She’s a Lady— Whoaaa Whoaaa Whoaaa




Perth Courier, June 29, 1860

Read the Almonte Gazette here

The Almonte Examiner is the title of a new paper started in the village of Almonte.  It is under the management of Thomas Leckie.  It is very creditably got up, is conducted with ability and is devoted to the cause of Reform and progress generally.  As a disseminator of Liberal principles in the Ottawa section of the country we wish them every success. We publish with interest today the article:

What is a Lady?

A lady must possess perfect refinement and intelligence.  She must be a Christian, mild, gentle and charitable, unostentatious and doing good by stealth.  She must be deaf to scandal and gossip.  Her high sense of honor will forbid her prying into her husband’s secrets, searching stealthily his portmanteau and pockets and breaking open his desk drawers.


She must not disdain a kindly nod of recognition to her servants, seamstress, dress maker, butcher, baker or any other employee she may chance to meet.  She must possess discrimination, know of human nature and tact sufficient to avoid offending one’s weak points, steering wide of all subjects which may be disagreeable to any one present.  She must keep the Golden Rule uppermost in her mind.  She must look upon personal cleanliness and freshness of attire as next to godliness.  Her dress must be in accord with her means, never dressy or flashy but if possible composed of the best material.  Abhorring everything soiled or faded finery or mock jewellery, her pure mind and clear conscience will cause the foot of time to pass as lightly over the smooth brows as if she stepped on flowers and as she moves with quiet grace, and dignity all will accord her instinctively the title of lady.




To Wives:

The first inquiry of a woman after marriage should be:  how shall I continue the love I have inspired?  How shall I preserve that heart I have won?

  1. Endeavour to make your husband’s habitation pleasing and delightful to him.  Let it be a place to him where his heart may always turn from the calamities of life.
  2. Invariably adorn yourself with delicacy and modesty.  These, to a man, are attractions the most highly captivating.
  3. Cultivate and exhibit the greatest care and constancy, cheerfulness and humour.  A gloomy, dissolute manner is chilly and repulsive to his feelings.  He will be apt to seek elsewhere for those smiles and that cheerfulness which he finds not in his own house.
  4. Particularly shun what the world calls in ridicule “curtain lectures”.  When you shut your door at night endeavour to shut at the same moment all discord and contention.
  5. Be careful never to join in a jest and laugh at your husband.  Conceal his faults and speak only of his merits.
  6. Few things please a man more than seeing his wife notable and clever in the management of her household.
  7. Let him be your empire—your world.  Let it be the stage on which the varied characters of wife, mother and mistress where you strive to shine.


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