Alan Ferguson and Minni Maude McGonegal — Clyde Forks


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The following picture is supposed to be the burial place of three children, buried at Clyde Forks, under an apple tree at the homestead of Alan Ferguson and Minni Maude McGonegal.

Minnie Maud Ferguson (McGonegal)

Birthdate: December 25, 1881
Birthplace: Flower Station, Lanark, ON, Canada
Death: Died January 24, 1962 in Perth, Lanark, ON
Immediate Family: Daughter of Alexander Steven McGonegal andHannah McGonegal
Wife of Allen Ferguson
Mother of Charlie Ferguson; Florence Wright andElsie Johnson

Allen Ferguson

Birthdate: November 6, 1869
Birthplace: Lanark Highlands, ON, Canada
Death: Died October 28, 1951
Place of Burial: Lanark Highlands, ON, Canada
Immediate Family: Son of Alexander Ferguson and Annie Ferguson
Husband of Minnie Maud Ferguson
Father of Charlie Ferguson; Florence Wright andElsie Johnson

 NB– by Karen Prytula

I just wanted to comment that the Alan in the picture and the Alan who wrote the letter are not the same Allan.
As you will not the Alan in the pic was born in 1869 and the letter was written in c1846.
The letter writer Alan, was writing about his father Thomas’ death which occured in 1846.
I believe Alan in the pic is a grand-nephew of Allan the letter writer. i.e. The letter writer Allan also had a brother named Thomas and  this brother had a son named Alexander……And Alexander had a son named Allen. This Allen could be the Allen in the picture.  However – there were several Alans in this family – so the Alan in the picture could have stemmed from someone else! But that’s my educated guess for now. I am not related to the Ferguson’s but I have studied that lot, lot 26E, Concession III Dalhousie – and those are my findings thus far without delving into the genealogy of the family.

Info provided by: Melanie Mason –       2004

Dear Brother and Sister:

I received yours on the 17th of March. I was down in Lanark when I received you letter and on the way home, I was taken suddenly bad with pain in the stomach and bowels and in that state it was tight times with me to get the home of Hugh Hunter on the night of the 17th and on the 18th we found it prudent to send for Dr. Murray for we was afraid it was inflammation but on his arrival he dispelled that doubt for he said it was a windy colic and I am getting better. Mother and Mary is in some measure of health when I parted with them on the 19th, for Mother has been with Mary since the death of our Father and for a considerable time before it. Thomas came home from the shanty on the 17th of said month and he has not been very well since for I expect that it is the cold he has caught. You wanted to know if Thomas was at home the time of the storm. No. He was at the shanty, likewise you want to know all the particulars concerning the death of our Father.

He was at Hunters all the time of his illness. He, for 2 days after he arrived at Hugh’s, his throat swelled but the swelling fell immediately after and on the Wednesday before he died he was considerably better for he was reading at Chambers Journal more than the half of the day but on the day following he was much worse for he complained of stitches in his chest and body and on Friday he was still getting weaker and Friday night Hugh left home and came up to inform us that he was making worse and on Saturday morning Hugh and I left home to go down but to our great surprise when we arrived he was gone; a lifeless corpse so there was no person there but mother and Mary and the 2 children when he died., on the night of Friday after Hugh left home, he began to think that death was approaching but had no idea that it was so nigh at hand for he was quite and considerably composed. He would not lie in the bunk nor bed but to have his made at the fire. It was between 12 and 1 o’clock when Mother lay down to take little repose for she was tired out. Mary lay down with the children for they were both badly at the time and she spoke several to her Father but he give all at the times a sharp answer and Mother rose after Mary had spoken to him but he had drawn his last breath and this was about 2 o’clock in the morning and we removed his corpse home on the 1st of March and he was interred on the 2nd on the third line of Lanark beside his son James. We received a letter from Aunt Love on the 28th of February. John Love is in very poor health, likewise Aunt Taylor and there are some more particulars concerning Uncle Williams’ death and widow but I have not time at present to write them down. I wrote a letter——–this time a good way on to Mysena to (Jane) Telling her what has happened likewise I sent one to George (Sheare) and one to John Love and I was going to write to Uncle Nathanial but you informed me that you was going to write to him which will save me the trouble. I now commence to inform you that our Father died without making any will and you will be heir according to law; so I want an immediate settlement for Mr. D that is in Quebec, the creditors are pushing me pretty hard for it but I will keep them at bay till I get things settled so I only hope you will consider the matter and come up and we will make a definite settlement so I add no more at present so I remain your Brother until Death.   Alan Ferguson.

