Looking Deeper at Treasure Valley in Carleton Place



Peter Redden left me a comment this week after reading about my story about Treasure Valley. I am always thrilled to get comments and piece together the story of our town. Peter has allowed me to publish his thoughts and has questions about some of his  memories. So by starting the ball rolling here we can create a full story and your thoughts on Treasure Valley.

                 Looking Deeper at Treasure Valley in Carleton Place by Peter Redden

In the 1960s and earlier Treasure Valley Carleton Place started at the end of Neelin Street, and Neelin Street then ended at Lisgar Street. One side of Treasure Valley went from Neelin to the Mississippi River.
As you walk toward the river from Neelin, to the right was Treasure Valley, to the left was the town dump. The soccer fields are built over the town dump, and the arena is where Treasure Valley begins. Treasure Valley extends over Begley Street and Patterson Crescent to the new Curling Club.  All were open fields and wooded area and ended around McNeely Ave. where farmland began and there was no McNeely Ave on that side of Lake Avenue then, just a farmers road.  But as a small child it was a wonderland of nature that I lived, grew and explored in.

Thank you Peter! Your thoughts?
Thank you Peter! Your thoughts?

Peter Redden-Glad I returned to see if my comments were posted. Wendy LeBlanc is correct the area I described was Treasure Valley. I’d forgotten about Sh1t Creek until reading Joann Voyce comments. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


Wendy LeBlancLinda, When I was a kid in the 50s to mid-60s, the area know as Happy Valley was the area along Carleton and Lanark Streets north of the Town Line. Many hard-working families lived there – the Dugdales, Percys, Gilbaults, Bairds, Omearas; Thompsons, Flynns – and I remember going to Victoria and Prince of Wales Schools with kids from all of those families. My father – who grew up on Campbell Street – referred to the area that is now in the arena property as Treasure Valley; I recall walking the area that was not covered by the town dump (currently the ball fields in front of the arena) with Dad and particularly remember a pear tree growing there. Anyone else with the same memories of these names??

Joann Voyce— Yes Wendy. Happy Valley was off of Townline. We called the area where the arena is SH1T CREEK as the sewage plant drained around there.
Kenneth Jackson-Mr.Larry Goldstien was a super man he also had a shoddy mill in Kitchener and a beautiful home there,, years ago he drove me to kitchener where i stayed at his home for a little while then started to work for him at the mill ,,at times i would drive his truck between there and C.P.
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  1. What an active blog! Glad I returned to see if my comments were posted. Wendy LeBlanc is correct the area I described was Treasure Valley. I’d forgotten about Sh1t Creek until reading Joann Voyce comments. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


  2. Wendy LeBlanc I do remember the pear tree. I don’t think they ever ripened. Every one I tried to eat was hard as a rock! Oh and Peter, Treasure Valley extended past McNeely. I can definitely remember the power lines that cross the river at the ruins on the other side as being well inside the area I knew as Treasure Valley.


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