Summers of Carleton Place Past — Memories of Gooffy’s?


 Looking for memories of Gooffy’s? Please leave comments.

Christina, a reader commented: The building is no longer standing as the building was torn down some years ago. It was right by the water and bridge. I remember going for ice cream as a child. I love the chocolate mint and bubble gum flavors





color your world


Photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


Norma Jackson– Bellamy’s Restaurant was once in that building


Linda Gallipeau-JohnstonDidn’t go to Goofy’s much but I did frequent Color Your World and certainly Bellamy’s years ago – chips and coke please!
Wendy LeBlanc– This building has played a fairly substantial role in my life. It was in Jake’s Restaurant in the summer of’ ’65 (where Colour Your World is located) that I met Frank; Jackie Clark was the chief cook and bottle washer and we thought he made great great fries. Our favourite songs that summer were Sea Cruise and Mr. Tambourine Man and we played them over and over on the wall-mounted music machines whose name I can’t remember. Frank and i are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this August!


Wendy LeBlanc– Also, my great-grandfather, Henry Robertson, ran his cabinet-making business in the small shop on the left.


Grandma’s Butterscotch Pie — Lolly’s Tea Room

In Memory of Barbara Lanthier


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  1. The building is no longer standing as the building was tore down some years ago. It was right by the water and bridge. I remember going for ice cream as a child. I love the chocolate mint and bubble gum flavors


  2. I used to go there all the time with my parents as well and yes the bubble gum was my favorite as well . Carleton p,ace has changed so much since I was a little girl. Miss all the older stuff that was around like the highway through the Bush on boundary road for an example I lived in the last house on the end of that road and my grandma was the next house but the the Bush was full of cows and the next one over was a corn field great memories hiding on my parents with my my siblings lol


  3. I always thought that Goofy’s was in the building right beside the river that Gale and Bruce Perry lived in No? If this is the building that was beside the empty lot where Bennet’s cars were it was indeed a cafe. It was our local hangout mid 60’s but for some reason I remember it being called the Canadian Cafe not Jake’s. First memories were of it being called Bellamy’s. My mom worked there for a while. I ran my Honda into the back of a car checking out the girls out front one day. Had to be in ’65 or ’66. I remember it well, bent my forks!


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