Hog’s Back Falls Ottawa –Aitkenhead Photo Collection

Hog’s Back Falls Ottawa –Aitkenhead Photo Collection


Hog’s Back Falls- Ottawa- Bob Aitkenhead from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – 1921


Hog’s Back Falls- Ottawa- Pearl Aitkenhead from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – 1921 –


Mooney’s Bay? Hog’s Back?- Ottawa-“Rascal the dog and me” from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – no date- 


Mooney’s Bay- Ottawa- from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – no date- 40s?


Hog’s  Back Falls- Ottawa- from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – no date- 40s? 50s?


Hog’s Back Falls- Ottawa-Marion Aitkenhead from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – no date- 40s?


Hog’s Back Falls- Ottawa- from the Aikenhead Photo Collection – no date- 40s?



New photo found… at the Hog’s Back cabins

Jaan Kolk

Those cottages were not expropriated. They were on Canal Reserve land (dating back to Col. By’s time), on year-to-year lease from the federal Department of Transport. In April, 1952, the leases were extended to July 1, 1953, with notice that they would not be renewed thereafter.

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa JournalOttawa, Ontario, Canada21 Apr 1952, Mon  •  Page 1

Lost Ottawa


Follow up to Jean Ouellette’s earlier pictures of Hog’s Back, looking southeast towards the falls and Mooney’s Bay.

The big surprise for me is all the houses and cottages you can see below the falls on both sides of the Rideau River. I never knew this was once cottage country!

No date, but the car looks to be circa 1950.

(LAC e999913149)

Scott Irvine

Probably the last cottage in that area existed until very recent years as a year round home just above Mooney’s Bay Park along Riverside Drive. It had a flat-top roof and was painted dark grey or black throughout my lifetime and was originally owned by parents of one of my mum’s high school friends, which would have dated it to at least the mid-1940s.

Dan Hunton

My maternal grandparents honeymooned at a cottage “in the county” at hogs back I believe in the 20s

Donald Maiden

Delivered bread for Morrison Lamothe as a summer job in the late 40s to those cottages using a step-in drive. Anyone remember what that is.Anyone also remember the Windmill on the east side of the canal in that same area?A trip there was a treat! It may hav been at that most southerly Col By off-on.There appears to be something high there.


Hog’s Back Falls history

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