Killed by Lightening -or Death by Bear Devouring


Killed By Lightning- Beckwith Township August 1916

During the electrical storm of Tuesday afternoon Eric Campbell, son of John Campbell of Beckwith, was killed by lightning. He and his father were out repairing a fence and when the storm broke Mr. Campbell senior went to the house while the young man took refuge under a big basswood tree. Lightning struck the tree and he was found a short distance away lying face downward quite dead. One boot was ripped apart and the lace in the other cut to pieces. He was a fine young man 19 years old, and there is great sorrow in the whole neighborhood over his tragic death.

CAMPBELL   In Beckwith township, on Tuesday, August 22nd– 1916, Eric Campbell aged 19 years



                                                                    RECORD OF ACCIDENTAL



DATE    NAME                    PLACE OF ACCIDENT       CAUSE OF DEATH


1       Robt. Nallan
(90 yrs) & wife         Perth, Ont.             Burnt to death
1       Arthur Bye              Sydenham Tp.            Poisoned by taking
liniment by mistake
3       A. J. Mills (18 months) Hamilton, Ont           Accidentally poisoned
3       John Cochran            Toronto                 Drowned
3       Thos. Muir              London, Ont             Railway accident
3       John Daw                Mitchell, Ont           Killed by a bull
3       Wm. A. Hobbs (27 yrs)   Hamilton, Ont           Stabbed
3       Arthur Sullivan         Montreal                Accidentally killed
by collision of two
fire reels
8       Wm. Halstein            Eganville, Ont          Drowned
9       Jos. Margan             do                      Killed by a falling tree
11      Jno. Greenwood (18 yrs) Lennoxville, P. Q.      Shoots himself
11      ?? Gill (25 yrs)        Sorel, P. Q.            Burnt to death
12      ?? Conway               Renfrew, Ont            Stabbed in a quarrel
13      Albert H. Randall
(18 yrs)        Melbourne, P. Q.        Killed by a falling tree
13      Chas. Sereny            Lake Nipissing, Ont     Drowned while under
temporary aberration
14      Frank Lundy             Newmarket, Ont          Factory accident
15      Jno. Morrison           Germania, Ont           From wounds received
at a fire
15      Andrew Mundell          Gravenhurst, Ont        Falls from a scaffold
18      Robt. Dufort (17 yrs)   Ottawa, Ont             Falls through a
19      Miss Alexander          Toronto, Ont            Drowned
20      Mark Checkley           do        do            Suicide by hanging
21      Duncan McPherson        Hamilton Road, P.E.I.   Killed by a falling tree
21      ?? O’Connell            Charlottetown, P.E.I.   Burnt to death
23      ?? Bates & wife         Near Allanburg, Ont     do      do
24      Hugh Stewart            Cowichan, B. C.         From exposure
25      Wm. Little              Near Newmarket, Ont     Railway accident
26      H. McQuade              do     do               do      do
27      Hector Bouchard         St. Etienne, P. Q.      Accidentally shoots


1       Elijah Baxter           St Thomas, Ont          Bleeds to death
2       Jos. E. Franklan        Toronto, Ont            Railway accident
3       John S Ashurst          do                      Suicide by poisoning
4       Child of B. Hutchison
and 2 children of
J. Rainnie              Fredericton N.B.        Drowned
5       D. McPherson            ??                      Killed by a falling tree
6       Lorenzo Grant           Comox B. C.             Breaks his neck
9       Joe Smooths             Owen Souud, Ont         Accidentally killed
9       Thos Conroy (32 yrs)    Côte St. Paul, P.Q.     Railway accident
9       Red Bird                ??                      Suicide with a shot gun
10      Robt. Couway (37 yrs)   Harrington, Ont         Suicide by hanging
10      W. Richardson           Grafton, Ont            Suicide with poison
10      Josiah Broos            Wellington, Ont         Accidentally killed
12      Kenneth Joliffe (6 yrs) Montreal                Skull fractured by
kick of a horse
13      N. Case                 St George, Ont          Burnt to death
13      Jos. Armstrong          do                      do
16      Geo. Middleton (25 yrs) New Edinburgh, Ont      Rupture of the bladder
through over work
16      Thos. McVeigh           Ottawa, Ont             Drowned
22      Miss. E. Charbonneau    Near Ste Rose, P. Q.    Railway accident
23      Mrs. Gallavan           Near Frankford, Ont.    Burnt to death
23      Philip Adoin            Near Staubridge, P. Q.  Railway accident
24      Jos. Jackson (92 yrs)   Montreal                Knocked down by a
team of horses
24      ?? Browne, a girl                               Killed on a toboggan
(7 yrs)         Hochelaga, P. Q.        slide
26      Wm. Paine               Toronto                 Suicide by taking
carbolic acid
26      ?? Wallace              Near Thornhill, Ont     Railway accident
27      Jno. Hanifee            Morisburg, Ont          Suffocation


