Come Join us– Celebrating a 52 year old Promise Finally Being Kept



Photo from the files of Duncan Rogers, Carleton Place Town Hall. The signing of the sale of land by the Dunlop/Kenny family for the construction of the Roldark Cheque Company.

May 7th 10 am

The dedication for the new Dunlop Business Park will be at the existing Industrial Business park sign on the corner of Townline where The Brick was once situated. It will be a combination dedication for both the Dunlop and Walsh Business Parks. It will take place on Saturday May 7th. Dunlop Park at 10:00am and Walsh Park immediately following.


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For months I badgered, whined, danced and pranced, and made myself a general nuisance about the issue of changing the name of the North industrial Park in Carleton Place to what it rightfully should be– named after the Dunlop-Kenny family.

I truly believe that 52 years ago the North Industrial Park name change was promised by Mayor Howard McNeely to the Dunlop-Kenny family after hearing the story from the family.  McNeely really needed that land for the Rolark Cheque company and the Dunlop- Kenny family sold it to the town in a transaction that only took a few days with no questions asked. They also had been promised the new industrial park would be named after the family.

So I fought for the Kenny family in memory of all the other founding families of the town. If it had not been for Volundur Wally Thorbjornsson, Deputy Mayor Jerry Flynn, and Wally Cook this whole ordeal might not have reached our town council.And most importantly to the people of Carleton Place that shared my posts. NOTHING can be done alone, and only working together can we achieve greatness!

I am thrilled the town of Carleton Place is finally giving the Dunlop-Kenny family the closure it so deserves. Personally, I don’t respect someone for making a promise, I respect them for keeping it.  So, I am pleased to announce that North Industrial Park name change ceremony will finally be May 7th  thanks to the hard work of Jerry Flynn and Brian Doucette. The new sign will be changed later in the year. Please plan on attending the Walsh dedication immediately afterwards also!

Remember our town was built by a generation of settlers and we should never forget that. Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a town.  Please come for history’s sake and in memory of the Dunlop’s– Kenny family and the Walsh’s. We keep our promises here.

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