Alternate Ending to The Last Duel?


At 6 am on June 13th, 1833 both Lyon and Wilson went to the clearing now known as The Last Duel Park in Perth, Ontario. There the duel was fought standing sixty feet apart with Robert Lyon ending up the clear loser after the second attempt. His lifeless body was carried back to the Radenhurst house.

Wilson was shut away in the Perth jail for three months until his case could be heard in the courts of Brockville. He acted as his own lawyer, and his passionate defence resulted in his acquittal. Wilson made the jury see how desperate and lonely he was to commit such a crime of passion.

Robert Lyon on the other hand was buried in the Last Duel Cemetery, where his tombstone still stands today. John Wilson, the winner of the duel, eventually married Elizabeth Hughes, but alas, it was not a happy union–Would You Duel Anything For Love?

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An Alternate Ending to The Last Duel- Pure Fiction– by Linda Seccaspina

What can I say– I had a few moments LOL

After the duel Elizabeth Hughes married John Wilson at midnight. Those that viewed the ceremony watched the prisoner and his bride clasp their hands tightly through the bars of his cell.  Each night Elizabeth would sneak up to the walls of the jail under the cover of darkness, clambering on to her uncle’s shoulders  reaching out to her sweetheart inside. There was never any more mention of Robert Lyon, who some swore could still hear the whispers of his tears and his heart still breaking for young Elizabeth.

The bride persisted in kissing and crying over the groom’s hand through that small window reported the Perth Courier in 1883– until her brother reminded her that she weighed 135lbs, and soon she would cry herself to her own death.

And so Elizabeth Hughes was now the wife of  John Wilson, the man accused of attempting to kill his rival for her affections. The duo believed that Robert would not be accused of killing the unfortunate victim since the others had fled after the duel. Elizabeth was now the only witness to the whole event. By marrying, she wouldn’t be able to testify against her husband in court.



The town constable in Perth, got wind of the secret wedding ceremony. He was so disgusted at being outwitted, he took to his bed where he remained in a coma until his death. John Wilson was released and The Perth Courier reported that Wilson’s former fiance Joanna Lees brought up a challenge to the now Mrs. Wilson. Lees said that young Elizabeth had stolen her finance and a  duel must be fought between the two of them in the same field that Robert lost his life. By this time Elizabeth was less enamoured with her husband and told Ms. Lees that there would be no duel, as now her marriage in life was like a duel in the midst of a battle.

The End



Would You Duel Anything For Love?

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