1       Wm F. Rowell            Johnsville, P. Q.       Railway accident
1       Jno. Hamilton           Perth, Ont              Sawmill accident
1       Joseph McDonald (40 yrs)Toronto                 Railway accident
1       Samuel Bowman (29 yrs)  Port Dalhousie, Ont     Accidental poisoning
2       Wm Adams                Near Bruce Mines, Ont   Exposure
2       Wm Wilmot               Pickering, Ont          Killed by a falling tree
3       Jos. Westlake           Near Hensall, Ont       Crushed under a load
of lumber
3       Jovite Labelle          Montreal                Suicide by shooting
3       Mrs. Feehan (86 yrs)    Brockville, Ont         Burnt to death
6       M.D. Coll               St. Thomas, Ont         Railway accident
6       Malcolm Call            do                      do      do
6       Alfred Darron           Cowansville, P.Q.       Burned to death
6       Jos. Alderson           ??                      Thrown out of a waggon
7       Henry Cavendish         Dunnville, Ont          Suicide with Paris green
7       Jno. Stapleton          Toronto                 Crushed in a sandpit
7       Fred. Haines            Montreal                Fireman crushed under
a wall
7       Michael Charbonneau     Toronto                 Suicide by poison
7       ?? Potvin               Near Ironsides          Frozen to death
12      Jno. Reinhart (40 yrs)  Galt, Ont               Railway accident
13      John Black              Picton, Ont             Thrown from a sleigh
13      Miss Richardson         South Bar, N. S.        Falls into a well
15      Martin Kiely (68 yrs)   Montreal                Falls downstairs
15      ?? Richard              Near Knowlton, P. Q.    Falling of a tree
15      Adolphe Demers          St. Narcisse, P. Q.     Killed by a falling tree
22      Ad. Fugère              Batiscan, P. Q.         Killed by a fall
23      Son of A. A. Trottier (3 yrs)                   Accidentally shot by
Laprairie, P. Q         his sister
23      Gustave Damas           Grande Ance, N. B.      Falls into a well
25      Wm Bailey               Near Wiarton, Ont       Burnt to death
26      R. L. Drake             Montreal                Suicide by shooting
26      Mrs. Anna Anderson      Insane Asylum, Toronto  Suicide while insane
26      ?? Sweet                St Lambert, P. Q.       Railway accident
27      Jas. P. Kidd            Peterboro, Ont          Struck by a stone
29      Stanley Roger (2 yrs)   Windsor, N. S.          Falls into a pail
of hot suds
30      Alfred Aldworth         Bowmanville, Ont        Killed by lightning
31      Adelaide Paton          Sherbrooke, P. Q.       Struck on the head by a
snow-ball, which causes
inflam. of the brain


2       Jas. Welch (45 yrs)     Point Edward, Ont       Railway accident
2       Frank Harrison          Toronto                 Suffocated by gas
3       Alexander McNeil        McKinnon’s Cove, N. S.  Drowned
5       Norman D. McDonald      Near Marsden, P. Q.     Railway accident.
6       Chas. Dale              Toronto                 Suffocation by gas
6       G. Benais               Montreal                Smothered
6       ?? Morton (16 yrs)      Tyendinaga, Ont         Struck by the limb
of a tree
7       J. W. Patterson (26 yrs)Near Grasset Stn. Ont   Railway accident
8       Wm. Hearns (90 yrs)     Napanee, Ont.           do      do
12      André Roy               Montreal                Railway accident
12      Wm Cutler               Toronto                 Killed by a horse
12      Mr. Reeves and son      Varennes, P. Q.         Drowned
13      Jno. Honsberger (70 yrs)Near Beamsville, Ont    Railway accident
14      Andrew McFallin         Eganville, Ont          Crushed under a fallen
15      Mis. Maggie Clegg       Near Brussels, Ont      Drowned
15      Henry Bain              do                      do
15      Mrs. Laveille           ??                      Suicide with Paris green
17      Willie Farrar           Iberville, P. Q.        Drowned
17      ?? Thompson             Riverview, Ont          do
17      ?? Hugh Foster          do                      do
17      Miss P. Thompson        Philipsburg, P. Q.      Burnt to death
17      Mrs. Benj. Colby        Hatley, P. Q.           Suicide by hanging
19      Jno. Doyle              St. Gabriel, P. Q       do              do
22      James Heyward           Wallaceburg, Ont        Mill accident
23      David Long              Winnipeg, Manitoba      Falls from an electric
23      Mrs G. Penk             New Hamburg, Ont        Drowned
23      Jos. Lessard (25 yrs)   St. George, Beauce, P.Q.  do
23      Slocum Ramsay           Ulverton, P. Q.         Cuts his throat
24      Capt. Pingstone         Near Little Dalles, B.C.Accidentally shot
26      ?? Gordon               Toronto                 Takes an over dose of
bromide of potassium
26      Jos. Girard             Montreal                Run over by a horse
28      John H. Templeton       ??                      Falls from a scaffold
29      John Blair              St. Thomas, Ont         Railway accident
30      Fred. McLean            Windsor Mills, P. Q.    Drowned
30      Daughter of Mr. Childs (6 months)
Montreal                Accidental poisoning
30      Wm O’Neal               Ridgetown, Ont          Mill accident
30      Mrs. Craine             Niagara Falls, Ont      Drowned


