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I posted this photo sent to me by Darlene Page on the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page and it got many comments wherever I posted it. Darlene has been doing a lot of research for many years on her family tree and a family member had sent her this photo. As they say around here: “everyone is related to everyone in Carleton Place and the surrounding area” and sometimes I think that is true.


The picture was sent to Darlene from her cousin Kerri-Ann Doe O’Rourke. Her and I worked on it together , and that it hangs in her home


The photo was done in metal–there were a lot of photos done in metal around 1870 until the late 1880’s when a carnival use to come to the local towns in the fall. It is actually called a tintype and it was patented in 1856, tintypes were seen as an improvement upon unstable, paper daguerreotypes and fragile, glass ambrotypes. In contrast, tintype photographs were exposed on a sheet of thin iron coated with collodion, which required less time to expose than albumen, but was still inconvenient inasmuch as the photograph had to be taken with the wet material on the plate.

Darlene had the Carleton Place Library help her out with dating the photo a few years ago and they are 99% sure that this man is Andrew Waugh, father of Samuel Waugh.  This makes sense due to the family word of mouth history of who it was, and the age of the man in the photo. Andrew Waugh died in 1884 form TB.

Perth Courier, April 11, 1884

Waugh—Died, at Carleton Place on the 6th inst., of consumption, Andrew Waugh, aged 25 (?) 35 (?)


download (10).jpg 

Elizabeth Cram and Andrew Waugh were married on Wednesday, March 23, 1870 in Almonte, Ontario. and she died a year earlier than him from TB also.

Vol 4, pg 264 – Andrew WAUGH, 21, Canada, Innisville, s/o Alex & Jane, married Elizabeth CRAW(Cram), 19, Canada, Beckwith, d/o Peter & Ellen, witn: Robert McFARLANE of Ramsay, 23 March 1870 at Almonte. (R McFarlane-Born-9 Aug 1849 Clayton, Ramsay, Lanark, Ontario, Canada—Died 10 Apr 1889)

Name–Andrew Waugh
Event Type–Marriage
Event Date–23 Mar 1870
Event Place–Almonte, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Birth Year (Estimated)1849
Father’s Name–Alex Waugh
Mother’s Name–Jane Waugh
Spouse’s Name–Elizabeth Cram
Spouse’s Gender–Female
Spouse’s Age–19
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated)1851
Spouse’s Father’s Name–Peter Cram
Spouse’s Mother’s Name–Ellen Cram

Darlene also thinks also there was an article in one of the past Carleton Place Herald newspapers about “an Andrew Waugh” working in a local pub and a barrel getting blown up. He either lost his hand, or it was burned badly. The Waugh’s were living out near Innisville  she thinks  at the time before they moved to Carleton Place with his parents Alexander and Jane Waugh.

She also thinks there may have been a family farm out in Drummond. but  she hasn’t a clue where to find that info—if she could find that—a lot of questions would be answered!

Then there was information about Andrew’s son, Samuel, who married Nellie (Ellen) Martin–both of Carleton Place.

download (11).png

The Perth Courier Marriage 28 Dec 1894

At St John’s manse, Almonte, December 5, by Rev A E Mitchell, Mr Samuel C Waugh to Miss Nellie Martin, both of Carleton Place.

Name–Samuel C Waugh

Event Type–Marriage
Event Date–05 Dec 1894
Event Place-Almonte, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Birth Year (Estimated)1873
Father’s Name–Andrew Waugh
Mother’s Name–Elizabeth Cram
Spouse’s Name–Nellie (Ellen) Martin
Spouse’s Gender–Female
Spouse’s –Age21
Spouse’s Birth Year (Estimated)1873
Spouse’s Father’s Name–Daniel Martin
Spouse’s Mother’s NaCatherine Callihan

006493-94 (Lanark Co) Samuel C. WAUGH, 21, stove mounter, Carleton Place, Carleton Place s/o Andrew WAUGH & Elizabeth CRAM married Nellie MARTIN, 21, Pakenham, Carleton Place d/o Daniel MARTIN & Catherine CALLIHAN wtn: Robert DRYNAN & William MITCHELL, 5 December 1894 at Almonte.



Darlene has actually found out that the whole family  is buried out behind St.John’s Anglican Church towards Innisville.

“As it turns out, with a lot of research…..  Alexander, Jane, their daughter Louisa, their sons Andrew, Samuel, William,  Andrew’s wife Elizabeth Cram and  William wife Jane Longman and a infant believed to be that of Andrew’s and Elizabeth’s  are all buried in a family plot at St John Anglican Church. They are all unmarked, this info was gathered by many news papers articles giving clues, a accidental digging in the 80’s by the church and the stories that many family members new about that was passed on to me. There may be more buried in the plot we will never know about but now we have found the first Waugh members of Innisville and Carleton Place Ontario.–Darlene Page

As with a percentage in other cemeteries they are buried there without markers or being written down in church records.  She found this out only by the newspaper in Andrew Waugh’s Mother’s announcement. Like they say–“you are never done in genealogy!”

About Darlene Page-

She is a descendent of Peter and Janet Kay. Their son Peter was her great, great, great grandfather. She can only tell you that they were living in Carleton Place, and that their son John was the original owner of United Cemetery–back then it was called the Cram cemetery. Peter, Janet Kay, and all of their children, and their children’s children are all buried there.  She visits their grave often and places flowers for most of them. You can view pictures of their gravestones on-line if you check here.



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    • Eric– I just got a reply… Kerri Ann Doe O’Rourke My grandmother was Jean Waugh. We haven’t come across anyone from Bruce yet, but it is certainly possible! I’ve heard the name used in the Toronto area as well. We have a Waugh family history FB page set up. We could explore that some more if the person making the inquiry wants to join us there! here is the link–


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