So About that Ballygiblin Sign…. Fourteen Years Later!



Photo-google image–the missing sign..


NO Questions Asked? The Ballygiblin Sign Update

Last August I began to blog about  getting our Ballygiblin sign back on the bridge. Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn even caught me in back of the town hall one afternoon looking in the water to see if the sign was there LOL.

In all honesty you really have to watch me carefully when it comes to Carleton Place:)

When I talked to Jennifer Fenwick Irwin from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum about it, she had already been on the case with Joanne Henderson from the town about that sign and another heritage signs around town. (McArthur Mill “missing” meaning not on location etc.)

In April, Scott Reids office under  the direction of Sandra Hurdis Finigan from Scott Reid’s (M.P.) office took things to heart when I posted about the missing Ballygiblin’s sign from the Central Bridge. She had already spoken to Duncan Rogers from the Carleton Place Town Hall who said he had approached the Ontario Heritage Trust *a few years ago but had not heard anything since.

Her Co-op student  “the iconic” Ryan from Notre Dame High School was asked to look into the Ballygiblin Riot plaque that used to reside beside the town hall at the bridge. You can read all about his findings here.

In this weeks Carleton Place and Almonte Canadian Gazette Tara Gesner wrote an article  about the Carleton Place Town Council considering funding replacement of the missing historical plaque:

“Councillor Ross Trimble suggested the initiative be considered during the 2017 budget deliberations that begin later this year.

“I am sure we have been putting money, replacement money away since the plaque was stolen,” Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn commented.

“I think it is a part of our history,” he added, “and I agree with Ross that funding be included in our upcoming budget talks.”

“The next one (plaque) we get should be mounted right to the bridge rail,” Coun. Doug Black said.

You know guys, there is a long waiting list for provincial signs, and since ours was probably stolen for scrap metal it would cost $5000 to replace it. It does not have to be copper, and every day wasted is another tourism buzzword lost.

*Clerk Duncan Rogers filed a police report regarding the missing plaque on July 16, 2002 with then Sgt. Jim Birtch of the former Carleton Place Police Services.





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NO Questions Asked? The Ballygiblin Sign Update

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In memory of my friend Brian Rader from the 5 Man Electrical Band

August 1972

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  1. Tom Edwards suggested at one point the the money now not being paid to the Mayor be used for projects like this and I couldn’t agree more… would be a terrific way to spend the money, don’t you think??


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