2       ?? Rusten               Toronto                 Suicide by drowning
4       Dr. McDonald            Winnipeg, Manitoba        do       do
4       J. A. McDonald (32 yrs) Alexandria, Ont         Suicide by shooting
4       ?? Jenning              Kingsclear, N. B.       Burnt to death
4       ?? Craig                do                      do      do
7       Anthony Copp            Hamilton, Ont           Falls from a building
7       Andrew Sherman          Thurlow, Ont            Explosion of a blast
7       Chas. Reid              Toronto                 Suicide by shooting
10      Two children of L. Hurd,
aged 3 & 4 yrs.         St. Raymond, P. Q.      Burnt to death
10      Henry Archer            Owen Sound, Ont         do      do
10      Mrs. C. Schane          Near Delhi, Ont         Suicide by taking
carbolic acid
15      Annie Degan             Cornwall, Ont           Drowned
16      James Loo               do                      do
16      Michael Derrick (17 yrs)Belleville, Ont         Drowned
20      Mrs Levesque and niece  Sandy Bay,P.Q.          Struck by lightning
20      Theo. Tremblay          Eboulements, P.Q.       Drowned
21      ?? Lachance             ??                      Railway accident
21      Matthew Campbell        Near Port Huron, Ont    Drowned
21      ?? Bedard               Rigaud, P. Q.           do
21      ?? Tranchemontagne      do                      do
22      ?? Larose               Near Gatineau, P. Q.    do
22      ?? Norquay              do                      do
23      P. O’Donohue            Toronto                 do
23      Patrick Sullivan        Parkdale, Ont           do
26      Mary A. Dwyer (33 yrs)  Montreal                Burnt to death
26      Edward Murphy           Lake Michigan           Drowned
27      Jas. Vorchan            Montreal                Burnt
28      Henry Braken            Ste Cunégonde, P. Q.    Railway accident
28      Geo. Jackson            Greenwood               Suicide by hanging
29      ?? O’Hara               Marmora, Ont            Drowned
30      Son of John Rainbow (5 yrs)
Foxboro, Ont.           Killed by a colt
31      ?? Greeves              Near Craigvale, Ont     Drowned
31      Edward Smith            Napanee, Ont            Railway accident
31      Jos. Grieve             Near Rockwood, Ont      Waggon accident
31      Geo. Anning             St. John, N. B.         Nervous shock
31      Geo. Murickson (8 yrs)  Near Grand Falls, N. B. Swallows a snake
31      Bridget Sheehan         Toronto                 Suicide by hanging
31      Robt. Summerley         St. Canute, P. Q.       Drowned


1       R. M. Moore (66 yrs)    Kingston, Ont           Suicide while insane
2       Edgar Allison           Near Hamilton, Ont      Railway accident
4       ?? Leduce (70 yrs)      Near Renfrew, Ont       do      do
5       Michael Byrnes (60 yrs) Near Fort Erie, Ont     do      do
7       Conductor Williams      Petewawa, Ont           Railway accident
9       K Cline                 Moosejaw, N. W. T.      Killed by lightning
9       ?? Thompson             Tp. of Collingwood, Ont Accidentally shoots
9       ?? McCormick            ??                      Killed by a blast
10      D. R. Hawley (37 yrs)   Montreal                Falls from a trapeze
12      Anna Suboiger           do                      Suicide by poison
12      Anne Deslauriers        do                      do      do
14      Samuel Léonard          Portage la Prairie, Man.  Drowned
14      ?? Masson               Near Bosworth, Ont      do
14      ?? Doner (16 yrs)       Stayner, Ont            do
14      David McGrath           Shelburne, N. S.        Suicide by shooting
15      ?? Davidson (18 yrs)    Hamilton, Ont           Drowned
15      Jno. Mercer             Chatham, Ont            do
16      Thos. Bickle            Cobourg, Ont            Accidently shoots
16      Ths. Pritchard          East Hawkesbury, Ont    Drowned
17      Thos. Whitlock          Seaforth, Ont           Falls from a roof
17      Wm. Bengreth (45 yrs)   Hamilton, Ont           Suicide by shooting
19      Thos. Renshaw           Musquash River, N. B.   Drowned
20      Jno. Quinlan            Toronto                 do
20      Alex. Hay               Near Winnipeg, Manitoba do
20      L. J. Jenning           do      do              do
20      Robt. Walker            Priceville, Ont         Suicide by drowning
21      Chas. Sheriff           Pointe St. Claire, P.Q. Drowned
22      Thos. McGill            Thorold, Ont            do
22      Wm. Hirtle              Near Bridgewater, N. S. Suicide by drowning
22      Mrs Jos. McQuley (40 yrs) Tracadie, P. E. I.       do   by hanging
23      Mrs B. Russell          Near Birtle, Manitoba   Killed by lightning
23      Miss Ida McFadden          do           do       do             do
23      J.O. Codel              Montreal                Drowned
23      Thos. S Reid            ??                      Struck by a stone
23      Richmond Dixie          Canning, N.S.           Suicide by shooting
24      Geo. Whitaker           Beachville, Ont         do      by hanging
25      David Fortier (34 yrs)  St. Henri               Run over by a truck
25      Geo. Bright             Near St. Catharines, Ont Railway accident
26      Archie Woodworth (13 yrs) Lacolle, P. Q         Drowned
26      Irving Slott (10 yrs)   do                      do
26      Wm McNaughton (19 yrs)  Near Brantford, Ont     do
27      Thos. Bromhall          Toronto                 do
28      Thos. Delaney           Kingston, Ont           Drowned
28      Geo. L. H. Cassar       Toronto                 do
30      Daniel Cuthbert         Near Norden, Manitoba   Suicide by hanging


