love”; James Chaplin gave a recitation and the choir gave another chorus “There’s A Friend For the Little Children”.  Master Ernest Dobbs recited “The Boy Of It” which was well rendered.

The closing chorus “Come To The Saviour” was well rendered by the choir and after the singing of the Doxology the meeting terminated.  It is rumored that some of the older ones may, in the near future, get up one of their old time socials and if they do, there is no doubt but that the church would be crowded as was the case on Tuesday evening.  Great credit is given to the ladies of the village who helped to make this such a success.  The affair realized over $26.00 which goes to the library fund of the Glen Tay Sunday School.


LCGS Potluck


Perth Courier, December 29, 1899.

The prisoners of the Perth gaol enjoyed a royal banquet on  Christmas thanks to the kindness of several of our townspeople.  Sheriff Thompson contributed a fine turkey; Mrs. Young of the Albion Hotel gave a large roast of beef; roast pork came from Messrs. G. & G. Findlay and a nice currant loaf from Mr. W.A. McLaren’s bakery.  Rev. Mr. Muckleston made many contributions for the old ladies in the gaol.

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