Patterson’s Restaurant Perth – UPDATED COMMENTS PHOTOS

Patterson’s Restaurant Perth – UPDATED COMMENTS PHOTOS




During the 1980s and 1990’s this was THE place to eat

I found this article from Jernalism– link here..

By Jernalism-2011 Abandonment Issues: Paros Island Restaurant



Parros Island Restaurant

From outside, there are no obvious signs that fire and smoke damage have ravaged The Paros Island Restaurant in Perth, Ontario. According to an AGCO document, the restaurant had its license revoked and was shut down between November 1, 2006 and July 31, 2007. The infraction stated in the document was “Not financially responsible in conducting its business due to Retail Sales Tax Act – did not contest.”

I have not been able to ascertain when exactly the fire happened.

The fake plants and pink patterned love seat are still in decent condition in the front lobby. But directly ahead, the severely burnt coat check area leads back to the hostess and server’s station and the buffet, which appears to be the point of origin of the fire. Smoke damage was severe in the kitchen and in some dining areas. After an hour of exploring in utter silence, we simply stepped outside, holding hands, camera’s ’round our necks, shot the driver a pair of crooked smiles and walked away.

Susan McCuan-Harron

This was a favourite family destination for special events
Donna Vaters Pilot
This was a restaurant we loved to take visitors & special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays & we went for dinner after we got engaged
Ann Ecker
Loved this restaurant a shame to see it just rot away. The best menu and food. Had special rooms you could have for a Birthday
Shirley MacDonald
It was Milanos at the end & it burnt, was a high classed restaurant at one time
Giles Joly
Very good food presented and served by uniformed waitresses served on a table cloth and cloth services Great atmosphere for seniors. I took my mom there many many times. Miss the place and miss the genteelity
Lynn Hastie-Card
Loved this place and their black raspberry parfait as kid my parents would take us there all the time.
Terra Fox
My grandmother Barb Fournier hostessed at Patterson for more than 20 years. She was a huge part of the Perth community and known for her friendly attitude and sincerity. Many people have told me that she was one of the reasons they kept coming back 😊 I have fond memories of the pink cloth napkins and fancy atmosphere. Also the best soups ever! 💖
Shane Wm Edwards
I recall that when he was sitting in the court in Perth, Judge Newton would regularly have his lunch in a small room inside the restaurant. I seem to recall that there may even have been a small brass plaque identifying it as the Newton Room.
Barbara Purdy
My parents Dan and Ida Fallak were friends of the owners, the kubachi’s. We went there for a treat quite often. Loved going there. It was so nice for my mom to be served rather than to serve as they were restaurant owners themselves. Elizabeth was a really great friend to my mom. It was sad that no one took it over.
Dan Peters
Remember the meringue on the lemon pie was 3 inches thick! Also remember the Gulf Service station with the swings across the hwy.
Pete Brunelle
use to deliver bread and rolls there ,, Donnie the chef was a real great guy ,, enjoyed talking with him alot ..
Bill Lynda Levesque
We lived just outside of Perth when the ice storm hit in 98. Patterson’s had generators up and running good spot for a hot meal. Parking lot had Hydro trucks and crews from all over Canada and Northern U.S. eating there daily.👍👍
Jean Sabourin
I worked my first job at Pattersons, when it was a lunch counter, 3 or 4 tables and attached to their garage. Made $50 in tips — for the whole summer!!
Sherry Kinch
When I was going to school I worked there but the older resturant that had the gas bar. I sure loved working there. My Brothers Ron Gordon and Paul Gordon worked ther also. It sure was a great place to work Sandy Patterson was the best boss to work for. Bonnie also worked there at the time.
Ray Paquette
I believe that Patterson’s introduced Lanark County, at least in and around Perth, to fine dining. I remember coming from the cottage to enjoy a meal there.
Richard Dulmage
The best Prime Rib foresure thankds to Donnie Smith the Maine Man from almost a li fe time .
Sherri Iona
One of my best friends had her wedding reception here in the mid 70s. My mom and stepdad had their wedding reception there in 2000.
Last week we drove by and the building has been completely demolished. A new commercial strip is being built I think.
I was just talking about Patterson’s a few days ago. One of my favourite restaurants. I loved the Chicken Kiev!
Gail Sheen-MacDonald
I loved Patterson’s. I used to take my mother there because she really enjoyed their lamb (which I never ate). I also remember a wonderful wedding reception for Nancy Burchill and Doug Porter that Terry and I attended. It was so amazing. I truly miss Patterson’s,
Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown
I had many firsts there. First frog legs ( Maybe my last) , escargot!
And grasshopper drink! Fine dining and a real treat for the staff of Dowdall’s Tire. We had a few Christmas Parties there.
Cheryl Claire Deforge
My parents ran a business just down the road from Patterson’ dad and I would snow plow the yard with a 1950’s army truck. Prior to being a restaurant it was a diner style on the west side of the had rounded glass panels with pedestal seating at the counter. I believe there was a garage on the other end.
Our broom ball team used to have the end of the season dinner there, first place I ever ate scallops.. Ahh the 70’s..
Dannette added:My mom worked at Patterson’s Restaurant in it’s hay day but, nobody went to dinner Christmas Eve because it wasn’t open Christmas Eve. Patterson’s was an old garage, the one dining room was built right over the grease pit but, that was before the environment agency became strict.
Dawn Jones
We celebrated our parent’s 25 anniversary there in 1982. Can’t remember what we ate but remember having a baked Alaska dessert.
Lynda Reynolds
We ( high school kids) used to go there for a special date night or for a bunch of us to meet up on Saturday nights! This was early 60s!
It was a special place and we were always treated like royalty!
Grace von Moltyn
My husband worked for NT. In the early 1980s he travelled to Perth quite frequently to buy batteries from a supplier there for his Company. On his many trips to Perth, I travelled with him & would stop & have a coffee & muffin on Main Street; & then go into the shops there & about, while he went about his business. We always went to Patterson’s for lunch before our return to Montreal. The food, service & ambiance was superb. Great memories of a time gone by
Ron Statham
An unbelievable fine restaurant and the piece de resistance was their desserts especially the greatest blueberry pie ever made, of course the strawberry and pumpkin pies were five star.
Judith Burns
They had the best shrimp cocktail. Drove from Ottawa many times to enjoy.
Maureen Powers
Remember the plates that went around the room we went during the summer and fall we came from our cottage on the Mississippi lake
Whit Strong
I’m surprised that no one burned it down while it was a vacant, derelict building. It was torn down several years ago and now is a vacant lot with a for sale/lease sign. I highly doubt that anyone would build on this site again.
Sharon Couture
It was a good spot for lunch/ supper while meeting with staff at the Algonquin Perth Campus… reminded me of the Green Valley in Ottawa
Rita Chinkiwsky
Was just talking about this place on Sunday. Could not remember the name but new it was the same owner as the Town and Country.