1       Mrs. Longridge (35 yrs) Halifax, N. S           Drowned while in
2       Mrs. Sheridan (80 yrs)  Near Osgoode, Ont       Suicide
3       Dennis Nolan            Montreal                Drowned
3       W. Buchanan & Jas Peterson
Sandy Point, N. S.      do
3       ?? Deslauriers          Rivière du Loup (en bas) P. Q.   do
4       Willie Atchison (8 yrs) Brantford, Ont          do
4       Geo. Jack               Whitby, Ont             do
4       Henry Bolton            Toronto                 do
4       Thos. Brown             London, Ont             do
4       Amable Parent           Rivière du Loup (en bas) P. Q.   do
4       Chas. Blake             Toronto                 do
4       Norton Marks            do                      do
4       Geo. Watt               Near Morden, N. S.      Killed by lightning
4       ?? Schryver             Near Trenton, Ont       Drowned
5       Wm. Lacoste             Montreal                Falls from a scaffold
6       ?? Edinburgh            London, Ont             Suicide by drowning
6       W. Bowell               Near Omemee, Ont        Railway accident
6       Frs. Brunelle           Beloeil, P. Q.          do      do
6       Clovis Caron            Métis, P. Q.            Drowned
7       Miss M. Panton          Oshawa, Ont             do
7       Jas. Burns              St. Thomas, Ont         Railway accident
7       Mrs. St. Pierre         Vge St. Gabriel P.Q. near Montreal
Burnt to death
8       Geo. Dolson             Essex Centre, Ont       Railway accident
8       John Pentland           Belleville, Ont         Suicide by shooting
8       ?? Wilson               Near Donald, B. C.      Accidentally killed
8       Michael Gallahan (27 yr) Near Hochelaga, P. Q.  Drowned
9       Wm. Chas. Blair         Near Chalk River, Ont   do
10      Alexander Cowan         Battleford, N. W. T.    do
12      David Ménard            Ottawa, Ont             Killed by an accidental
discharge of a revolver
14      L. B. de onzague        St. Helen’s Island, Montreal, P. Q.
Suicide by shooting
14      Frederick Miller        Winnipeg, Manitoba      Railway accident
15      Geo. Presswell          St. Catharines, Ont     Falls into a cellar
15      Chas. Dumas             Winnipeg, Manitoba      Accidentally shot
16      Mrs. Swail              Côte des Neiges, P. Q.  Falls into a cellar
17      W. White                Halifax, N. S.          Killed by a falling wall
17      Sam. S. Bobby (50 yrs)  Toronto                 Killed by lightning
17      Jas. Grégoire           Flock Lake, P. Q.       Crushed under a rock
20      Jno. A.  Carrière       Windmill Pt., P. Q.     Drowned
20      Wm. Uglow               North Dorchester        do
21      David Appel             Bridgeport, Ont         do
21      Robt. Kitto             St. Catharines, Ont     do
21      Fred. Whistler          On Dumoine River        Drowned while breaking
a log jam
22      Robt. Cox               Nelson                  Run over by a load
of hay
23      Chas. Swanson           Hope, B. C.             Railway accident
23      Neil McIntyre           Tp. of Dunwich, Ont     Suicide with Paris Green
23      ?? Rajotte              Near Hull, P. Q.        Drowned
24      Jno. Schwartz           Formosa, Ont            Suicide by hanging
25      Lewis Davies            Peterboro, Ont          Cuts his throat
25      Thos. Kenyon            Chatham, Ont            Drowned
25      W. Labrèque (16 yrs)    Ottawa                  do
26      Wm. Malcolm (78 yrs)    Point Lanim, N. B.      Suicide by hanging
27      Alf. Blackburn (19 yrs) Chatham, Ont            Drowned
27      Mrs. N. Vanasse         Montreal                Killed by the collapsing
of an arch
27      Félix Giroux            Montreal                Falls from a scaffold
27      ?? Calvert              Quebec                  Falls into the hold of
a steamship
27      Jacques Grégoire        St. Elzéar, P. Q.       Killed by a stone
28      Duncan Matheson         Quebec                  Drowned
28      W. H. Tarton            ??                      Suicide by jumping from
a steamer
29      Thos. McKee (8 yrs)     Kingston, Ont           Drowned
30      ?? Freese               Bow River, Manitoba     do
31      Joel Redden             Rainy Falls             do
31      Chas. Twigg             Near Shannonville, Ont  Railway accident
31      John Bell               Scarboro’ Junction, Ont Fractures his skull


