Assault Abusive Language and Bridget McNee



download (62).jpg                                                            courthouse and jail in Perth

Perth Courier, June 11, 1875

Subscription—The citizens of Carleton Place and employees of the B. & O. and C.C. Railways have subscribed over $200 for the widow of the late Mr. Sommerville who was killed on the 26th ult. in the Round House of the B. & O. R. at Carleton Place.

Return of Convictions from 11 Sept. 1875 to 10 December 1875

James Turnbull, Disorderly Conduct, went to gaol.

James Doyle, Jr., No Visible Means of Support, sent to gaol

Malcolm Taylor, No Visible Means of Support, sent to gaol

Arthur Ennis, Throwing Down Fences, sent to gaol

John McManagle, Assault and Battery, $10 fine, paid Treasurer of Elmsley

Francis Kerr, Assault, $20 fine, paid Treasurer of Bathurst

William Allan, Assault, $20 fine, not paid, distress learned

Charlotte Campbell and Bridget Allan, Abusive Language, $1 fine each, paid to Treasurer of Bathurst.

George Miller, Encumbering Highway, $15 fine, paid to Treasurer of Bathurst.

Matthew Gould, Abusive Language, $1 fine paid to Treasurer of Drummond.

John Hughes, Assault and Battery, $3 fine, paid to Treasurer of Smith’s Falls.

John Thompson, Profane and Abusive Language, $1 fine, paid to Treasurer of Smith’s Falls.

Harriett Mary Code, Malicious Injury, $3 fine, not yet paid.

John Thompson, Abusive Language, $2.50 fine paid to Treasurer of Smith’s Falls.

Isabella McLeod, Assault and Battery, $4.00 fine paid to Treasurer of Carleton Place.

  1. Livingston, Drunk and Quarrelsome, $2 fine not paid.

Alex Hunter, Assault, $5 fine, paid to Treasurer of Almonte.



Bridget McNee—The irrepressible Mrs. McNee, after raising a row in the streets a short time ago, for which she was sent to the lockup until she sobered up, was shipped off by the Corporation to other parts on Saturday last.  Chief Constable Corry was employed as a shipping agent and accordingly escorted his fair charge as far as Brockville but farther than that Mrs. McNee positively refused to go.  Accordingly, he had no other alternative then to let her stay where she was.  As all her earthly possessions—furniture, clothing, baby, etc., were shipped off with her, her return here is not anticipated for two or three days at least.  Since writing the above, sure enough, Mrs. McNee has got back again bag and baggage, and baby, having been taken with an attack of homesickness which necessitated her early return.

Perth Courier, Dec. 13, 1878

Acquitted—We learn that Mrs. Elliott submitted to trial by Judges Frost and Fontec (?) for stealing clothes from a line in Mrs. Henry Baird’s yard, has been acquitted by the judges as the articles were still on the premises and she was not seen to take them so the law could not regard it as a proven case.

Perth Courier 1880

Carleton Place—New Chief Constable

We believe that our excellent street inspector Mr. Jas. Wilson has been appointed to the office of Chief Constable of the town.  A vacancy had been created by the removal of Mr. John McLaren to Perth some time ago. We hope that Mr. Wilson will without fear or favor faithfully and honorably perform the duties of his office.

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