This week in—Really Carleton Place? Really?




The whole town of Carleton Place seems to be exploding like this picture of the set of Little House on the Prairie being blown up. But, we are hopefully not from the era Little House was filmed in and should know better.. But do we? 



1-The fight over the stormwater management pond in Roy Brown park is over and most of the *town council’s vote was for the developer.  The subdivision has not yet even received final County Council approval and there are hundreds of site stakes and a backhoe in the park right now digging work trenches along the paths. Maybe the stakes are for the trails– but at the MVCA there sure are a  lot of stakes. Word on the street is– there allegedly might be two ponds now?

Really? Really?



2.-Then take a peak at the new subdivison called Jackson Ridge and see the stormwater management pond ready for action.  Is this what we want or need in a future residential area? It is unbelievable in size and dangerous in appearance–no one should be near these things.   I do believe one learned soul told me the pond could be used as a skating rink in the winter.

Really? Really?

The Jackson Ridge subdivision, consists of 134 dwelling units – single family, semi-detached and multi residential – is located west of Napoleon Street, east of Mississippi Road and north of Highway 7 with the streets going to be named after war heroes. Would our former citizens approve of all of this?

Really? Really?

3.-Then we have an aftermath “letter to the editor” about the firing of Cathie Hawkins McOrmond from the Carleton Place BIA/ Downtown Carleton Place in the Carleton Place and Almonte Gazette this week. It was written by former Carleton Place Councillor and downtown merchant Gary Strike.

“I have heard from a number of businesses within the BIA and within the entire community. They are furious with this decision. Imagine letting the employee of the year  for the whole town go? (Employee of the year in 2013 and got the Community Improvement Award in 2014) The businesses indicate that they will be coming out to the next board meeting demanding that the board resign and Cathie be reinstated along with a sincere apology”.

So is this how we try to encourage our downtown businesses to work together? Do they have to fight to be heard? Did her termination have to be handled in the alleged manner it was?

Really? Really?

When it comes down to reality we should be inspiring hope and creativity. We shouldn’t have to travel outside our town limits to experience the power of local.


*In a recorded 4-3 vote, council approved the proposal by Cavanagh Construction Ltd. during the Aug. 16 policy review committee meeting. Mayor Louis Antonakos, deputy mayor Jerry Flynn and councillors Sean Redmond and Brian Doucett were in favour, while councillors Ross Trimble, Theresa Fritz and Doug Black were against it.–Carleton Place and Almonte Gazette.


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