Carleton Place 911-Who is Going to Hurt in the Long Run?


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I was at the Carleton Place Hospital meeting Wednesday night and things got way out of control. A line has now been drawn between board members and our local citizens. Both sides are passionate in what they feel is right for our hospital. Each side has their own valid reasons, but what is crucial here is no one is going to win acting like this. Do you know who is going to suffer in the long run? Everyone in the community that uses our hospital. Like a union strike, no one wins.

Everyone, as well they should be, should be concerned with rules, procedures, and compositions of committees. However,  I am sure donations to the hospital are slowing down due to personal convictions, and that is wrong. With this enormous attention on the board of directors matter is everyone falling asleep at the wheel?


Our conviction should be that we all benefit from working on a team, and that more often than not, one plus one does equal three. Do I think the board is too big? Small’s considered good, big’s considered bad. But big boards exist at some great and admired companies—GE and Wal-Mart—along with some poorly performing companies like US Airways and AT&T. At the same time, small boards are part of the landscape at good companies like Microsoft and some not-so-good companies like Trump. But we are not an urban landscape here, we live in Carleton Place, population 10,000. I repeat, we are a population of 10,000 folks. Why can’t we work together on anything in this town? Especially something as important as this.

People identify a hospital with their community. In some small cities and certainly more rural areas, it may be the only hospital within 25 miles or so. I have posted pictures of only a few of the donator’s names that were posted in the Carleton Place Canadian in the 50s.

This hospital was built and carried through the years by donations from our local community. When we talk about building healthier communities, we mean the process of working together to address what matters to them- and this matters. But why oh why has it come down to this? Lets’ resolve this issue quickly before it is too late.

PLEASE do not forget our Carleton Place & Memorial District Hospital. Please donate by clicking here. Don’t let the hospital suffer because of this mess. We are a community- the names in the newspaper tell the tale– let’s act like one and fix this mess TOGETHER.












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  1. Sorry I will not support this hospital in Carleton place. My husband is on dialysis at the Ottawa hospital civic campus. Many of times I have had to call 911 because his potassium levels were very very high. I was told by 911 that with a letter from my husbands doctor they would take him t
    o Ottawa because we all know Carleton place can not help him a few times his potassium has been eight to eight pout five and your heart can stop at six. The only way he can be helped at this point is by having dialysis and that unfortunately is something they know nothing about here. So in turn my husband has to stay over in this hospital here in Carleton place for four hours so they can run tests on him that we already know the aknswers to. Do they listen “no” can they help him “no” can he die here waiting for them to send him to Ottawa “yes”. I could go M and on about our experiences here at the Carleton place hospital and they are not present ones. One day unfortunately my husband will die over there, why, because 911 will not take him to the hospital that can help him and also BECAUSE THEY WONT LISTEN


    • I am sorry for your issues Sue- I really am. My husband died here and he got better care than the General– but everyone’s experiences are different and I am so very sorry for what you have to deal with.. HUGGG


  2. The people of Carleton Place have built their hospital over the years. The current board needs to see the big picture and give up their individual preferences. As citizens of a small town we need to support the greater good!


    • I just feel that the if I was the province and saw all this going down Id wash my hands of everything because no one is working together. But I also respect everyone’s opinions and all I know is a solution is desperately needed for the good of your hospital and town.


  3. Not sure what both sides can’t agree on but maybe it would help to follow Roger Martin’s advice to ask “what would have to be true for this option to be the very best choice?”. It can help get groups thinking more positive and allows disagreement without becoming disagreeable or people feeling they lost the debate. Board size should not matter if it is effective. That’s got to be a tough gig with all the personal opinions and emotions involved.


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