Auctionering Without a License and Pigs on the Loose




and we are off to the races again.. more fines for the “wicked”

Perth Courier, July 9, 1869

Meighen—Birth, on Thursday, July 1, the wife of William Meighen, merchant, Perth, of a son.

Moore—Birth, at Carleton Place on Thursday, July 1, the wife of Mrs. Richard Moore, of a daughter.  (note, see also deaths, this issue.)

Sumner-Reid—Married, at Carleton Place on July 5(?), by Rev. E. Morris, James Sumner, Esq., of Ashton to Angeline Reid of Ashton.

Gilmour-Black—Married, at Ramsay on Tuesday, June 29, at the residence of the bride’s father, James Black, by Rev. Mr. Steel, Mr. Allan Gilmour to Miss Margaret Black, both of Ramsay.

Moore—Died, at Carleton Place on the 2nd July, the infant daughter of Mrs. R. Moore.

Butler—Died, at Perth on Sunday morning, 27th June, John Butler, Bathurst, aged 73.

Radenhurst—Died, at Perth on July 1, Charles Radenhurst, aged 25(?).

Robertson—Died, at Bathurst on June 22, Mary Robertson, relict of the late John Robertson, aged 76.

Return of Convictions for the period ending June 8, 1869

Malicious Injury to Property:

William Cusick, charges brought by Ann Cusick, fined $1

William Parker, charges brought by David Davis, fined $3

George Foley, charges brought by John Dixon, fined $1


Danford Freeman, Jas. McGregor, Jr., Samuel McAdam, charges brought by James Montgomery, fined $1 each.

John Woods, charges brought by Paul O’Neil, fined $1

George Stone, charges brought by Mary Ann Boc – – hart, fined twenty cents

William Cusick, charges brought by Ann Cusick, fined $1

Disorderly Conduct

John Nichol, Michael Forrest, Jerome McNeeley, charges brought by John McEwen, Nichol and Forrest fined $1 each, McNeeley charged $2

Assault and Battery

Samuel Wilson, charges brought by Robert Jamieson, fined $1

James McGregor, charges brought by Jas. J. McDonald, fined $3

James Dobbie, charges brought by Thomas Kelso, fined $2

Christopher McEwen, charges brought by Elizabeth Stanley, fined $5


William Cusick, charges brought by Ann Cusick, fined $1

Indecent Assault

Bernard Byrnes, charges brought by Locadie(?) Hartshaw(?), fined $4

Injury to Property

Patrick Maline, charges brought by Patrick McDonough, fined $2


Archibald McNee, charges brought by Patrick Malone, fined $1

Nonpayment of Wages

George Stone, charges brought by Mary Ann Bo- – – hart, fined $2.50

Drunk and Disorderly

Francis Turner and William Montgomery, fined $2 each.

Allowing Pigs to Run at Large

William Monohan, fined 25 cents.

Selling Liquor on the Sabbath

Edward Connors

Auctioneering Without a License

Benjamin Souggs, $2


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