Don’t Have a Cow Man!– Tales from Squaw Point



Dinky Dooley Island– Mississippi Lake- 1907- Frank Robertson standing in doorway at right- -Photo from theCarleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Coming into the third or Middle Lake King’s Bay in Mississippi Lake, extending from above the *Two Oaks cottage shore to the cottages of Squaw Point was named for Colin King of the 1822 Scotch Corners settlement.  The official names of the point at the Two Oaks Shore, and the island beside it commonly called Dinky Dooley, are King Point and King Island, according to the government map.

Squaw Point, one of the best known landmarks on the course, looks like a logical Indian campsite, with a lookout and a sheltered landing and we have it on the authority of Fred Hunter that that is what it was.  The depth of this part of the lake increases greatly and out of it near the middle rise the tops of the Two Crabs, the smallest islands in the lake.

When Charlie Morphy and Dinky Saunders (the original Dinky Dooley) had a tent pitched on Squaw Point. Coming in from a morning shoot they were astounded to see a cow with its head under the tent flap.

Dinky said,

“Give it a crack Charlie!”

Charlie picked up a stick and smacked it one.

You can probably guess what happened. The animal went through the canvas tent ripping it to shreds and carried the remnants away on his horns.  We have no idea if the aftermath was filled with lurid language– we just know that all is not butter that comes from a cow.

Chrissie Lancaster- I am pretty sure it was called Twin Oaks not Two Oaks.

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