Right in Your Backyard Carleton Place!


Town meeting Tuesday night August 16th 7 pm.


Where is this? Right in your backyard! Do people really know what a Storm Water Management Pond is?

This particular Storm Water Drainage pond is in the subdivision (Stonewater Bay) off of McNeely between Shoppers Drug Mart and the Waterside Seniors Residence.  When it drains into the Mississippi River the water is disgusting and the algae has become a thick solid mass–and it smells.

Granted, we are having  drought this year and a higher water level might help the situation at the Storm Water Drainage pond at Stonewater Bay. In fact, the town of Carleton Place knows it has an issue and has to fix it.


Same view, where the pond empties into the river — one taken in May of this year and one taken in August.



Almonte uses in-ground mechanical devices to separate the toxins from the water- so why are we insisting on continuing to build these antiquated storm water management ponds. Is it because it is cheaper for the developer to build?

“The Town’s intention to use storm ponds in Roy Brown Park as part of the recreation capacity and parks will be built around them”. 

These are storm waste water management ponds of highly questionable function. They are not play grounds. The Carleton Place council voted no storm water management pond for the developer –and then the staff rejected it. Less than two months later it is back on the table. What?




Is this is what will become of Roy Brown Park and the shoreline above the boat launch at the end of Lake Avenue West? Do you want this?  Can we not implement other methods?

Town meeting Tuesday night August 16th 7 pm.

Do read Janet McGuiness’s letter to the editor

It’s Your Decision– Roy Brown Park

Mark Smith has left a comment on CarletonPlace.com

I guess the Town has publicly issued its statement and it’s stance on the Roy Brown Park Storm Water Pond prior to committee/councils approval/denial even though it was soundly defeated last time by a 5-2 vote.


Stormwater Management and Roy Brown Park

http://carletonplace… Brown Park.pdf


I was going to comment on this article here but nah it would be tooooooooo long.

Come on down next Tues (Council) and listen or make your own comment (pro/against). You should be able to register to speak.–MGJSmith






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  1. I am all for not developing another one of these “ponds” in town but at the same time go look at any stagnant area on the river and you will see the same scenario. The algae and weeds is due to high water temps allowing for quicker growth of these things. If the town took an hour and topped the water and removed the floating algae etc the smells would not be bad. Now what I find so wrong with this stuff is the goose poop everywhere. Try walking your dog in the grass or have your kids play around the park. I guarantee they will have the poop all over their shoes and clothes in no time. If maintained and used correctly these ponds can be a beautiful area for residents to enjoy but time and effort is needed to maintain them.


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