I Now have Part of Joey Cram — In Memory of Sandy Baird





I got an email from Sandy Baird the other day offering me the late Carleton Place resident’s Joey Cram’s trunk. I can’t possibly tell you what that did to me emotionally. It’s one thing to write about people– but it’s another to own something that once belonged to that person. I have been different all my life- that is no secret– so finding out about one of Carleton Place’s originals sent me to the newspaper archives.

A few months ago I talked to Dot Smith and she remembered a few things about Annie Joey Cram. Dot said she was petite and quite flamboyant and had never married. I had kind of figured out on my own that she was quite unique, and that was why Joey Cram initially intrigued me. Dot also said no one would know just by looking at her what a great voice she had. It wasn’t just a  great voice- when she appeared at different functions around the area- the local social columns were abuzz.

When I sing animals throughout Lanark County shriek and howl– so the only thing that I had similar to Joey was her testiness and style. I was told by my doctor once that 10% of the world’s population has AB Positive blood and it’s where I get my “oddness” from. Funny, I never thought I was odd!  Joey Cram probably didn’t either.

Family secrets can sometimes be hidden for decades and Sandy told me that Joey was also an artist and many of her pictures hung on the wall in the small home on Lake Ave West. When the house was sold and they were finally removed faded spaces remained on the walls. So was there art in the trunk? Everyone always believes trunks are always filled with unlimited possibilities.

No, there was just some of Joey’s old doilys that she had left in there and Sandy graciously gave those to me too. Joey and her brother Fred never married, so there are no children to carry on the tales of Annie Joey Cram. Sandy Baird had a few stories, and I will keep on digging, as no one should ever be forgotten.

Meanwhile the trunk is in the old nursery of my home, and after I pass I have instructed that Joey Cram’s trunk go to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum. For now it’s here to inspire me to write more about Joey– because the both of us are what’s called limited editions.


Thank you Sandy!


Sandy Baird passed away September 1 2018.. I will miss her


Matt Baird shared a photo to Sandy Baird’s timeline.

It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to our mom and nana today. We love you mom/nana you will be dearly missed and forever in our hearts.


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  1. Hi LInda: Isn’t Annie Joey Cram the same lady that had a store in CP? Her store was cluttered and her cash register was an old cigar box. I used to shop there all the time for yarn as she had a wonderful selection. I don’t remember what else she had in that cluttered store but she was such fun to talk too. Please let me know if I have the right Joey Cram – I don’t think there could have been two like her.
    Karen Julian
    Formerly of CP now in Straffordville ON


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