1       Wm. Brownall            Cornwall, Ont           Drowned
1       Geo. Goulding (65 yrs)  Toronto                 Suicide by drowning
1       ?? Francoeur            At Chelmsford, N. B.    Railway accident
1       Geo. R. Garland         North Toronto           Run over by waggon
2       ?? Patton               Kingston, Ont           Drowning accident
2       G. Cliff                do      do              do      do
2       Jas. G. Sutherland      Napier, Ont             Mill accident
2       ?? Dickson              Near Brtle, Man         Drowned
2       H. Mackenzie            On Lake Huron           Drowned, while yachting
2       Wm J. Sinclair             do                   do      do      do
2       F. Mackenzie               do                   do      do      do
2       Wm Vidal                   do                   do      do      do
2       T. A. Telfer               do                   do      do      do
2       W. C. Morrison             do                   do      do      do
2       L. H. Tibbitts          Lawrenceville, P. Q.    Drowning accident
3       Aug. Langlois           Pte-aux-Trembles, P.Q.  Killed by a game cock
3       Archibald  S. Campbell  Ottawa, Ont             Accid’ly killed by the
explosion of a revolver
4       Thos. Worthy (34 yrs)   Toronto                 Block of stone falls
on him
5       Jno. Murphy (25 yrs)    ??                      Crushed in a drain
5       Robt. Perry                                     Falls from a building
5       ?? Seers                Beauharnois, P. Q.      Drowned
6       Capt. E.G. Green
(of Montreal)           Near Bordeaux, France   Suicide by shooting
6       Antoine Léger           ??                      Struck by a stone
6       Henry Osborne           Limehouse, Ont          Drowned
6       Marie Dubois            Montreal                Railway accident
6       Ed. J. Richey           Toronto                 Run over by a waggon
6       Théo. Carrier           Warwick, P. Q.          Railway accident
7       C. Clark (25 yrs)       Near Port Union, Ont      do    do
8       Wm. Smith               Toronto                 Drowned
9       Jos. McCulloch          Near Gore’s Landing, Ont  do
9       Chas. Langlois          Montreal                Falls from a building
10      Jas. Callaghan (47 yrs) Montreal                  do
11      Alex. Duguld (60 yrs)   London, Ont             Killed by a horse
11      Richard Cox             Rockland Mills, Ont     Crushed by a pile of
11      J. B. Hue (15 yrs)      Norwich, Ont            Waggon accident
11      Mr. Chisner             Marthaville             Falls from a derrick
12      Pat. Kehoe (70 yrs)     Charlottetown, P. E. I. Drowned
12      John Graham             do                      do
14      ?? Gauthier             Varennes, P. Q.         Falls from a scaffold
14      Albert Tobin            Windsor, Ont            Falls into a gutter
15      ?? McNulty (3yrs)       Port Dalhousie, Ont     Burned to death
15      Alex. Riddle            Barclay                 Railway accident
16      Thos. Taylor            Orr Lake, Ont           Drowned while fishing
16      Wm. Taylor              do                      do            do
16      Jno. Hamilton           do                      do            do
17      Mrs. Howard Priercy     Rustico P. E. I.        Shot
17      Nettie E. Hales         Ganonoque, Ont          Drowned
17      Michael Ryan            Montreal                do
17      ?? Graham               Nepean, Ont             Suicide by hanging
17      W. Rabe                 Victoria B.C.           Explosion on board
Queen of the Pacific
17      Jas. Kade (30 yrs)      do                      do
17      H. Hanson (21 yrs)      do                      do
17      A. Johnson (28 yrs)     do                      do
17      P. Priestly (43 yrs)    do                      do
17      Geo. Watch (26 yrs)     do                      do
17      H. Jackson (42 yrs)     do                      do
17      Jno. McDonald (39 yrs)  do                      do
20      Wm. Robertson           Forest City, N. B.      Drowned
23      Capt. Downie            Port Matoum Island, N.S. Killed on board ship
23      Ben Downie              do      do      do      Drowned
23      Albert Chandler         Near Brown’s Bank, N.S. do
23      Albert Kathan           Massawippi P.Q.         do
23      Mrs. Cantin             Near Hadlow Creek, P.Q. Killed by a train
27      W. Wolfe (40 yrs)       Montreal                Falls down hatch of
27      Télesphore Coallier     ??                      Railway accident
27      ?? Gauthier             Portneuf, P.Q.          do      do
28      A. H. Sisson            Palmerston, Ont         Killed while loading
circus waggon
28      Fred. Derr              Quebec                  Railway accident
28      Geo. Dixon              Rolly Bay Harbour       Suicide by drowning
28      Mrs. Sanders            Darlington, Ont         Thrown from a buggy
28      ?? Descoteaux (22 yrs)  St. Thomas de Pierreville, P. Q.
30      Thos. Davis             Tp. of Culross, Ont     Suicide by hanging
31      ?? Marshall             Bet’n N. Toronto & Agincourt, Ont
Railway accident