from Jernalism– link here..



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  1. My guess is, if the owner could not pay his sales tax, then he probably did not have any insurance, and probably cannot afford to demo the building either. I bet if you checked with the Town of Perth, they would have more information. Of course, that is all just a guess….there are often several sides to any one story. Many people admire the restaurant and wonder what is going to happen to it.


  2. My mom worked at Patterson’s Restaurant in it’s hay day but, nobody went to dinner Christmas Eve because it wasn’t open Christmas Eve. Patterson’s was an old garage the one dining room was built right over the grease pit but, that was before the environment agency became strict. if you wanted more information she could probably tell you.


  3. My parents, Don and Joan Smith were the chefs there. My dad worked there when he was a teenager and it was a gas station.
    I grew up there with my sisters.

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  4. My Mom worked as a waitress there for something like 30 years, from when it was owned by Sandy Patterson. I worked there as a dishwasher when I was 15, back in the 80’s. Really appreciate this article. Knowing the place well, I found the photos haunting although very interesting. It still feels strange, surreal actually, to drive by and see it in the state it’s in, when it was such a booming place for so many years.

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  5. I believe Patterson’s was founded in the late sixties or early seventies by Rollie Doucette, who was also the owner of one of Ottawa’s top 3 restaurants, the Town and Country, located at Carling and Richmond Road. I worked at Ashton Press and several of us used to go there everyday for lunch. My boss at Ashton Press, John Taylor, was a true food connoisseur, and a friend of Rollie’s and advised him on menu items, etc. I had my stag party at the Town and Country in 1965. Rollie’s wife Dorothy lived at Waterside Residence in the last year or so, but I never got a chance to touch base with her.


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