School’s Out at S.S. No. 14 in Carleton Place


The S.S. No. 14 Beckwith Highway 7, Carleton Place





Photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

Chances are if you are old enough to remember, the old school house which still stands on the four corners at the edge of Carleton Place closed in 1966. This is where Annie Duff went to primary school, and it is fondly known as Maple Grove.

On February 1 1878 the trustees met and agreed to purchase half an acre on Moore’s corner for a grand total of $30. Tenders for building the school were placed in the Carleton Place Herald for three weeks and the Moffat Brothers were chosen to build the building for $556.00. An additional log and bunk fence was added the next year for a whopping price of $40.


Photos from Lanark Archives

They next hired a teacher for $200 a year, and the 30 pupils from the area began to attend school. They decided they could not drill a well for water until the full debt was paid off so water was brought in from J. C. Elliot’s. They decided to paint the inside in 1888 for a cost of $58.39.

In 1906 if you were an outsider and wanted to attend Maple Grove School 50 cents had to be handed over to the teacher each month– but in 1912, your luck ran out for attending if you were a non-resident. Most kids brought their own lunch but in 1932 hot lunch equipment was purchased and used in the wintertime.


Photos from Lanark Archives

I got another note yesterday about SS14 
“Just sharing clipping when my brothers-in-law John and Robert Wylie were young’ins.. The name Brenda Condie should say Beverly Condie..she is our foster sister and lives near us in BC”

In 1934 stucco was applied to the building, the foundation repaired, and the porch built. The water closets were replaced with toilets in 1937, and a piano was bought for $40. School life continued in the little white schoolhouse until 1966 when the pupils werefinally bused to Caldwell School. The school was sold for $2250 and then flipped the next year for $5000.

The first teacher recorded was May A Doyle (1878-1879) and the last was Mrs. Jean Hollinger (1962-1966)






Beverley J Wylie just sent this in SS14 Carleton Place

You can purchase several rural school house books from Archives Lanark.. There are also many other book choices-please check them out.



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