At bottom of letter written with different pen and ink and maybe by a different person, Allan Ferguson of Dalhousie 1850, John Ferguson, Thomas Ferguson, James Ferguson, Sarah Ferguson, Mary Ferguson, Jane Ferguson.

The original letter is in the possession of  Grant Davis McFarlane R.R. #1, Lanark, Ontario.

Mary is in the 1851 Census, age 70, living with her daughter Mary Ann and son-in-law Hugh Hunter. In 1861 she is back on her original homestead, living with her son Allan who has inherited the farm. The homestead has returned to forest and only a small excavation remains to show where the original house stood. Flowers and rhubarb still grow in the overgrown clearing. The St. James Ferguson Cemetery is located in the churchyard of the abandoned St. James Church on Concession Line 2 in Dalhousie.

Info provided by: Melanie Mason –       2004

sandy ferguson 11/1/21– the graves in the photo are taken on the farm owned by dave ferguson before everetts grandmother florance ferguson wright moved there .the farm is at joes lake a mile off the black creek road i as led to belief by granny ferguson ;maud that they were dave’s children

starlight ferguson-smith12 hours

My grandfather was charlie ferguson 😊

Everett Milotte

Good evening Linda,  reference the post on Alan Ferguson & Mini Maude (McGonegal), here is some photos from my mother’s collection.  it includes two photos of Alan and Minnie and a separate photo of Minnie.  I also included a photo of the original house plus the new house which is next to the apple orchard where the graves are located,  The original house was destroyed by fire in the winter of 1954 and a new house was built on the same location by my parents who moved in the spring of 1956. The house has been vacant for a number of years and is no longer in a livable condition.

Here is the google map coordinates for the actual location of the graves (45.128771, -76.618857), located on Loves Road, which is off the Black Creek Rd, south of Joes Lake in Lanark Highlands.

Regards…. Everett

Everett Milotte

Thanks so much Linda, the last time I was back to the farm was about 5 year ago and the house was in pretty bad shape.  Windows broken, exterior doors left open and foundation stating to cave in.  No one has lived in it since the Love family moved out.  Was kinda sad to see the house all going to pieces and I wondered if I would ever go back.  Was the formative years of my childhood for sure, at the time I never missed TV, electricity, running water, indoor plumbing or central heating as I never knew what they were.  How ironic that I became an electrician 🤣🤣.  Some day I will write about is so my grandchildren may have a window into the past. –Everett Milotte

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  1. How neat, Minnie was my great grandmother on my mothers side. I was raised on the farm where she lived until I was 14 years old and remember the headstones quite well. There also used to be orange lilies growing all around the headstones. Tanks for the interesting story and the reminders of my early years.

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  2. sandy feruson 11/1/21 the graves in the photo are taken on the farm owned by dave ferguson before everetts grandmother florance ferguson wright moved there .the farm is at joes lake a mile off the black creek road i as led to belief by granny ferguson ;maud that they were dave’s children


  3. Nice to see my cousin’s (Sandy) comments, haven’t heard from him in years. I have a photo of Allen and Minnie which would have been taken in the early 1940’s. it is from my mother photo collection. I could send it if you would like a copy for the post along with the exact Google map location.
    Regards…. Everett


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