1       Langlois                Sorel, P. Q.            Drowned
1       Mrs. Caleb Garron       Near Shag Harbour, N.S. Suicide by hanging
1       John McGregor           Kingston, Ont           Falls down stairs
4       Jas. Byers              Belleville, Ont         Railway accident
5       Wm. Grundler (19 yrs)   Toronto                 Drowned
6       ?? Robert (4 yrs)       Chambly, P. Q.          Railway accident
6       Pierre Fayette          Montreal                Falls from a scaffold
6       Hector McFadden         Donald, B. C.           Railway accident
6       Adolphe Simard (30 yrs) Montreal                Crushed by a load of
7       François Delaire        Near Beaconsfield P. Q. Railway accident
7       Jas. Glass (18 yrs)     When off Giants Tomb    Drowned
7       Wm Jos. Brownlee        Hullet, Ont             Killed by a bull
8       Louis Brisson           Montreal                Struck by a derrick
8       Frederick Madill        Lakefield, Ont          Drowned
8       ?? McMullen (1 yr 7 mo) Belleville, Ont         Railway accident
8       Chas. Duquette (50 yrs) Near Céte St. Paul, P.Q.  Crushed between a
barge and canal bank
8       A. Lespérance           Montreal                Factory accident
9       ?? Pauzé (28 yrs)       Montreal                Railway accident
9       Jos. Campbell (55 yrs)  Hamilton, Ont           do      do
10      ?? Hefterson            Near Rat Portage, Ont   do      do
10      ?? Phillips             do      do              do      do
10      Edmond Leroux (57 yrs)  Hochelaga, P.Q.         Crushed in a drain
10      Geo. Frederick          ??                      Railway accident
10      H. Smith                Parry Sound, Ont        Struck by the wheel
of a steamer
10      Alfred Coté             Valleyfield, P.Q.       Drowned
10      Dennis McCarthy         Near Peterboro’, Ont    Railway accident
10      Geo. Bruce              London South            Accidentally shot
by G. Lewis
10      Jas. Donaldson          Toronto                 Railway accident
14      S. York (15 yrs)        Russell, Ont            Thrown from a horse
14      Felix Traversy          Ottawa, Ont             Thrown from a cart
16      Aaron Martindale        ??                      Thrown from a carriage
16      Jno. O’Neil             Vernon River, P.E.I.    Accidentally shoots
16      Geo. Mulherrin (38 yrs) Off Grand Manan         Drowned
16      Jno. Adzeme             Stellarton, N. S.       Run over by a car
19      P. R. Blanchard         St. Hugues, P. Q.       Suicide hy hanging
16      Peter Milari            Near Lachine, P. Q.     Railway accident
18      Wm. Jones               Toronto                 Drowned
18      Geo. Thibaudeau         St. Winceslas, P. Q.    Struck by a plank
18      Roger Gilleghan (16 yrs) Côte St. Antoine, P.Q. Scratches his foot with
a rusty nail and dies
with lockjaw.
18      Jas. Morrison           Osprey                  Suicide by shooting
18      Donald McKechey         ??                      Struck by a derrick
18      Patrick O’Brien         Almonte, Ont            Killed by a stallion
19      Wm. Roballe             Near Point Lepreaux     Drowned
19      Jas. Groat              Carleton N.B.           ??
20      Freeman Bear            Sherbrooke, P. Q.       Suicide by taking
Paris green
22      Mrs. Mullaly (47 yrs)   Halifax, N. S.          Thrown from a carriage
22      Jos. Marvin (40 yrs)    Ameliasburg, Ont        Drowned
23      Jno. McDonald           Halifax, N.S.           do
25      F. W. Peters            Longueuil, P. Q.        Accidental Drowning
25      Louis Blouin            ??                      Waggon accident
25      Geo. Fleshram           Twp. of Bayham          Accidental Drowning
26      Jos. White              Thurlow, Ont            Suicide by hanging
27      Jos. Glenn              Near Dungannon, Ont     do      by shooting
27      Jos. Warren             Near Duart, Ont         Accidental Fall
27      Marcel Arsenault        Lower Village N. B.     Dragged by a horse
27      Geo. Maguire            Tp. of Dawn, Ont        Knocked down by a steer
29      C Jones (45 yrs)        St. Catharines, Ont     Accidental drowning
29      ?? Chipman              Near Amherst, N. S.     Railway accident
29      Allen Hurlow            Co. of Queens           Breaks his neck
29      Thos. L. Scott          Toronto                 Suffocated by gas
30      Geo. W. Guest (30 yrs)  Sarnia, Ont             Suicide by poisoning


