Armchair Tourism in Carleton Place- What are Baseball Bats Used for in Movies?



Photo- the gals and a gent on the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce tour of Carleton Place– come along with us today to visit Sam Bat!!

So the BIG Question is….





If you didn’t know Carleton Place has a great baseball past and now a huge future we need to boast about.



First of all it was the McNeely’s baseball team made up of all the McNeely brothers. They were the winningest baseball team around, no team ever beat them. They were the team to beat but no one could. Krista Lee from Apple Cheeks in Carleton Place is holding the picture with her grandfather in it.  There were 12 boys and 1 girl so they had enough for a team and spares.”



Then there was  James “Lefty” Hill who was a portside hurler with a baffling assortment of slants, and a smoking fast ball on our Carleton Place baseball team in the early 30’s. On June 28, 1930, “Lefty” pitched a brilliant 2 to 1 victory over Perth before a large crowd of enthusiastic fans.



Now we have one of my faves, (I still love you Brian Wilson) former San Francisco Giant, great Barry Bonds sitting with Sam Bat’s very own Sam Holman —loving our Carleton Place bats. Have you told the world about this? They have batting cagesa gift shop –tours (call first and ask)

Other stars that have used or are using Sam Bats include Miguel Cabrera during his Triple Crown season in 2012 and Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista when he hit 54 home runs in 2010. Currently, more than 300 professional players worldwide use Sam Bats!


This is the badass of Sam Bat  as I like to call her–Arlene Anderson— I love this woman, and would like to be just like her when I grow up. When you see her say Hi and tell her you shared a story of Sam Bat as she and her company are putting Carleton Place on the map. Let’s help each other!





Now, here are some of those bats used in baseball games and maybe on movie sets in Action Jackson movies:)  They need quality for violent films too!


Our tour guide kept us hopping on the tour and you can ask him anything- trust me!



Batting Cages!! Call 613-257-3060 or email for available times and prices




Men at Work- Who can it be that will be using the bats they are making next?




Sam Bat Baseball bat in action! Watch out JACKIE KAVANAGH from the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce – he looks a tad shifty..



So what do you think? Should you use Sam Bat’s baseball bats for killing Zombies like in Zombieland?

movies zombieland jesse eisenberg woody harrelson baseball bats 1500x1071 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_27.jpg

Or better yet.. Wouldn’t Harlee Quinn from Suicide Squad looked better with a  Sam Bat bat? Well, it’s up to the individual I guess- but, let’s share this and support Carleton Place’s very own Sam Bat!!

Sam Bat has put the town of Carleton Place on the pro-sports map!!



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