Remembering E.P. Clement from Almonte—By Susan Elliott Topping



Great Grandparents– Grandma Clement,Gr. Grandpa Clement Photo from Susan Elliott Topping

Susan Elliott Topping sent me a story the other day and I just wanted to share this. If any of you have some information you would like to share with the world — please send them to me on Facebook or email

Hello Linda,

I love reading your posts about Almonte and it’s rich history. I grew up there and it will always be home. My Great Grandfather E.P. Clement was a great part of Almonte. I can still see him in his three piece suit and cane (which we think was just for effect) strolling downtown to pick up the paper. I know he also backed some businesses to help them get started.


School Class picture 1942 – St. Mary’s, Almonte, Ontario.

Vincent Morrow’s and Margaret Morrow’s surname should be “Moreau”.

The manger scene  at St. Mary’s church  every Christmas was built by him many, many years ago. Mr. Finner, who lived nearby and a couple other helped him take it to the church when it was finished. It was built in the Finner’s garage. The bells you hear ringing from the same church were donated by my Great Grandfather. My Mom says every time she hears them, she thinks of Great Grandpa.


L-R Front Row-Marie, Gr. Grandma Clement,Gr. Grandpa Clement,Beatrice,Edna–Back Row-Pat, Frank (Cheese-my Grandpa),Della,Trixie,Vi and Orville.–Photo from Susan Elliott Topping

He also did a lot of work on the old St. Mary’s School.   His home was actually the first jail in Almonte, where he and my Great Grandmother raised raised their large family! There are two of their children left now. Theresa (Trixie) Robillard, and Vi Larose, who is turning 102 years young in November!! Whenever I had to do a project on Almonte in school I would head to Grandpa’s and my Great Uncle, Fred LaRose’s houses, because I think between them, they knew just about all there was to know about Almonte!

Thank you Susan– I really appreciated you sending this. Keep them coming!!


The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
28 Oct 1975, Tue  •  Page 31

Remember November the 5th–


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