1       Jas. Fouratt            Merritton, Ont          Railway accident
1       A. Hay (21 yrs)         Mildmay, Ont            Falls into a threshing
2       F. Bilakiewiecz         Hamilton, Ont           Drowned
2       M. Kielinski            do                      do
3       ?? Fetterly             Rat Portage, Ont        Railway accident
3       ?? Palmer               Pincher Creek, Man      Killed by a horse
3       Robt. Barron (50 yrs>   Kingston, Ont           Drowned
3       Alfred Sutton           Cowichan, B. C.         Accidentally shot by
D. Mahoney
4       ?? Lattie               Alton Stn., N. S.       Shoots himself
4       Geo. Dufort             Near Rockiffe           Killed by a falling tree
6       Albert Newton           River Lièvre P.Q.       Drowned
7       Robt. Sproule           Brantford, Ont          Suicide by hanging
11      Jos. Hicks              North Gower, Ont      Shoots himself accidently
11      Mrs. Kelly              Toronto                 Elevator accident
12      Jos. Carson             Port Arthur, Ont        Drowned
12      Mrs Smith               Winnipeg, Man           Accidental fall
13      Jno. Stevens            Fredericton, N. B.      Drowned
13      J. B. Thibaudeau        Woodstock, Ont          Run over by a train
14      S. Brown                Owen Sound, Ont         Accidentally shot
14      Jno. Heysel             Woodstock, Ont          Killed by a falling tree
15      Ed. Klerenchench        Hamilton, Ont           Suicide by shooting
15      Sam. Eagleson           Bridgetown, Ont         do      by poisoning
15      Peter Coffee (32 yrs)   Nanaimo, B. C.          From injuries sustained
at an explosion of
coal dust
15      ?? Morrissey (13 yrs)   Petersville, P. E. I.   Crushed in a
threshing machine
15      P. C. Falconer          Longueuil, P. Q.        Drowned
15      L. Leboeuf              Near Pointe Claire, P.Q. Railway accident
15      Alex. Crow              Tp. of Arran, Ont       Killed by a colt
15      Miss E. Morton          St. Catharines, Ont     Jumps from a window
while delirious from
15      D. Kavanagh             Hamilton, Ont           Run over by a waggon
16      Leon Lévesque           Near Côteau, P. Q.      Railway accident
17      Wm. McDonald            Port Dalhousie, Ont     Drowned
17      ?? Wren                 8 mi. from Bryson, P.Q. Drowned
19      Thos. Burns             Guelph, Ont             Railway accident
19      F. Pelletier (77 yrs)   Berthier (E. B.), P.Q.  Waggon accident
19      Jno. Kelly              Lachine, P. Q.          Drowned
19      Dan. Morrison           At Sydney Mills, N.S.   Mine accident
19      Thos. Robinson          Near Richmond, P. Q.    Railway accident
19      Jno. Griffiths          ??                      do      do
20      J. Menzie               Near Bervie, Ont        Accidentally shot by
D. Robertson
20      ?? Gillis               Antigonish, N.S.        Shoots himself
21      W. Powell (15 yrs)      Tp. of London, Ont      Gunning accident
24      E. Richard              Ottawa, Ont             Gunning accident
25      Juo. Young              Greenock, Ont           Crushed under a load
of timber
26      Robt. Parks             Bracebridge, Ont        Railway accident
26      John McGee              Montreal                Falls into a tub of
boiling water
27      H. McDonald             Point Ann, Ont          Waggon accident
27      Andrew Guild            Storrington, Ont        Suicide by hanging
29      ?? Jones (10 yrs)       Toronto                 Run over by a Street car
30      Louis Leduc             Kingston, Ont           Drowned
30      ?? Duffy                Sturgeon Falls, Ont     do


