Carleton Place Loves a Parade!


If you have not checked out the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Facebook page you should. Many many great pictures! Sometimes the curator, Jennifer Fenwick Irwin, and I some how get on the same wave lengths. As I was about to publish a lonely black and white picture of the  150th Anniversary last Friday Jennifer put up some pretty spectacular colour pictures of the Centennial Parade on the Museum’s Facebook page.


                                        150th Anniversary festivities 1969


Carleton Place Parade 2014 so you can hear the sound that probably came from the old photo above

                                            150th Anniversary festivities 1969

Sunday skies greeted the third day of the 150th Anniversary festivities with a huge parade on Monday. Once again crowds lined Bridge Street and Lake Ave West as the parade winded down to Riverside park.

The parade was over a mile long, and it eclipsed the mammoth parade during the Centennial Celebrations two years ago. So many took part it would be hard to itemize them all.

There were clowns, a Snow Queen, Beckwith WI, Findlay’s Fire Dept. C. McIntyre old Steam Engine, Rolarks Cheque Services, Howard Johnson’s Men’s Wear, Marching Saints, Revelliers, Vic Bennett and many others.

The Festival Committee consisted of: Ormond Giles, Ernie Snedden, George Macklem, Elmer McIntyre and Ed Beaton. Eldon Henderson was the usual parade marshal. The day also marked the arrival of the Boy Scouts attending a jubilee camp set up in the territory south of Lake Avenue West near the High School The day concluded with fireworks and a dance at the Armouries






Centennial Parade in 1967- Photos from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Facebook page.




Cathy Stanfield– This is the Rebecca Lodge float. My Mom and Aunt were members for years. The ladies either made or had made the outfits they have on. I know because I still have my Mom’s s dress and bonnet.  She’s on the far left with the black ribbon on her bonnet. Jean Bradford is driving the tractor. The Rebecca Lodge did a lot of volunteer work back in the day and were great supporters of the Marching Saints Drum Corp



Revelliers, from Carleton Place who were still from Carleton Place in 1967



Sigh, where has that old Bank of Nova Scotia building gone?






Do you know any of these people the 2011 Christmas parade?


Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  20 Nov 1972, Mon,  Page 4

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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  20 Nov 1972, Mon,  Page 4


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