Come all my dear companions and listen to my song–Songs of Clayton




Grace Church, located in the Village of Clayton, which no longer exists.



Guthrie United Church, located in the Village of Clayton and is still in use today.


Dear Editor;

The church in the photo was Grace Church, Clayton, Ont. We understand it was originally an Orange Hall, that had got damaged by fire. The Anglicans bought it and restored it, built a belfry and added a bell. The picture was taken in 1900. It was then sold to Mr. George McMunn who used the material to build a house in Lanark Township near Hall’s Mills. The present church, known as St. George’s Church was built in 1901.

Mr. Robert Watchorn (grandfather of the writer) who was born a few miles south of the village, near Clayton Lake, which was then know as Lake Harmony, led the singing in the choir of the Grace Church for many years, and in addition to farming and church duties, he also conducted a number of singing schools in the district. The one in Clayton village was held in 1874.

There were no organs in the schools, so a tuning fork was used to start off the singing. One of Mr. Watchorn’s pupils a young fellow by the name of Johnny Murphy composed the following verses re the singing school, some ninety-nine years ago.


by E. Munro – Almonte.

Come all my dear companions and listen to my song

It is about the singing school in good old Clayton town

It really is the only place that pleasure can be found

Our school it meets for practice on every Monday night

And those who don’t belong had better not come around

And if they do disturb us, I guess they’ll go to jail

Where they will lie in misery their mischief to bewail

Our teacher he does lead us on as well as he knows how

If we do not pay attention there’s apt to be a row

And when the school’s half over, we have a short recess

And if the boys get a chance, they’re apt to steal a kiss

But kisses they are very scarce if I don’t mistake

Because the girls in singing school are always wide awake

And when the school is over we always start for home

The gents and their ladies, so pleasantly doth roam

Oh it would cheer your drooping hearts these couples for to see

As pleasantly they wend their way towards – Lake Sweet Harmony.

by E. Munro – Almonte.


Local Baptist and Anglican churches form partnership in Almonte

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