2       Théo. Lavoie            Montreal                Falls from a roof
3       Wm Bell                 Harrisburg, Ont         Railway accident
4       Peter Hamel (65 yrs)    Chatham, Ont            do      do
4       John Savage             Quebec                  Crushed by falling box
5       Alex. Reed              Tp. of Colborne, Ont    Waggon accident
6       Hector McFadden         Donald, B. C            Railway accident
6       Adolphe Simard (30 yrs) Montreal                Crushed under a load
of planks
6       Elz. Boulin             Hull, P. Q.             Falls from a roof
6       ?? McRae                Near Rogers Pass, B.C.  Foreman-Railway accident
6       ?? McDermott            do      do              do      do      do
6       ?? Ross                 do      do              do      do      do
6       ?? Code                 do      do                      do      do
8       Henry W. Bateson        Harrison River, B.C.    Shot accidentally by
C. Atherton
8       Mrs. Jérome             Near Lachute, P. Q.     Railway accident
9       Mrs. King               Toronto                 Falls down Stairs
9       Jos. Campbell (55 yrs)  Hamilton Ont            Railway accident
9       E. F. Routley (38 yrs)  On Gore Bay, Ont        Drowned
9       Jos. Caron              do                      do
9       W. Welsh                do                      do
9       Jos Young               do                      do
10      Hy. Smith               Lachine Bridge, P. Q.   Fractures his skull
11      Elie Lalonde (55 yrs)   Muirkirk, Ont           Tarred and feathered
11      Kate Foy (23 yrs)       Merritton, Ont          Suicide by drowning
11      Chas. Desmarais         Ironsides, P.Q.         Burned to death
11      Mrs. Jos. Tretheway     Near Nicomin Station    Suicide by drowning
11      ?? Moreland             Near Shawinigan Lake, P.Q.  do  by shooting
12      Capt. Wm. Stalker       Sault Ste-Marie Ont     Crushed on a propellor
13      J O’Hara                Port Hope, Out          Railway accident
13      W J Robinson            Delhi, Ont              Suffocation by gas
14      ?? Desrochers (18 yrs)  Baie St. Paul, P.Q.     Shot accidentally
14      Miss Mina Stevens       Durham, Ont             Waggon accident
14      Pat. Largey (14 yrs)    Tp. of Bury, Ont        From exposure
15      Jos. Heckerdon          Near Waterloo, P. Q.    Suicide by hanging
15      Alex. Carr              Thornton, Ont           Railway accident
15      A. Powley               Bass Lake               Gunning accident
15      A. Peterson             Near Red River, Man     Drowned
18      Mrs. Smyth              ??                      Falls downstairs
18      Mrs. H. Mott            Montreal                From injuries sustained
in falling
19      F. Haney (34 yrs)       Dunville, Ont           Mill accident
10      Jas. Williams           Toronto                 Burnt to death
20      W. Copeland             St. Catharines, Ont     Killed by explosion
of boiler
20      Lewis Snyder            Odessa, Ont             Suicide by shooting
21      Ls. Labelle             Montreal                Drowned
22      John Marriot            Oakland Farm            Accidental shooting
25      Ad. Desautels           Eastman, P. Q.          Mill accident
26      Jos. E. Arnold          Forest, Ont             Suicide by shooting
26      D. Cotreau              Tusket Wedge, N. S.     Drowned in a well
27      Edward Taaffe           Hamilton, Ont           Drowned
27      ?? Norigall             London, Ont             do
27      ?? Silverthon (18 yrs)  Owen Sound, Ont         Accidentally shot by
his brother
27      Edward Curran           Auckland                Suicide by drowning
28      Michael Levy            Montreal                Burned to death
28      Jos. Desloges           Aumond, P. Q.           Falls from a verandah
29      Jos. Trudeau (23 yrs)   St. Henri de Mascouche, P. Q.
Falls from a bridge
29      Alf. Lavoie (45 yrs)    L’Orignal, Ont          Devoured by bears
29      Adelard Lavoie (11 yrs)     do                  do      do


2       Thos. Anderson          Near Hamilton, Ont      Railway accident
2       A. Nesbitt              do      do              do      do
3       Thos. Beatly            Buckingham, P.Q.        Killed by a mine
3       W.Raybould, MPP         New Westminster, B. C.  Accidental fall
4       E. A Young              Stratford, Ont          Suicide
4       ?? Gordon (girl)        Pictou, N. S.           Falls from a window
5       F. Tuchu                Toronto                 Suicide by jumping out
of a window
5       Mrs. Calhoun            Near St. Mary’s, Ont    Falls into an open
6       Jos. Young              Bet’n Charing Cross & Buckhorn
Killed by a falling tree
7       Robt. Lewis             Hafifax, N. S.          Suicide by shooting
7       Oct. Dominique (20 yrs) Montreal                do              do
8       Chas. Dale              Toronto                 Suffocation by gas
11      Herbert Fox             do                      Accidentally shoots
11      Wm. Brett               Ottawa                  Railway accident
11      ?? Washburne            Comber, Ont             Thrown from a waggon
11      Jas. Armstrong          Near St. James, Man     Shoots himself
13      Jos. Doran              Pakenham, Ont           Killed by a falling tree
15      Robt. Smith             Near Allanburg, Ont     Suffocation
16      Jos. Johnson            Cargill, Out            Accidentally shot by
one Griffith
22      John Finnigan           Montreal                Suicide while under
mental aberration
27      Ernest Dubois           Toronto                 Drowned
28      Robt. Willard           Windsor, Ont            Waggon accident


Hit By Lightening— The Sad Tale of Henry Crampton

About lindaseccaspina

Before she laid her fingers to a keyboard, Linda was a fashion designer, and then owned the eclectic store Flash Cadilac and Savannah Devilles in Ottawa on Rideau Street from 1976-1996. She also did clothing for various media and worked on “You Can’t do that on Television”. After writing for years about things that she cared about or pissed her off on American media she finally found her calling. She is a weekly columnist for the Sherbrooke Record and documents history every single day and has over 6500 blogs about Lanark County and Ottawa and an enormous weekly readership. Linda has published six books and is in her 4th year as a town councillor for Carleton Place. She believes in community and promoting business owners because she believes she can, so she does.

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